January Giveaway – Set of 4 Tomato Cat Mugs

tomato cat mugs

We all know that tea (or other hot beverage of your choice!) tastes much nicer when supped from a cat mug, and so it gives me great pleasure to announce that this month’s giveaway is a set of 4  Cat Mugs, kindly supplied by Gill Troop from her Tomato Catshop.

The mugs are crafted in the UK (The Potteries, to be precise) from fine bone china, and feature Gill Troop’s contemporary Cat Face design in shades of scarlet and orange.

tomato cat mug

If you fancy getting your paws on a set of these beautiful mugs, just leave a comment at the end of this post – it’s that simple (only one entry per person, please).  This giveaway is open to addresses anywhere in the world, but if you live outside the UK, you’ll need to pay your own postal charges in order to receive the prize.

The lucky winner will be selected by a random draw on 1st February 2013 and notified by email.  Good luck!

Gill’s cat design features on a whole range of homewares and cards, including these tea towels and hand-sewn, hand screen printed cushions.

tomato cat tea towels  tomato cat cushion

The original inspiration for the Tomato Catshop was the lovely Coco, a gentle and affectionate tortie who ran Gill’s life for 17 years, but is sadly no longer with us.


Gill’s current animal companion, the rather dapper rescue greyhound Skozi, is an artistic dog, who loves collecting items to display on his mat – his most recent installation was a parsnip, a plastic jug and a sock!  Skozi also features in some of Gill’s work, including this hand screen printed cushion.

skozi  greyhound cushion, tomato catshop

The other members of the Tomato Catshop gang, who feature on a variety of homewares and artworks, are Donkey – based on a resident of The Donkey Sanctuary, which is close to Gill’s home in East Devon; and Chicken – the fictional creation of art intern, Sarah.

donkey card, tomato catshop  chicken cushion,tomato catshop

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145 responses to “January Giveaway – Set of 4 Tomato Cat Mugs

  1. sheridarby@aol.com

    Love to win this

  2. these mugs are the cutest!

  3. Love, love, love the website have now followed you on facebook and twitter!

  4. Those mugs are fanCatstick

  5. Love the unique design of these mugs, what a prize.

  6. Lovely mugs – your site has some great products for cat lovers.

  7. Fab site, huge cat lover!

  8. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect

  9. Gorgeous! Please enter me!

  10. Since my cats (when Xavi is not being playboy cat model for Cool For Cats!) love breaking things I could really do with some pretty mugs! x

  11. these look fabulous!

  12. 4 cups, the perfect number for me, my partner and our 2 felines, Romeo and Juliet! 🙂

  13. These would fit into my newly furnished kitchen purrfectly

  14. really lovely cups

  15. Jess Mandeville

    What gorgeous mugs, they’d go so well in my cat run house!

  16. mizziemoo@aol.com

    lovely lol, makes me want to fill them with tomato soup lol xx thanks for the comp

  17. What lovely mugs – and how great that they are based on a real cat, the beautiful Coco. All my mugs are a mismatch of designs so it would be wonderful to have a complete set, too!

  18. Claire Turnbull

    Love the colour and design x

  19. The mugs are really cute!

  20. Mmmm – just purr-fect for me to snuggle down with a much needed cuppa and bicky and a warm lap for my puss to sprawl onto / over.

  21. I have always been owned by a a cat, sometimes more than one, My present little cat is Amy, she is 13. she is beautiful,& rules the household including the dogs. I would so love to have at set of those mugs, it would make drinking my tea even more enjoyable. Love Angela & Amy.

  22. enter me please.
    I’m cat mad – my gingers tom cat ‘BOO’ and I would love these mugs to add to our catty collection.


  23. Wow these mugs are beautiful, just what is needed for coffee on these snowy days. They also remind me Mao much of my baby little cats, Jimmy and Loui.

  24. I would love to win these. Just had a birthday and my 2 year wedding anniversary is next month, these would be a perfect gift for me and hubby! 🙂 x

  25. I work with a lady we call ‘Cat Woman’ she would be in drink heaven with these!

  26. they’d make a cup of tea something special.

  27. Ha! I know just the mad old cat lady to share these with – not only is she mad for cats, she’s mad for red things so these are purrfect for her – this is my Mum we’re talking about of course 😉 She must be doing something right as one fluffy boy is now over 20years old as she keeps reminding us, like we’d have chance to forget!

    Thanks for offering such a fab prize, I’ll be keeping my eyes on both of your sites seeing as both sides of our family are all cat-lovers 🙂

  28. These are very pretty. I love cats too.

  29. How gorgeous – I’m a crazy old cat lady and proud! 🙂

  30. lovely mugs!

  31. Mad Cat Lady esq

    Oh My Wordy! Is crossing my fingers and toes (and my kitties are too). >^.,.^< =^..^=
    xx xx

  32. Christine keilty

    Lovely cat mugs for a purrfect cuppa x

  33. What pretty mugs.

  34. Fantastic mugs very cool =^..^=

  35. Love these pretty mugs… Would be splendid addition to the office

  36. Cute mugs, and bone-china too. I’d be thrilled to win them.

  37. What a great tribute to Coco! The cushions are also so VERY cute…….

  38. Love these mugs – their color and design! Would be very happy to win them 🙂 I just wanted to add that Coco, who inspired you guys from Tomato Catshop, looks like a loving and beloved cat, you must have had wonderful 17 years together.
    PS. My cats are Rysiek (Richard) and Marchewka (Carrot), they are both ginger (red) and fantastic, so I started to run their blog over 3 years ago 😉 I am a big fan of cats and their funny behaviour and also collect “cat stuff”… 🙂

  39. I have the same cat (tortoise) ( minkamau 9 years old and she rules)than on the picture at home and drink from one of those mug at work woul bring the cat spirit with me.

  40. judith eddington

    some lovely items there

  41. Cute Mugs! 🙂


  42. sykes.amanda@gmail.com

    Love the mugs!

  43. some very novel things on the site!

  44. Evelyn Johnston

    Nice giveaway love the mugs , also love Coco she reminds me of my tortie and white Kelly also no longer here.

  45. Purrfect for a cup of hot milk.

  46. Aha wish I’d seen these before Christmas! Think they’re great 🙂 xx

  47. What a fabulous website! As a cat owner of four I can’t get enough of anything feline, love the mugs and the cushions too x

  48. Wonderful, would love to win these.

  49. Love the mugs but the screen print cushion is gorgeous!

  50. christopher jones

    I love cats. My lovely one Levi was put to sleep last year aged 18. Miss her every day

  51. Awww coco was so sweet!.Lovely designs.

  52. What a fabulous website – I now have so many lovely gift ideas 🙂

  53. Love these mugs

  54. Sandra Jenkinson

    What beautiful mugs. I just love anything cat related!

  55. cool for me as well as cool for cats love them

  56. this website is mana from heaven for all us cat lovers,thank you.

  57. meaoow would love to get my paws on these cups so i can sip my milk out of them

  58. These mugs are cool for cats. id love em

  59. kenneth jackson

    the mugs would look purrfect in my kitchen

  60. Martina Pichova

    beautiful stuff…

  61. Lovely cat mugs, would love a set.

  62. I love these, these look fab, I have a few cat mugs and use them all so I would use these at work, as my colleague smashed the last cat mug I had at work, I think I would lock these in the safe at work

  63. great prize, would love to have these in my kitchen.

  64. Snazzy!

  65. Thanks for the chance to win such a lovely prize x

  66. Cute, fun and practical – purrrrfect

  67. I would love to be drinking out of one of these mugs

  68. pearl.davison@ntlworld.com

    These mugs are the cat’s whiskers!

  69. Such lovely mugs.

  70. i’m in love! these would be perfect for the new staff room at work…a real treat

  71. I would love these mugs!

  72. These are mugs are just purrfect

  73. I would give these to my mum. She loves cats and would love these mugs.

  74. Fabulous design, but so sad to hear that Coco is no longer with us. She will live on in this beautiful legacy. And I’m not a dog person, but I love Skozi’s loooong face and funky design! Very masculine. If I should be so lucky to win, I’d like to donate my prize to the RSPCA in Putney. Nice to receive, but much better to give!

  75. Love the products, great gift ideas for my cat lover friends….

  76. Catherine Whittall

    Love these mugs, and love all the cat products

  77. I’ve recently read that hot chocolate tastes better drunk from an orange mug; I’m sure it would taste even nicer from a stylish kitty mug!

  78. What lovely Mugs! Very kind of you to do this

    Your Coco looked just like our new kitten Arwen

  79. Catherine Thomas

    Fab mugs love them.. 🙂

  80. How lovely my daughter would love one of these

  81. Steph Armstrong

    What a great website – I’ll know where to look for pressies in future.
    Love cats – my latest one came from the RSPCA.

  82. Debbie Gillespie

    Very cute mugs. I was looking round your website and saw the “The Cats Trapeze”. What a wonderful idea!

  83. Beautiful mugs, great twist on the usual cat images

  84. What a purr fect prize

  85. What lovely mugs! Would love to win some! 🙂

  86. My granddaughter loves cats, if I win these beautiful mugs she will have a ‘Cheshire’ grin 🙂

  87. They are fab, love them

  88. love these funky and fun xx

  89. I just love this site and thank you for introducing me to all of these wonderful cat related things to spoil my two fur-babies (ok, and myself too)! Tomato Catshop is another great find – I adore the mug set- and love that it was inspired by little Coco. Torties are very close to my heart. My Tortie girl was also 17 when she passed, a teeny tiny little lady called Ellie. Such a beautiful girl who loved her humans who rescued her. xxxx

  90. Count me in :O)

  91. Great mugs…..would love to win them!

  92. These would look lovely in my kitchen!

  93. Oh how lovely! These would be perfect in my cat mad house lol I am planning to be a crazy cat lady after retirement! x

  94. I love these mugs. They are lovely, but then again I love cats as well!!

  95. we are big cat fans here and we love these mugs, thanks for the chance to win them x

  96. I love them! These would complement my ever growing collection of cat mugs! Plus they have a touch of Orange, my fave colour!

  97. Feline lucky.

  98. Thank you for this Cat Mugs competition.

  99. Cool for cats 🙂

  100. Lovely site: lovely stuff! Have marked to come back and look again soon.

  101. 2013@doke.fsnet.co.uk

    These would brighten my kitchen up! Happy New Year all

  102. Love the mugs but loads of other cool suff too!

  103. Oh wow if I was lucky enough to win my best friend would be round all the time for coffee as she loves loves cats mmmmm

  104. becnsean@primusbroadband.co.uk

    love the mugs and also the lurcher cushions

  105. I saw a link to this website (and competition) on Twitter, it’s just my cup of tea – as are these lovely mugs. My cat is ginger which is (almost) tomato coloured so they would be just perfect!

  106. judisunderland@talktalk.net

    This is just what a cat lover needs

  107. Nice moggy mugs, I’d love to be lucky enough to win a set. Saw your tweet so waddled over to have a go.

  108. These are so cute – I love them!

  109. Great design – loving tribute to Coco! So whenever I have my tea in those mugs I will remember her happy in her radiator hammock.

  110. Crazy cat lady here would love to these!

  111. I used to collect cat mugs when I was younger, it’d be lovely to start adding to my collection again!

    Melissa x

  112. Natasha Aburrow-Jones

    Pleaz, pleeze to have mugz? They’ll look fabulous in my kitteh kitchen!

  113. Aww love these & love cats. What a fab website. Will check it out properly at home later! 🙂

  114. Beautiful mugs, I would be the coolest person for miles with those :0)

  115. The cats would love headbutting these out of the way when they’re trying to get some attention. All the more so if full of a scalding hot beverage….

  116. lovely prize, good luck everyone xx

  117. Sandie Whitefoot

    What a great design, they would take pride of place in my kitchen

  118. Lovely lovely mugs and I’ve just had a look at the site – there’s some gorgeous stuff on there, like the cushion and tea towel with the same cat design. Know what I’ll be asking for for my birthday….

  119. Beautiful little faces!

  120. I’m loving these animal print designs, I’ll definitely be checking out Tomato Catshop!

  121. Wow! These mugs are so unique! What a lovely prize.

    Am popping over from: http://introducingmummytothemax.blogspot.co.uk/

  122. Such lovely mugs, i really like the modern cat design.

  123. Ooooh would love these! They are very snazzy xxx

  124. Really lovely mugs and would make my kitchen very stylish 🙂

  125. Good on you for having such a lovely business with lots of innovative products. Your true passion for animals shows in all the products you design, source and sell. Well done. I for one (of many) look forward to buying lots of lovely items from Cool For Cats UK soon. Best wishes going forward.x MissyA.

  126. Frances Mitchell

    Hello there, these are fun mugs, I’d love to win them! x

  127. What lovely cat mugs and so cute. Had a look at the website too brilliant things i can see a few birthday presents coming from there !!

  128. Love these! Love Cats!

  129. Cats are my passion…..I’d love to win these fun tomato cat mugs then I could give one each to my 3 granddaughters & have one for myself!

  130. @MidNightGirl999

    i could curl up nicely with one of these mugs filled with hot chocolate ^.””.^

  131. I need some new mugs and they would be perfect!

  132. I love tomato cats!

  133. My sister just sent me the link for your lovely site. Where have you been all my life!

  134. FINALLY a site for all things cat-related AND stylish! Love the mugs, love the furniture – enough said!

  135. I look forward to my coolforcats email each day and thank you for introducing me to Gill Troop who sounds brilliant, I will check out Tomato Catshop but for now will raise a toast in memory of the very beautiful Coco (don’t they just rule our lives?) and to Skozi (everyone should rescue not buy a pet) and the imaginatively named Donkey! Thank you.

  136. Please put me into the draw – thank you xx

  137. My two fave things in the world: tomatoes and cats! Very sweet mugs 🙂

  138. I would love to win these mugs!

  139. Those mugs are very cute!

  140. Lovely & very cool Mugs which would be very nice to have:) =^..^=

  141. Hi. What delightfull beautiful china cups to enjoy a nice cup of tea from.
    Would absolutley love to win these as inspiration to our new blank canvas kitchen we are renovating.
    Off to search the Tomato Cat Shopfor more gorgeous goodies.
    Thanks xx

  142. Oh lovely cups, love cats.

  143. Nice mugs. Love the design!

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