I Got Interviewed About Cat Stuff!


Lucy, who writes the blog for the splendid online cat and dog boutique, Oz & Mr Curious, has very kindly published an interview she did with me recently.  So, if you’d like to experience me wittering on about all things cat, head on over to the Oz & Mr Curious Blog.

Lucy asked for a pic of me with one of the HQ Cats, but, seeing as my lot are all so uncooperative, I could only supply a photo of me with a foster kitten.  This is the pic I use for my cat-sitting website, and I was aiming for the Trustworthy, Caring and Responsible look.  But it ended up more Bored Woman Strangles Kitten.  For the record, I would just like to state that I am not trying to strangle that kitten: she lived to see another day and was adopted, along with one of her sisters, by a very nice family in Hither Green.

4 responses to “I Got Interviewed About Cat Stuff!

  1. Just went and read the lovely interview!! You don’t look like you are strangling that black kitty at all! It is great to finally see the woman behind the blog!

  2. Great article! Because I usually read your email and not the actual blog it’s nice to put a face to the name 🙂 By the way, the kitten looks very happy xx

    • Thanks Alison! Glad you enjoyed the interview. That kitten was one of a litter of four torties that I fostered a couple of years ago. All were very lovely and all were a complete handful!

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