July Giveaway – The Flip Litter Box

flip litter box by modko - minimalistic modern litter tray

Ooh, what a fabulous giveaway we have this month!  Modko, a Brooklyn based company that creates innovative products for modern pets and their humans, have recently launched Modko EU in order to sell their products directly to European pet owners.  And I’m delighted to announce that the good folk at Modko EU are giving one lucky Cool for Cats UK reader the chance to win a fabulous Flip Litter Box!

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment at the end of this post.  This giveaway is open to UK addresses only.  Only one entry per person, please!  Entries must be in before midnight on 31st July 2013.  The winner will be selected by a random electronic draw on 1st August 2013 and notified by email.  If the prize is not claimed within 14 days of the winner being notified a new winner will be selected.

An aesthetically pleasing, front-entry litter tray is, as we say here in South London, rarer than rocking horse manure.  (Actually, we tend to substitute the word ‘manure’ for something less blog-friendly.)  Fortunately, the team at Modko (the company behind the marvellous Modkat) applied their superior design skills to this age-old problem, and came up with the Flip Litter Box – a vision of minimalistic loveliness.

flip litter box by modko - minimalistic modern litter tray

The Flip replaces the traditional, cumbersome litter tray hood with a nifty double-hinged, magnetic lid, that can be opened effortlessly with one finger and shuts with a ‘gratifying’ snap.  The lid was designed to provide easy access for us humans who’ve been posted on scooping duty, and also offers three privacy options to accommodate every cats’ preference.

The top-mounted lid means the body of the tray is seamless, which eliminates leaks and makes cleaning a doddle.  The Flip comes with two watertight, recycled paper liners that are held securely in place by an easy-to-fit band, but can also be used without the liner if you don’t want to buy replacements.

flip litter box by modko - minimalistic modern litter tray

The Flip is a generously-proportioned litter tray, so is suitable for larger breeds and multi-cat households.  Please click on the image below for details of dimensions.

flip litter box by modko - minimalistic modern litter tray

If you can’t wait to get your paws on a Flip, head over to the Modko EU site and take advantage of their 20% off Summer Sale – which will knock around 19 quid off the cost of a Flip.  This is exactly what I’m intending to do, as I’ve had a Modkat for about a year now and am so impressed with it that my life will not be complete until I can scoop cat poo from a Flip too.   Hurry though, as the sale ends on 8th July.

And now here’s a video of Brett from Modko explaining just what makes the Flip such a unique product.

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211 responses to “July Giveaway – The Flip Litter Box

  1. Denielle Nicol

    My cats and me NEED this!. Deni x

  2. My 5 kitties would love this, particularly my two rescue ferals who like to have some privacy 🙂

  3. what a good idea!

  4. I would love one of these for my partner’s agoraphobic cat. He gets nervous when he uses the tray if anyone’s there and kicks litter around the house so this would be really useful for keeping him calm and tidy!

  5. Being a more senior cat, Bill likes his privacy. The Flip Litter Box would suit his needs perfectly.

  6. Wow, that would look so much better than my current cat box!

  7. Denise Wilden

    My cat would love this you’re not supposed to watch when she goes!!!

  8. Please enter us, Ziggy and Ozzie, into the draw as we do like our comforts and our privacy, and this looks really cool.

  9. I think even the fussy Topsy cat wouldn’t mind doing the loo in this box! Plus, as e only space I have for a box is in my dining room, it would be great to have something more stylish than what we currently have.

  10. My two would probably end up sleeping in the thing…but it’s a great design. One of the worst things about having tiggers made easier. 🙂

  11. A fantastic prize! Incredibly well designed and useful! I would love one for my puss.

  12. Claire Turnbull

    My big Bert would love this!

  13. Gillian Holmes

    Please put me into the draw – thank you xx

  14. This looks fantastic, especially for one of my boys who kind of pees over the side of the box!

  15. My two kitties would love to win this!

  16. Thanks for your review! It was interesting to note how it compares to the Modkat. It’s a sad day when your cats have more stylish furniture than you do 🙂 but they’re worth it!

  17. Who ever thought of this is a genius – Well done 🙂

  18. Cool litter tray! My girls both use a litter tray in my room and are forever making a mess so this would be ideal

  19. Meritxell Birks

    I’ve had a modkat for a while but one of my cats is huge and she won’t go near it. This new litter box would be perfect for her!

  20. think this looks very stylish and serves a purpose.

  21. Very nice prize x

  22. Michelle Dennis

    These look fab! George and Moo like to take up the WHOLE litter tray with their big butts and this would be perfect to accommodate them when they need to go for a tinkle of poop!

  23. Looks great & like it would solve the tracking problem that leaves my hallway looking like a saw mill every morning thanks to 3 devilish Oriental kitties!

  24. Ooh nearly missed out on entering this one! Thanks for the review and noting the side bits for carrying. Fingers crossed!

  25. Danielle Vedmore

    That is a good looking litter tray! Very stylish! x

  26. This would be great for my new little kittens

  27. colin faulkner

    Oh wow this would be perfect for my 2 boys, the cat loo we have at the moment is rubbish because when the boys wee it leaks between the lid and the base and onto the floor. Your Flip Litter Box is nice and high and perfect in everyway.

  28. Rebekah Powley

    I hate the clip over lids they are a nightmare!! My little Persia would love this! X

  29. Thanks for the giveaway, please enter me.

  30. Jane Middleton

    Would love to win, my cat would love that

  31. I have two cats who compared to others I know, make a real mess when they use the litter tray. it gets kicked all over the place and for quite a distance. This is a great idea.

  32. I once had a cat that refused to look at you if you were emptying the cat litter box. She found it too embarrassing.

  33. Fiona Mallard

    Wow, my cat would love this, she’s very private and refuses to go if there’s anyone in the room!

  34. samantha jackson

    My cat would approve of this. And believe me he is hard to please. After being a stray for 4 years you think he wouldn’t be so fussy 🙂

  35. 2 of my mogs would use it but I have an old moggy as well and she sometimes forgets that her bottom isn’t in the tray. As long as her front paws are in she thinks she is in the tray. Her legs are also a bit stiff so she might have difficulty getting it. Howver, she can flig litter just as well as the youngsters.

  36. I love this idea!! I have two under two’s so this would be great and my little kitty seems to think she needs to fling all of the litter out of the trey just to show me she’s used it lol

  37. I would love this for my cats

  38. brilliant idea

  39. Alicia Roberts

    Truly amazing design, my cats would love this

  40. emmeey2@hotmail.co.uk

    Love this! I have 9 cats and at present 4 rescue kittens, we can never have enough trays!

  41. Melissa Peakman

    Love the design of this! So fantastic for my home and so different from the usual litter trays on offer

  42. caroline scott

    I absolutely love this – much nicer than the grey plastic thing we currently have and my girls are masters of throwing litter out of the tray when they are covering. Think I’ll grab one with the current discount offer. Fab

  43. Victoria vernon

    My two cats would love this. Good size litter tray and would not out of place in my home!

  44. Well this is furniture for cats and my little Rosie would love the discretion of this box. What a fabulous idea 🙂

  45. With five cats, and following the rule of one tray per cat and one extra, this would be a great addition to the cat loos in my home!

  46. My two rescued boys would love this. Even though originally abandoned they still took to the litter almost straight away. Only the best for them now xx

  47. great prize, good luck ev1 x

  48. My indoor cats would love this, looks great! 🙂

  49. Claire wadham

    Looks purrfect for my two indoor Siamese cats. They have their paws crossed to win this cool for cats litter tray!

  50. My kitten would love this and so would I! My fingers and toes are crossed and double crossed! xxxx Great invention!

  51. Thats fantastic. My cat would love it. xx

  52. Rachel Dutton

    Love it, love all their designs!!

  53. Caroline Mair

    A stylish poo poo palace! At last!

  54. nichola crowe

    I could really do with a new litter tray my indoor cat has had hers for years!

  55. I have 5 rescue cats that would love this piece, and a very patient husband that would love to improve the appearance of the cats’ room!

  56. Love it!!!

  57. Snappy idea guys!

  58. FAntastic design!great for cats with ‘privacey issues’ whenusing the litter tray.

  59. Fit for a King says Elvis the black oriental!

  60. Far more stylish than our current litter box!

  61. This is simply amazing!

    I would love one for my house!!

  62. Great idea – much tidier than a standard litter box

  63. Georgina Fletcher

    This is such a good idea!!!!

  64. Clair Bradley

    My pussies, Pingu, Peggy, Billy & Kitty would love to poop in this 🙂

  65. Wow – a kitty litter tray that’s almost glamorous! And functional too. Very neat!

  66. Brilliant! … and big enough for two (or more). My cats would love this!

  67. My cat Fractal would love this and so would I!

  68. Siobhan Cicmirko

    Fantastically designed – my gorgeous cat Lucky would love this. We want!

  69. My three ginger moggies would adore this.

  70. Naymo the cat says he would love to use of these boxes!! 🙂

  71. I’ve got two South London cats – Melody Pond and Kitchen – that would love this!

  72. Marlene Graham

    My two would love this!

  73. Marie Laidlaw and Aki Meow

    awesome!! 🙂 meow xx

  74. Wendy Stephenson

    What a cool idea! 🙂

  75. Oooohhh, my Casper would just love this posh litter box! And it would go great in my new place I’m about to move house! 🙂

  76. Yes please! Our cat Buster would love this, as would we! 🙂

  77. Now this really would be perfect for our new feline baby. Oliver thinks his bog standard litter tray is a toy and flicks litter everywhere….if I don’t win this think I’m gonna have to invest in one.! Good luck me eh?! x

  78. Very innovative! Our ginger and white Monty would adore this!!

  79. This would be perfect for our new Kitten who we intend to spoil when we get her in the next couple of weeks! My boyfriend and I just moved in together into a small flat, so this is just what we need for our first per together.

  80. Needing!

  81. My old cat – who’s getting too old to manage the stairs – would love one of these!

  82. My ‘dumb’ cat would be able to get in and out easily, the we already own causes him concerns 🙁 I would have such a happy kitty 🙂 xx

  83. Natasha Gourlay

    Great alternative to the Litter Quitter which was totally snubbed by Horatio.

  84. Rebecca Bednall

    My OAP cat is not the sharpest tool in the box and constantly places her derrière over the side of her litter tray, leaving me to clean up many a surprise, not of the nice kind, when I get home from work. To win this would mean I definitely get my deposit back from my landlord when I leave my rented flat’s kitchen floor stain-free!!

  85. Certainly a problem solver in many ways.

  86. My cats would love this! Yes please!

  87. This would be great for my old girl who struggles to go outside these days.

  88. My kitties Shrödinger and Sparkle Motion would be made up with one of these! Currently they’re rocking a brown plastic thing that looks like a dead tortoise in the worst possible way…

  89. Megan Habberfield

    What a great idea! My cats would absolutely love this

  90. This looks pretty cool. Bet our kitties would be impressed! Fingers crossed we can win them one!

  91. What a fab giveaway, would love to win this. My cats would certainly appreciate it!

  92. What a fantastic idea! This would be perfect for our cat!

  93. Awesome Design – Gift idea for my friends Sphynxes

  94. Oh wow that’s one amazing looking litter trays! I’m sure my fussy puss pusses would love it!

  95. Yes please!

  96. I would love this for my two little kitties!!

  97. Yes please!

  98. Nathaniel Dale

    This looks really nice! Definitely need to enter on behalf of my two furry babies.

  99. Natasha McCloud

    Aww I have 3 cats and would love to get a new ‘loo’ for them 🙂 They would love me forever!!

  100. this would stop my little kitty making soooo much mess!

  101. This looks fab! Would love to win one!

  102. Just what I need for my new babies!

  103. Louise Unsworth-Murphy

    This is a fabulous design as cats love privacy when doing their toilet business. My cats would love it.

  104. Wow looks great, my 2 house cats would love to use this as the ones they use are boring plain ones. 🙂

  105. Heather Wilson

    It reminds me of the Tidy Sidey off The Apprentice!

  106. Oh this would certainly beat the paint-roller tray they’re currently using!

  107. Wow my boys would love to try this out, always keen to try new things!

  108. Would love this. Great design!

  109. Lisa Wilkinson

    Great idea 🙂

  110. sweir1@talk21.com

    I so need this!

  111. Very smart, my girls would be the talk of the neighbourhood!

  112. With two female cats & one male, it would be nice to have one for the ladies & one for the gents!

  113. Cheryl Lovell

    I so need this!

  114. Would love this! My kittens still won’t go outside – they come back into the house to use their trays lol

  115. These are gorgeous. None of my cats like sharing our other boxes with my oriental Wolfie as he has IBS. If he wins he can have this fancy tray all to himself!

  116. We’ve tried over 5 different boxes since adopting Tilly just under two years ago… Unfortunately she has muscular dystrophy in her hind legs and finds it difficult to squat, which leads to a lot of accidents and pee all over the walls. This box looks ideal and would really make a big difference 🙂

  117. great idea, i would love to win these for my two cats, thanks

  118. kellyroxannesmith1982@googlemail.com

    ooh what a fab idea, i have 2 kittens and a 1 year old cat so this would be ideal to help control the stink lol. thanks for a fab competition x

  119. Awesome giveaway!

  120. …almost tempted to get one for me, let alone the cat!

  121. Katherine Grant

    What a great idea, less mess for me.

  122. Great prize

  123. Great idea – purrrfect for our cat!

  124. Miranda Webster

    One of these would look awesome in the Cat Cafe 😉

  125. Rebecca Brodeur

    I’d LOVE one of these for my two also. Awesome design.

  126. Fiorentina Giannitto

    I have two cats, this would be great 🙂

  127. Sarahann Tonner

    This looks great for Lily11

  128. victoria boland

    Looks great. Please enter me in the draw.

  129. Sarah Andrews

    It definitely looks a lot better and more practical than the one Sandy has now.

  130. Am a fan of the MODKAT range and have owned the original box since it came out. Would love to be picked for the flip box as my two would use and it would be amazing to have it as an addition to my new home for them, thanks

  131. Great idea! Our cat’s cat littler box is in the basic green house style structure attached to our back door (not as posh as a conservatory!) and in hot weather in particular, smells from the box tend to permuate the kitchen which isn’t nice. This design would help contain the pongs!

  132. katrina. walsh

    fab invention would love one for my house cat jojo x

  133. Ah I would love this as my two cats dig and makes a mess but this litter try would be good for my two cats. No more mess!

  134. I just got a new cat and would love one of these for him!

  135. Rachel Morrison

    My two fluff-balls would love one of these 🙂

  136. Looks like a wonderful design. It would look very posh and I’m sure that my two lovely cats would love it.

  137. Lucinda Offer

    Love the thoughtfulness that goes into the designs of the products you sell. Thanks so much! 😀

  138. This looks great. Better at keeping litter in than an open tray without a top but you can use it with half the lid flipped back because you’d think enclosed litter houses would feel safer but less confident cats actually hate them because they can’t see anything creeping up on them.

  139. Norma Campion

    Great design, perfect for the nightly nasties. 🙂

  140. It actually looks quite attractive, as cat loos go!

  141. I’ve never seen these before, it looks completely awesome! No more litter being kicked all over the place or missing the tray 😀

  142. Helen Forsythe

    My 3 furbabes tell me they’d love one in purple !! ~^..^~

  143. A posh potty for a posh kitty – The oriental would love his very own toilet throne – he hates to share!!

  144. This royal ‘throne’ is sure to please our furry fiend and render him a bit more environmentally friendly, our environment that is!

  145. Gill Mitchell

    This litter tray looks ‘flip’ping great! My three CP cats and one adopted stray would be queuing up to use it 🙂

  146. Would be interested to see if my cats would use or not

  147. so many innovative variations on the shit palace… my girlcats will love it.

  148. Victoria Gooch

    This would be perfect for my 2 cats.

  149. Great idea would love to win one

  150. Helen Johnson

    Would love for my fuzzy cat to try this as unfortunately she doesn’t quite fit in a modkat (ooohhh and ouch)

  151. jennifer thorpe

    what a great idea. I would love this

  152. Brilliant we would love this purr-fect ‘Flip Litter Box’ for oh so many reasons.
    Claws,paws and tail crossed.

  153. Great, my cat doesn’t go out, so this would be ideal, I don’t like the open litter trays

  154. melanie gregory

    my cat is a house cat, I could use one of these to stop accidents.

  155. Charles Harvey

    Wish I’d have thought of that but delighted that you did. Now to get my hands on one!

  156. my two cats would love this!

  157. Sarah Sutherland

    My two boys might manage to make less mess with one of these!!!

  158. This looks like a great idea! I hate finding cat litter spread all over the floor – but my cat hates the tiny enclosed litter trays – so this way we both win! 🙂

  159. deb.robin@btopenworld.com

    wouldnt mind trying this to see if my cats would use it.

  160. ladygadget@hotmail.co.uk

    Would love one to donate to the Purrsinourhearts rescue auction to raise money for needy cats . this would be a fab auction item and would raise some much needed cash for the rescues .

  161. Looks a useful size – my cat like to pad around in a circle and makes things just right before he does his business – so this looks like it has enough room for him to manoeuvre!

  162. I hope a bit of privacy might make my rescue cat feel a little more secure and a little less inclined to use the bath as an alternate litter tray.

  163. Sarah Paterson

    This would be perfect for our new Persian kitten we are getting in a few months 🙂

  164. Seems like such a good litter tray. I don’t think my cats care that they kick litter everywhere but we do! So this’d be great

  165. What a great idea. My cats use a hooded litter tray. The snaps are so cumbersome and one is missing. This would make cleaning far less of a chore.

  166. We have recently moved house and no longer have a gap under the stairs where we used to place our litter box, so this would be ideal as it now sits in the hallway for all to see. Great idea.

  167. I Want Chicken I Want Liver
    Meow Mix Meow Mix
    Please Deliver! 🙂

  168. Charlotte Clark

    Thsi is so cute! My cat loves hiding in boxes, so would love this.

  169. Just got one of the conventional covered litter trays and getting the lid on and off each time you clean it is a pain in the back-side. Really need one of these.

  170. sarah_flanagan02@msn.com

    Could really do with one of these! So much better looking than my current one

  171. Where does a cat go when it loses its tail? The retail store!

  172. Very funky for a litter box

  173. Nell Westwood

    I’m sure my cat would still find a way to kick litter around but she’d be doing it in a beautifully stylish setting 🙂

  174. This would be fab for my two kitties!

  175. A great idea. This would solve all manner of problems.

  176. My kitties badly need this XD

  177. Kizi & Mia would chose this themselves if they could x

  178. My Smelly Cat would no longer be a ‘Smelly’ cat but a super cool cat with this super trendy toilet!!

  179. clare.aus@btinternet.com baker

    This would not have to be hidden in the downstairs toilet

  180. This would not have to be hidden in the downstairs toilet

  181. Rebecca Jones

    I’m sure my 4 cats would live this, plus it would save the annoying bits of litter they kick out the tray! Brilliant idea 🙂

  182. Julia Johnson

    I am certain that my Kokomo would take seconds to give the funky loo her own “private rinse.” Then while my back is turned to clean it I fear a sneak attack would be launched to establish why it wasn’t here sooner. I feel a purchase coming on. Julia, cat servant.

  183. My 3 cats would love this, nice size and quite deep. Would save a lot of extra work with not having to hoover up cat litter every 5 mins.

  184. This is very stylish indeed and would be a vast improvement to my home. My gorgeous cat would love this.

  185. Lydia Howland

    Just found you (Cool For Cats) via a RT from Cats Protection on Twitter. Following you now and hope to be in with a shot for the Flip Litter Tray. @Tuckaboo71 is a real aesthete who has been very scathing of the litter trays I’ve bought for him previously, so hopefully this will satisfy his designerly sensibilities.

  186. Caroline Deen

    Love Love Love this! My cat Peppa refuses to wee outside and actually comes in from outside to use the toilet (so much like a human it is crazy!). She will love this as she loves her privacy and she is a very clean cat so this will very much suit her. I am due a baby on the 31st of July so having the litter tray in a neat box away from the baby would be ideal! Please pick me and make me and my cat very happy 🙂

  187. Shirley Whiteside

    This would be perfect for my two cats, one of whom has a fused ankle and struggles with many litter boxes.

  188. Denise McSpadden

    This would be great for disabled people like me. I have great difficulty with my current litter tray and end up with more pain lifting the lid. This one looks great!

  189. I think my beautiful cat Pumpkin would approve of this…she is trying to maintain her dignity in her old age and something like this would be ideal. Brilliant!

  190. In the process of buying my first flat and adopting my first cats – need one of these!

  191. These look brilliant and I’m my kitties would love sitting on top of it as well as using it!

  192. brilliant. possible the neatest looking litter tray i’ve ever seen, and so well designed!

  193. Sandie Whitefoot

    Looks grest very chic would look good in any room. Would love to give it a home

  194. Two growing kitties, one small minimalist London flat – looks like a great looking well designed solution to the problem of ugly litter trays around my flat!

  195. Finally a leak proof litter tray! Fantastic 🙂

  196. Looks great, would solve the problem of our Cats filling the Kitchen as they do their Litterdance!

  197. Suzanne Jones

    I have two cats who are separated at night otherwise they squabble. Unfortunately I have a small house so one litter tray is an unsightly addition to our bedroom. This would look sooo much better!

  198. Louise Hallsworth

    Looks amazing! Would surely stop the litter trail that appears around the house, make the task of litter tray cleaning a little more bearable & give my little Pud the privacy she needs from Oscar’s prying eyes as he watches her from behind the door!!

  199. One of these would be fantastic in my house – have indoor cats and would solve the problem of the oudur from their litter trays!

  200. Oh yes … I’d love one of these ‘posh’ toilets for my multi cat household:) =^..^=

  201. Pamela McDonald

    I would love 1 of these for my rescue furever fur baby please

  202. Karen Ridgway

    We have a BIG ugly litter tray in the corner of the room, used by 3 kittys, this would be a stylish way for them to wee!!;)

  203. i have 4 cats and only 3 litter trays, i need more!

  204. Would be great for our foster cats

  205. Natalie Castle

    This would do me nicely!

  206. Looks great!

  207. this would so stop the minature yorkie eating cat poo lol

  208. louise taylor

    I’d love one of these for my 2 kits 😀

  209. Jackie McCarthy

    One if these woud look fabulous in my new house :o)

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