Four Great One-stop Shops for Cat Lovers’ Xmas Pressies

I think the title of this post is pretty self explanatory; so without further ado….

Shop No. 1: Tattypuss – an impressively large collection of cat-themed homeware, jewellery, accessories, art, stationery and more; all with a contemporary feel.  Has a handy Stocking Fillers section with 59 products for under a tenner.  Great if you’re looking for something a little quirky, like these Si Cat Bookends by Dora Designs (£17.99).


Shop No. 2: The Cat Gallery – another large collection of cat-themed homeware, ornaments, jewellery, accessories, clothing and much more.  Products mainly contemporary in design.   Gifts Under £10 page, listing 40+ products.  Has a good-sized range of bags and purses, including this Catseye Tabby Shopper Bag for £6.00.


Shop No. 3: Mad About Cats – a seemingly never-ending range of cat-themed goodies.  Includes products to suit traditional and contemporary tastes.  Has a wide kitchenware range, which includes several kitsch Cat Salt & Pepper Sets.  (This one is £12.99).


And last, but by no means least, Shop No. 4: Mad Old Cat Lady –  a great source for fabulously off-the-wall cat-themed art, accessories, tableware, tea towels and t-shirts.  Ideal if you’re trying to buy for teenagers of the more gothic persuasion, or indeed anyone who’s proud to call themselves unconventional (and so they should be!).  Includes this great Feral Tee for £20.00 (inc. UK delivery).


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  1. So much stuff! It’s going to take me ages to wade through all these things, especially the bags. (happy sigh) Thanks for all the great links.

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