Felti Cat Dens from Zooplus

felti cat den largeWe all know that cats love a cosy den.  The trouble is, dens that are reasonably priced tend to be of the foam-padded, plush-covered variety – which stick out like a sore thumb in most modern homes.  Of course, your cat couldn’t care less about den aesthetics.  As long as the den in question is warm and provides a feeling of security, that’s all that matters.  But if you’re looking for an affordable alternative to the traditional igloo, these Felti Cat Dens could be just the job.

felti cat den small

They’re made from 4mm thick synthetic felt (which is machine washable), and can be folded flat, should you need to store them away for any reason.  The dens have a soft cushion inside for extra snuggliness.

felti cat den small

Felti Cat Dens are available from ZooplusUK in two sizes and colours: Large£17.90 (grey felt only), and Small – £11.90 (white felt only).  Unless you have a white cat, I’d be inclined to go for the grey one – I could see white felt disappearing under a layer of cat hair within seconds, whereas grey is probably more forgiving.

Measurements: Large L53cm x W41cm x H45cm; Small –  L43cm x W36cm x H35cm.

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  1. those are adorable! I was just mentioning to a friend this morning that I have SO MANY DENS! I need to go and donate some to our local rescue

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