February Giveaway – Personalised Safety Collars from Kitty Collars

kitty collars personalised cat collars

It’s Giveaway time again, and this month there will be 5 lucky winners, as the lovely Marla and Rob from Kitty Collars are offering 5 of their Personalised Cat Collars (featuring the all-important breakaway safety buckle) as giveaway prizes!

Personalised Cat Collars are a great way to ensure your contact details are easily visible should your cat become lost – even the friendliest of cats can become so traumatised if they are lost that it’s very difficult for anyone trying to help to get close enough to be able to read an i.d. tag.  Personalised Cat Collars are also an ideal way to advertise the fact that your cat is on a special diet, and therefore shouldn’t be fed any treats by well-meaning neighbours!

Kitty Collars Personalised Cat Collars are made from soft nylon for your cat’s comfort, and each collar has an individually-tested breakaway safety buckle.  The 5 lucky Cool For Cats UK readers who win a collar will be able to choose from 3 sizes and 11 different colours!

To enter the giveaway simply leave a comment at the end of this post – only one entry per person please.  Entries must be in before midnight on February 28th 2013, and the 5 winners will be chosen in a random draw on March 1st 2013, and then notified by email.  Apologies to overseas readers, but this giveaway is only open to addresses within the UK.

(If you click on the image below it’ll enlarge and you’ll be able to read the text – which tells you everything you need to know about the Personalised Cat Collars.)

kitty collars personalised cat safety collars

Cat lovers Marla and Rob share their home with 3 beautiful black and white rescue cats: 15 year-old sisters Rosie and Flo, and young whippersnapper, Timmy, who’s 18 months old.  Flo gets the credit for starting Kitty Collars: she came home a couple of times with one of her front legs caught in her elasticated collar, and this prompted her concerned owners into seeking a safer alternative; and so Kitty Collars was born!

Marla and Rob's rescue cats - Timmy (top) & Flo (bottom).

Marla and Rob’s rescue cats – Timmy (top) & Flo (bottom).

UK-based Kitty Collars have been trading since 2004 and sell a wide range of cat safety collars.  Their Personalised Cat Collars have been recommended by Cats Protection, and have also been voted one of the 50 Best Pet Accessories in the Independent Magazine.

Flo's sister, Rosie (sporting a very fine moustache).

Flo’s sister, Rosie (sporting a very fine moustache).

There now follows an important public announcement regarding cat collar safety:

The only truly safe collar for your cat to wear is a collar which is fastened with a breakaway safety buckle.  Any other type of collar is potentially lethal.  A breakaway safety buckle will break apart under pressure, thus preventing your cat from becoming entangled should the collar snag on anything, or from inserting a front leg through the collar.  It’s important to test the breakaway buckle on your cat’s collar regularly as sometimes they stiffen with age – should this happen the collar will no longer be safe and you need to replace it immediately.

Elasticated collars (collars with a conventional buckle and an elastic insert in the fabric of the collar) are often incorrectly marketed as safety collars, when in fact they are anything but safe.  Should your cat snag an elasticated collar, for example when out and about tree climbing, the elasticated panel will allow the collar to stretch, which in theory means your cat can wriggle safely free.  Unfortunately these collars can also twist as they stretch, and your cat can then become trapped in a deadly noose.

It’s also possible for a cat to insert a front leg through an elasticated collar, which, if you’ve never seen a cat collar wound, sounds pretty innocuous.  For the uninitiated, a collar wound is a deep laceration, often in the ‘armpit’ area of a cat, which can occur very quickly after a leg is pushed through a collar.  This kind of injury is frequently very difficult to treat, and occasionally fails to heal at all.  If you’d like to find out more, here’s a link to the Feline Advisory Bureau information page about collar wounds.  (Don’t follow the link if you’re squeamish – the photos are quite graphic.)

Finally, never rely on a collar as the sole means of identifying your cat should he or she become lost – always make sure your cat is microchipped too.

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64 responses to “February Giveaway – Personalised Safety Collars from Kitty Collars

  1. These collars are just the best… all my cats have one and I feel so much happier knowing my contact number is on there if there ever is an emergency.

  2. kevinseandooley@gmail.com

    Lovely made and very useful.

  3. be perfect for my kitten Freddie- getting nervous about letting him out soon! x

  4. Cheers for the fab giveaway. I got two kitties, and although my old (and grumpy!) tomcat doesn’t wander far anyway, one of these would be great for the little naughty youngster we’ve got.

  5. Sorry, I put my e-mail address twice on last post, rather than my name first!

    Tinks is having her op on Thursday and we’ll be letting her out for the first time in a few weeks. She has sneaked past me a couple of times and is desperate to get out and explore but I’m so scared that we’ll lose her. A collar like this would be perfect for her.

  6. D eborah wheeler

    What a great idea I stopped putting collars on my cats as the often came home without them and then someone told me about the horrific injuries they can cause

  7. What a great collar, much safer than traditional collars.
    My boy was always losing his.

  8. Love these and so would Chester!

  9. Great idea, added security if your cat gets lost.

    Predicted spelling!

  10. My little boy Benny has a very rare liver condition, which means he has a very strict diet. He loves to go out and it is a worry that somebody will feed him the wrong food, causing him to have a seizure. A collar alerting others to Benny’s condition would be great.

  11. Mrs Laura Howard

    Love the personalised collars, although my two ginger girls, are microchipped, still like them to have a collar. They have lost a couple of collars, but better safe than sorry. Would still order more, they are great for all cat owners.

  12. Brilliant idea – Ellie would look fan in one – hope I’m lucky!!

  13. Just what fat Kat cat needs!

  14. What a fantastic idea, I’ll be buying at least one collar having two cats but great if I win one too 😉

  15. Sorina MacGregor-Portlock

    Fantastic idea, so simple yet such an important thing. We would love to be in with a chance of winning one of these collars. We have four bundles of naughtiness…but I know which one the collar would be good for! Well done for coming up with the idea.

  16. Sarah-Louise Darwin

    What an amazing idea! I have breakaway collars for mine but none that I can have my number written on.

  17. Excellent idea, I recently spent £9 on a tag for cat, contact number and postcode, only for the cat to lose it three weeks later! I wish I’d known about the personalised collar!!

  18. Oh these are great love them

  19. oh now this is what we need, what a brilliant idea

  20. These look like great collars!

  21. Having just picked up a kitten from the RSPCA yesterday these collars look perfect for him when he can go outside

  22. So glad I stumbled upon this website – great idea!!

  23. Brilliant idea! Safe, informative, stylish and attractive every cat should have one. Mizi is a black Maine Coon with stunning yellow eyes & she will look gorgeous in one of these collars & we will feel happier when she goes out as we know she will be safer with home details on her own personalised collar.

  24. Great idea to have medical conditions on collar, my rescue cat is hyperthyroid and would be great if he ‘advertised’ the fact as hes bit of a greedy guts & anyone who didn’t know may be tempted to feed him as he does a very convincing job of pretending he’s not been fed for AGES!! 🙂

  25. sandrarubery@hotmail.com

    i love these. she seems to loose them all the time

  26. love these collars, will do anything extra to keep our little kitty safe. her name is pippin and she gets into so much mischief lol

  27. feefeegabor@googlemail.com

    Thanks for the interesting article – my cat obviously needs one of these!

  28. I love these collars, my rescue cat has been wearing them since we got her. We have gone through 8 collars so far as she is an active young cat who climbs trees and gets her collar caught, and it comes off. Despite the cost I am happy with the breakaway feature on the collars as it means that my cat comes back home safe and sound to me. The bell is really lovely, and so far she has not brought a present home to me, despite her adventures.
    If I was lucky enough to win, then the personalised collars might mean that I may get some of the collars back from my neighbours 🙂

  29. Great idea. Like others, I’d love one that says “Do Not Feed” for my loveable scrounger. Goodness knows how many free dinners he’s conned out of the neighbours!

  30. Our young Sparky would look very smart in one of these collars , what a great way to keep him safe.

  31. These collars are great

  32. What a fab idea! I love these collars 🙂

  33. What gorgeous collars! I would love to win one of these for my mum, as she is has 6 cats, 1 cat door stop, 2 cat jumpers, 4 pairs of cat socks.. – crazy cat lady! 🙂 xoxo

  34. What a great idea!

  35. What a good idea! I will have to buy at least one, as I have two cats, but fingers crossed that I win a collar!

  36. I have two kittens who have just reached the 6 month old mark and will be going outside soon once they are neutered. These collars would really alleviate my anxiety at the thought of letting them out for the first time! Thanks for the opportunity with the giveaway!

  37. Sounds brilliant for our mog. She lost the last one and these look prettier, as well as more useful.

  38. Ohhh id love one of these for my new cat Mabel. I’ve only had her three weeks and I have had her microchipped. I’d hate for her to get lost.

  39. My cat is always getting caught on twigs and the likes, but I would much rather her collar snapped off than the other alternative! Would be nice to have a spare one for next time she loses her collar

  40. Definitely could do with one for my Diabetic cat.

  41. sarah annie clarson

    Great idea to keep my cat safe! Love the selection of colours and bell so I don’t get any uninvited furry or feathery guests bought home!

  42. Whitey has lost her collar more times than I care to count so it gets very expensive with new collars and tags. This saves the problem of getting tags!

  43. My Little Morris would love this. He’s only 13 weeks so need to start getting him used to wearing a collar

  44. I really love this idea. I am struggling with one of the neighbours feeding my cat despite me telling her not to do so. She has even started letting him in her house. I dont want to stop him going out as its not fair on him, this would make her think twice before feeding him

  45. Brilliant idea. I want one!

  46. Love these collars, would love one for Felix as he has just lost the last one we put on him. There must be half a dozen collars with his name and our telephone number lurking in the underbrush outside our house.

  47. Gill & Kevin Wyatt

    For 4 years we have been using your fluorescent collars and they are great, and I have sent pictures of Maggie, Lisa, Bart and Rudi modelling them. The breakaway safety buckle really works as we have had to have some replacements. The personalised ones would be really good as Bart and Rudi, who are our new adoptive young ones tend to go wandering as they are still not sure of their new surroundings.

  48. Anna frm Spain with my four legged friends

    My sister use to make fun of me with my personalised cat & dog collars … but where I live my cats are the only ones who wear collars with their number on and it makes me feel better that if they were to get lost or get hurt that someone would call me , plus the colours are gorgeous , I have been a customer of kitty collars for 6 years now . I am hoping the flourescent ones soon will be able to print the number on them .
    Purrs from Espana and thank you Kitty collars for giving such a quick and great service.

    • Hi Anna – I’ve included your comment so that everyone can read the great feedback that you’ve given Kitty Collars, but, as it looks like you live outside the UK, I’m afraid I won’t be able to enter you in the giveaway as it’s for UK addresses only. Please correct me if I’m wrong, and I’ll include you in the draw!

      Thanks, Kathy

      • Hi Anna – Kitty Collars have been in touch today to let me know that you have a sister in the UK who can receive your collar for you, if you win one. So you’re back in the draw – good luck!


  49. These collars are fab! My youngest baby Sox is currently wearing 1 with his address and phone number on. I wanted the peeps in my street to know he wasn’t lost and was just a new kitty on the block. Fab giveaway!

  50. A wonderful idea for fat cats like mine, ‘Do not feed!’

  51. I would love to win one to put on my Binx my bengal cross, he has been lost before briefly and manages to get get any other collar off so im hoping these will stand up to the test 🙂

  52. My cat Mischief lives up to his name, always losing his collar, and yours are the best.

  53. One of these collars woulb be great for my epileptic cat Ollie

  54. If I won this competition, I would give this collar to a lovely rescue cat called Dillen who is a permanent sponsor with RACR, Nottingham.

    • Denise Macfarlane

      I have been using kitty collars since my boy went missing last year. I did get him home and now both my cats have reflective collars, but a personalised one would be great!

  55. I’d love one of these collars as they’d save me getting metal tags engraved!! Such a fab idea to have details printed onto the collar.

  56. Sandie Whitefoot

    I would love one of these collars for either of my cats the are brilliant

  57. Storm is always losing his collar, costing me a small fortune in replacing not both the collar but also his bells (he has two as he likes hunting :O( ) and his id tag so this would be great!

  58. I have discovered you can never have too many spare collars in our house as having 3 cats one of them is always coming home minus their collar.

  59. Gorgeous collars, a great idea 🙂

  60. These are great collars, I’ve had the plain, patterned, and the personalised collars.
    Great give away.

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