Giveaway! Win a ‘How to Photograph Your Cat’ Gift Box


The How to Photograph Your Cat Gift Box was created by professional photographer, Sarah Loveland, and is aimed at people who want to get more from their digital point-and-shoot or camera phones and capture photos that even their cats will approve of.  Sarah has kindly given five lucky Cool for Cats UK readers the chance to win one of her boxes, and thus acquire millions of social media likes, follows, retweets etc., as their fabulous cat portraits become internationally renowned.  Or maybe just brighten up their Facebook pages with some decent cat pics – one can never post too many cat pics on one’s Facebook page, after all.

(To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment at the end of this post.  Entries must be in before midnight 30th June.)


Each box contains a set of five easy-to-follow lesson cards, which will unravel such mysteries as the exposure compensation setting,  teach you new techniques such as camera tilts and how to snap a cat on the move, and also how to ensure your pics are beautifully composed and well-lit.


Once you can handle your camera like a pro, you can take a look at the fold-out project sheet and have a go at the four tasks Sarah has dreamed up for you and your moggie models.  Plus, if you’re one of those well-organised types who actually gets round to printing their photos, there are four self-assembly cardboard frames and a mini-easel included in the box so that you can display your amazing cat portraits, and then encourage your friends and family to compliment you prolifically on your new-found photographic skills.  Sarah has even included a catnip mouse – cats are notoriously uncooperative after all, but, fortunately, also very receptive when it comes to bribery.

And now for some giveaway rules:

To enter the giveaway please leave a comment at the end of this post. Entries must be in before midnight on 30th June 2014.  Only one entry per person, please!  The five winners will be selected by a random electronic draw on 01/07/14 and notified by email. Each winner will receive one ‘How to Photograph Your Cat’ Gift Box.  Prize must be claimed within 14 days of notification by email, otherwise a new winner will be selected. Sorry, but this giveaway is only open to addresses within the UK!

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47 responses to “Giveaway! Win a ‘How to Photograph Your Cat’ Gift Box

  1. Very interesting! 🙂

  2. As an aspiring kitty model, I need this in my life!

  3. My cat is so cute but she doesn’t photograph very well being all black, so I’d love this!

  4. Lisa Wilkinson

    Thanks for the great giveaway. This would be really useful 🙂

  5. I would love to win this! I foster cats for Cat Protection, and a good photo does help to ‘promote’ them on the Adopt A Cat page! We’ve actually found that if you don’t show a cat’s face in their photo there is very little interest from potential adoptees.

  6. What a great prize. I have loads of photos of my cats but they never seem to be that good.

    Do the instructions include a section for the cats to read including “do not go and breath on the camera lens as soon as your human get the camera out as it annoys them”.

  7. I’m always taking photos of our 3 cats but they don’t often turn out as well as I’d hope! x

  8. sandie whitefoot

    What a brilliant idea it would be so helpful

  9. What a brilliant idea! My cat Freya tends to look away anytime I try to photograph her and I don’t use the flash so I do wonder if she’s doing the old, “Mustn’t make things too easy for the hoomans” thing, lol. Good luck everyone!

  10. My cat is a big fluffy black one, a complete nutter with ants in his pants who is notoriously hard to photograph! It would be fantastic to get some tips so I capture him in all his fluffy glory 🙂

  11. I would love to learn how to take better photos of my two moggy’s please.

  12. I love this!

  13. Lovely prize, would love to be able to get better pictures of my cats!

  14. genius idea! 🙂 so cute and original

  15. Pick me, pick me, pick me!!!!

  16. fab prize, looks fun!

  17. Great idea, I’ve countless pix of my cats tails. 🙂

  18. Fabulous idea! Would be fab not to have to mess around in Photoshop every time I take a pic and take it correctly in the first place! 🙂

  19. I have taken lots of photographs of my cat, but they’re never as good as they could be! These tips are a great idea and a lovely prize 😀

  20. Rebecca Holton

    My cat and I would love to win this! 🙂

  21. What a fantastic idea – my 2 cats suddenly turn shy when the camera is pointed at them, making it hard to get a good pic. However, they love to photobomb when I’m trying to take a pic of something else!

  22. I’d absolutely LOVE this … ALWAYS taking pictures of the cat’s at home, whilst visiting, and volunteering and would really appreciate some tips to help make the pictures better =^..^=

  23. Rachel O'Rourke

    Great idea. I need all the help I can get. 😀

  24. My cat has already started practicing his pose.

  25. Would love this! I have lots of photographs of tails or headless cats at present!!

  26. I’m sure I could use this to develop, as I’m a bit rubbish with moving subjects with my dslr at the moment!

  27. Natalie Castle

    I would love this prize!!

  28. margaret barr

    hi thanks for the competition , my cats are such posers they would love this they are always saying mum i look better than that in real life can you learn how to take photos properly lol,

  29. This would be great for our cats Eric & Ernie!

  30. Debbie Stanley

    Fantastic – I would love to be able to take better pictures of my cat Frank

  31. I’m always photographing the cats at the rescue 🙂 love this prize 🙂

  32. What an interesting prize!

  33. my sisters would love this, it’s all they ever do!

  34. Purrfect gift for cat fans. ~^..^~

  35. Michaela Palmer

    My sister would love this! She must take 5 photo a day of her kittys!

  36. So cool, Cat’s rule (slightly bias as owner of 3 moggys meow meow’s!)

  37. I adopt 2 kittens tomorrow – Devon Rex and Cornish Rex – would like to get off on the right paw!

  38. I would love to win this to improve photos on my blog!

  39. My Marcius would love to be photographed properly.

  40. Jane Lethbridge

    I love my cats, I love my camera – would love to learn more about taking photos of them.

  41. Nice idea.

  42. Shirley Cooney

    What a lovely idea!

  43. This would be fab as our cat has just had kittens

  44. sharon knight

    well I can do the sleeping shots no problem…but action not so much…particularly in this sunshine!!

  45. This would be perfect for one of my friends who has 3 adorable cats and she loves taking their picture

  46. I love taking photos of my cat so I think I’d get loads of use out of this! We might be getting another cat soon and it’ll be a lovely way to take photos of them together 🙂

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