Giveaway! The Cat Caravan – Stylish Cardboard Playhouse by Make Them Roar

cat caravan - stylish cat playhouse by make them roar

A very happy New Year to you and your cats, and what better way to start 2015 than with a giveaway.  But this is no ordinary giveaway, so you’ll have to pay close attention…

Right then: the lovely Bettina, who writes Make Them Roar (the style guide for the fashionable cat – well worth subscribing to, if you don’t already), has teamed up with fellow cat woman, Merle, to create the Cat Caravan – a stunning piece of cardboard cat furniture, guaranteed to look the business in any home.

This stylish, cardboard playhouse has been designed with durability in mind, and the combination of sturdy double-walled cardboard and clever construction ensures the Cat Caravan can withstand a real battering, even from multiple cats.  Check out this video of Tiger and Lilly putting a Caravan through its paces:

The Cat Caravan allows for playing/lounging on two levels, and features several peepholes, which facilitate interactive play and also provide cats with ample opportunity to spy on their humans (spying on humans has resided in the top three of the the annual feline Popular Pastimes list since its origination in Ancient Egypt in 2000 BC).  And, as if all that wasn’t enough, the Caravan comes with two cute cardboard toys for additional fun.

The Caravan also has excellent eco-credentials – it’s fully recyclable, is made in Britain from 100% recycled cardboard, printed with water-based inks, and comes as a flat pack, which simply folds together without the need for glue.

cat caravan - stylish cat playhouse by make them roar

General Teddington & Mr Spats – Bettina’s two Battersea rescue boys.

Now, here’s why this is a giveaway with a difference: the Cat Caravan hasn’t gone into production yet – Bettina and Merle are currently running a Cat Caravan Kickstarter campaign to gain funding for the first batch of Caravans to roll off the production line.  If you’re unsure what a Kickstarter campaign involves, please click on the link above for further info, otherwise this giveaway prize may not make any sense.

OK, so now we’re all clear about what a Kickstarter campaign actually is, I can reveal the giveaway prize….. The lucky winner of the Cat Caravan giveaway will receive a £25 Kickstarter pledge in their name.  This means that if the campaign is successful, the winner will get their hot little paws on a Cat Caravan, once they go into production at some point during February; but if the campaign is unsuccessful (which would be a real shame), the pledge will be converted to a £25 voucher to spend on some cool cat goodies in the Make Them Roar store – so the winner will receive a prize worth £25 whatever the outcome of the campaign.

The Cat Caravan giveaway is open to entries from anywhere in the whole world!  In order to enter the giveway, all you need to do is leave a comment at the end of this post.  Entries must be in before midnight 1st February 2015.

It would also be great if you could share either this post or the Cat Caravan Kickstarter page on social media, and ask your cat-minded friends and family to do the same, as the more cat people get to hear of the campaign, the more chance it has of success.  The campaign ends at midnight 1st February 2015.  (Sharing the campaign isn’t an entry requirement for the giveaway, it would just be very nice of you!)

And now for the giveaway rules – a dull read, but necessary for legal reasons.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment at the end of this post.  Entries must be in before midnight 1st February 2015.  The winner will be selected by a random electronic draw on 1st February 2015 and notified by email.  If the prize is not claimed within two weeks of notification a new winner will be selected.  The winner will receive one £25 pledge for the Cat Caravan Kickstarter campaign.  If the campaign is successful, the winner will receive one Cat Caravan, once they go into production during February 2015.  If the campaign is unsuccessful, the winner will receive one £25 voucher during February 2015.  The prize is not transferable and is dependent on the outcome of the Cat Caravan Kickstarter campaign.

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101 responses to “Giveaway! The Cat Caravan – Stylish Cardboard Playhouse by Make Them Roar

  1. my cat would love this

  2. This looks cool – I’d love to see what my two cats would make of a caravan!

  3. So unusual! My cat Wispa would love one of these x

  4. Jacqueline Roberts

    The possibilities are endless, look such fun.

  5. so cool Pepys would adore one.

  6. My cat Gollum would love this!

  7. Both of my kittens would adore this. Fab idea.

  8. I have just brought home a lovely tortie rescue cat. Because of some recent experiences she is so scared and it will take some time for her to settle. A little space of her own would be the ideal place for her to feel safe whilst watching the rest of the world go by.

  9. What a fabulous idea! Will certainly look better in my lounge than the current Amazon box. Good luck with the kickstarter, in fact I may head over to the site and leave a little help myself….

  10. A great idea that i know will appeal to every cat lover….i know my two would love this and it would look great to.

  11. such a great idea.

  12. My cat would adore this!! She currently has an old amazon box!

  13. My 3 would love this 🙂

  14. this is fab

  15. My beautiful Blue Birman, Bella, ignores the fleecy igloo and the sheepskin radiator bed, but show her cardboard and she loves it! So this caravan would give her hours of pleasure – and me too, as I watch her beautiful little face peeping out of the windows!

  16. joanna silvester

    Have five furry felines who would all love to hide out in your caravan 🙂

  17. This would be a fabulous replacement for the squashed prosecco box my cats are currently playing in!

  18. cheryl hadfield

    my 3 cats would love this

  19. I would really love this my old gentle sweet boy and my maniac ‘newbie’
    Wold be loads of fun..

  20. My two girls would have hours of fun with this! Fingers crossed x

  21. Rebecca Jane Roberts

    My cat Fudge would rock this haha

  22. Lorella Mazzocco

    CatsVagen Van!!

  23. Love it! Perfect for cat camping holidays 😉

  24. This fab caravan would be very popular in our house .Henry and Emily puss cat and Milly and Robin house bunnies would all love to play in this!

  25. My cats would love this!

  26. Our Poppy cat would love this x

  27. Miauw

  28. Catherine Kendall

    My cats would love this! The younger two are always playing in boxes!

  29. Charlie needs this!

  30. This would be an upgrade for my cat Lola, she currently sleeps in her favourite box, she doesn’t think much to cat beds!

  31. My 2 boys would love this.

  32. It would be a lovely pressie for my friend’s kitties


    This would make me a very popular cat mummy!

  34. My two little Bengal sisters would love this!

  35. Kathleen Bywaters

    My four cats, Tosca, Thomas, Suzie & Henry would love this!

  36. I know 3 purr machines who would love that

  37. Our three mogs would have a great time competing over this!

  38. Clare Kirk-George

    Our siamese Ghost loves boxes and we could get some super cute photos of her for next year’s calendar. Good luck with the project. X

  39. I LOVE this!! My cat freckle would too. Looks brilliant.

  40. I have 12 rescue cats, and would they love having fun with this.

  41. I think my Pete will have to stick to his diet more strictly if he wants to fit into it!

  42. Bubbles would have hours of fun with this. Fingers crossed they go into production 🙂

  43. Denise McSpadden

    What a great idea! Being a flat-pack design it could be easily flattened for transportation to a Cattery or if moving home. My cat Freya loves cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes so I have no doubt she’d love this. I wish the ladies success for their project!

  44. I’d love to see my cat in this! It’s brilliant!

  45. my kitten would love this what a genius idea x

  46. My two kittens would love this 🙂

  47. Omg my cat, Dexter would love this caravan for going on holidays with his mate, Bob. He already has a stuart little type car that he goes out to the supermarket in so this caravan would be ideal for weekend getaways!

  48. wendy Stephenson

    I have an elderly stay at home cat who would love this!

  49. Fantastic idea,really hope they go into production my two cats would love one am sharing with all my friends.

  50. So cute! I’d love to see my cats in that!

  51. This is awesome! my cats love getting in to things! Maybe it would keep them out of my wardrobe!!

  52. my cat would love this

  53. Any cardboard box is an instant hit but doesn’t look good lying about the house so a caravan would be both cat and people friendly

  54. Would love this!

  55. My boys would love this

  56. My boys would love this!!

  57. I have a cat who came to visit, & stayed, who would get a great deal of enjoyment from this. What a great idea, I hope the campaign is successful and makes lots of kitties very happy.

  58. My cats would love this! They sure do love their boxes, prefer them to their comfy cushions and bed! And were quite upset when their last box was thrown out – but unfortunately it wasn’t very kitten proof!

  59. My neighbour’s cat loves my garden, she would love this.

  60. Cool…………… adopted cat would just love it

  61. This would be a massive hit with my fur baby!

  62. Jane Lethbridge

    My two lovelies would adore this especially Dave who is crazy about boxes

  63. Minnie likes to go on her holidays

  64. My cat would love this. Brilliant 🙂

  65. katherine grieve

    Jacko would absolutely love this!

  66. Mogg loves cardboard boxes, she would have fun with this 🙂

  67. I’ve just taken on a stray cat. He’s very timid, something like this would be great so he can have his own space! Good luck everyone 🙂

  68. My 3 cats would be all over this! :)))

  69. My Boo would adore that. What a simple but cute idea!

  70. FionaLynne Edwards

    My Cat Cupcake would really love the Cat Caravan!


    Count me in! 🙂 my cat is called Tinkerbell she is 13 years old 🙂 she would love this!! 😀 seems as she never comes on holiday caravanning with us hehehe 🙂 allcrossed Shared the post to for you x

  72. Sallyanne Gooch

    Coco would love this

  73. Evelyn johnston

    These look fun but I can see my 2 boxing over it!

  74. Rincewind kitten would LOVE this. not sure the others would get a look in though.

  75. suzanne brzeski

    My cat copper would absolutely love this, its so cool

  76. Wow this is fantastic! My 3 cats would have a whale of a time with a caravan.

  77. my cats love cardboard boxes

  78. great idea as long as they don’t leave home in it !!

  79. We have our fingers and paws crossed! happy New year!

  80. Good luck! I’m entering on behalf of our little long-haired tuxedo!

  81. My 3 cats would love this

  82. Geraldine OGorman

    So cute my cats would love this good luck with it! Thank you.

  83. very nice

  84. What a great idea, my cat’s would love to be climbing about in one of these!

  85. My cat loves nothing better than playing in a box and it wouldn’t matter at all that she has no control concept of what a caravan is!

  86. That sounds awesome! Our cats would love it! We will finally be able to take our ugly boxes away from the living room 😀 …they look so pretty and fun!

  87. what genius! Would love to win for my amazing cat, Luna

  88. Fantastic, my cat would absolutely love this 🙂

  89. My cat would love this…. he would feel so cool the only cat in the street with a holiday home!!!!

  90. Please put me into the draw xx.

  91. Wow my babygirl would love this…she is box & bag mad for her it would be a caravan of love..

  92. Great prize, I have 2 cats who love boxes so I know they would just adore a caravan

  93. Brigitte Leprince

    My cats say the simple things are the best and this is simply, lots of fun!!!

  94. This would be a lovely prize for our two young cats Dexter & Sweetpea x

  95. amazing!!!

  96. Very cool…the cats at the rescue shelter I volunteer at would love it.

  97. maxine m partridge

    oh my gosh, this is ace!!! iv got 9 cats and they love boxes. they have nice comfy beds and blankets but they still choose boxes, even tiny ones! theyd love this!

  98. Great giveaway:) and I have 4 cats who would love a caravan =^..^=

  99. An excellent idea. I think my two would love it!

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