February Giveaway: Personalised Cat Safety Collars from Kitty Collars!

personalised cat safety collars from kitty collars

This month the lovely people at Kitty Collars are offering 5 lucky Cool for Cats UK readers the chance to win one of their Personalised Cat Collars!

Personalised Cat Collars are a great way to ensure your contact details are easily visible should your cat become lost, and can also be used to draw attention to health conditions which require a special diet (ie diabetes).  Or maybe the cat in your life is on the tubby side, and you’d like to prevent kindly neighbours from being hoodwinked into providing extra meals!

Never rely on a collar as the sole means of identifying your cat should he or she become lost – always ensure your cat is microchipped too.

To enter the giveaway please leave a comment at the end of this post.  Entries must be in before midnight on 28th February 2014.  Only one entry per person, please!  The 5 winners will be selected by a random electronic draw on 01/03/14 and notified by email. Each winner will receive one Kitty Collars Personalised Cat Collar in the size and colour of their choice, and must agree to have the collar printed with personalised text.  Prizes must be claimed within 14 days of notification by email, otherwise a new winner or winners will be selected. Sorry, but this giveaway is only open to addresses within the UK!

Kitty Collars Personalised Cat Collars are made from soft nylon for your cat’s comfort, and each collar has an individually-tested breakaway safety buckle.  The 5 lucky readers who win a collar will be able to choose from 11 different colours!

personalised cat safety collars from kitty collars(Please click on the image above for larger text.)

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91 responses to “February Giveaway: Personalised Cat Safety Collars from Kitty Collars!

  1. Please don’t say I’m too late to enter this – my computer froze! 🙁 I would love one of these for my indoor cat to give me peace of mind in case she gets out one day.

  2. Seems like a good idea. One saying ‘Indoor only cat’ would be useful.

  3. What a brilliant idea! There’s never enough room on cat tags to write all the information I need people to know if they come across my cats!

  4. They seems really safe 🙂

  5. Would love to win this for my friends kitten who is due to venture into the outside world for the very first time soon – would be ideal!

  6. Great idea and love the colours

  7. These look amazing I’m always terrified letting my cat out as my kids adore her! So this would be really helpful

  8. These looked great and seem really practicable would love to get some for our cats

  9. This is a very good design. My cat would love it.

  10. I’m not sure my cat will like it (she hates collars) but I think these collars are a great idea. She hates having the tag clink on her bowl when she eats so getting my details printed on the collar itself us a fab idea.

  11. I have just been given an adorable kitten by my gorgeous boyfried for Valentine’s day. A new collar would be fab as am nervous about letting her out when the time does come.good idea to have addresss details so visible.

  12. Not sure how but mine usually manage to lose their collars, then days later they walk proudly in from the garden carrying them in their mouths like hunting trophies!!

  13. Nice collar – the bell’s a good idea as my cats love to hunt!

  14. Great collars!! If only everything in life was as simple and brilliant.

  15. This would be great for my boy Benny who has a livershunt to alert others that he needs a special diet and medication.

  16. Peter Nuttyboy Robins

    what a fab idea

  17. What a brilliant idea! I don’t like tags or bells on our cats collar because the naughty dog thinks he can chase her when he hears her approaching. Poor Tilly.x

  18. my cat Pickle is a bit of a naughty cat, and he’s always getting into other people’s houses, and sometimes even cars, so I’d probably want one that says “sorry I’m in your house, wrecking your stuff” ! I also like the safety clip feature, Pickle is always managing to lose his collar on his adventures, so something a bit more robust, but still safe would be great!

  19. these collars are genius 🙂


  21. cool looking collars fingers crossed.

  22. Even the cat likes these

  23. Ronald Smithson


  24. We have a new cat called Bonnie and she would love to win one of these

  25. June Etherington

    Fantasic prize. If I win or not I will be buying some as pet presents.

  26. Would love to win, thanks

  27. my mother in law has 5 cats so would be useful to have one

  28. Patricia Lyndsey

    Holly thinks she’s a Princess so she would love this posh collar.

  29. my crazy cat would love this!

  30. Good idea. As cat can get exercise etc outdoors. Yet clear information for cat care and safe return to owner.

  31. Great prize thanks for the competition! 😀

    My male cat Cash would look great in a blue one of these!

  32. My little house cat would love this. Petrified that if he gets outside people will assume he’s a an outdoor cat and not bring him home and he’s a massive softie don’t think he’d survive 5 mins without his blanket and dreamies this collar would be awesome for him .

  33. Just a reminder, DO NOT put your cat out before you retire for the night! Cats SHOULD always be indoors during the night. Ask any Vet,they will tell you most accidents involving cats,take place during the hours of darkness.

    P.S These collars look great.

  34. Sandie Whitefoot

    My boy Dylan would love a new blue collar as his old one is looking a bit tatty now

  35. I cat Diesel went missing for 6 month and it broke my heart it was only down to a nice lady that found him and took hi to the vets and they found his chip so he was returned home. These collars are a great idea and I would have had my boy home sooner with one of these

  36. My brother’s cat Daisy would love this to get one up on her new housemate, Beagle Maggie !

  37. Rocco needs one since he’s moved from city to country side now thanks

  38. I have 3 cats and im sure one of the naughty buggers would love a new collar x

  39. cool design

  40. Charmaine Dryden

    These look much cooler than your usual cat collar. I hope I can.buy a doggy one.too

  41. comperkesh@hotmail.com

    This would be great for my adventurous kitty! 🙂

  42. I <3 cats

  43. My cat Billy says he would love one of these.

  44. MEOW ! I like it.


  46. Just got a cat and need a safety buckle collar so this is puurfect! 😉

  47. Great. Thanks!

  48. kendra J florence

    fab idea would love to win one for my cat

  49. These are a great idea – makes getting owner’s details so much easier than opening a barrel or reading a disc. That said, for me, one that read Do Not Feed would be most useful for my big, scrounger of a tom!

  50. I would love one of these with my phone number on for my diddy always worry when he goes out.

  51. please can I enter

  52. Would love to win this!

  53. I’ve got no cats, but I’m sure these would fit my Chihuahua’s.

  54. I got a few cats now with health issues now there older, two dont go out now one who is an epileptic does, i try to keep her in but she slips out – at the moment she just stays in the back garden but i worry about her the most every time she goes out, and with collars that could harm her if she gets caught, i would love to give this a try and if she does get out i will feel safer knowing she can get help and no where to come for it.

  55. Would love to win a new collar for my cat

  56. keren mary curran

    awesome invention

  57. Lauren Pilkington

    these look ace. fab colours and very practical

  58. Kathleen Robinson

    I have spent years looking for the perfect collar

  59. cool item.be nice to win one!

  60. Love this for my feline friend 🙂

  61. Loving these!

  62. Dragons Den ? Im in !


  64. What a great idea, hope we win for my cat’s sake.

  65. Would LOVE one of these for my kitty, he’s a AMAZING, but a complete nightmare sometimes!!! 🙂

  66. great

  67. Cool idea-love to win it!

  68. Really want one for my kitty!

  69. My cat molly would love one of these collars

  70. **** Wow finally a safety collar that looks great and works !, my cat got attacked by a dog recently and we could have really done with this collar so the owner of the dog could contact us easy . I would really love to win this please consider me ! Thank you ****

  71. What a lovely design and idea 🙂

  72. Frances Sharland

    Would love to win this for razz

  73. These look much better than our current collar. Not sure what colour i’d choose 🙂

  74. cvgtgp8@hotmail.com

    Eye-catching, with very clear details.

  75. Cristina Tudorache

    Looks lovely!

  76. What a great idea! Ellie would love one of these xx

  77. David Rowlinson

    Just the ticket for my Mr Vicious.

  78. Great idea 🙂

  79. My cat Macaroni would love one of these!

  80. They look very stylish. What cat wouldn’t want to be seen out and about in one.

  81. Anna-Marie Donnelly

    These are great. My cat is always disappearing 🙂

  82. Would work for small dog collars too.

  83. Great idea, safety first, would be even better if it was also reflective !! ~^..^~

  84. These are a great idea – love them

  85. Roseanne Brenton

    These are great, much better than having to buy collar and costly tag separately.

  86. I’ve had one of these collars before and they are excellent!

  87. these are a great idea

  88. What a wonderful idea, great for safety, great for looks!

  89. what a good idea – haven’t seen these before

  90. I love the look of these – they’re so practical! The colours they come in are great too, periwinkle is my fav of them.

    The designer ones (not for winning) look awesome too 🙂

  91. Denise McSpadden

    This is a much better design than the collars that use elastic! ^_^

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