Lost Cat by Caroline Paul – Book Review & Giveaway


Lost Cat is set in San Francisco, but will resonate with cat lovers the world over.  This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of Caroline Paul‘s obsessive quest to discover where on earth her timid, elderly cat, Tibby, could have gone to when he vanished for five weeks while Caroline was recovering from injuries sustained in a plane crash.  On his return Tibby was in rude health, and had even gained weight, so someone must have been looking out for him.  But who?

I think most of us who are able to give our feline friends outside access would like to know how far our cats venture from home, and what they get up to when we’re not around; but we tend to just ponder over the matter from time to time and then leave it at that.  Not Caroline: she decided to take the proactive approach and tracked Tibby’s every movement using GPS and camera devices – and a few other less scientific methods.  In other words, she became a full-time cat stalker!  Not only did this technology help her discover where Tibby had disappeared to, the experience also strengthened a blossoming relationship with her new partner, and taught her a thing or two about her neighbours and the area she lives in.


Caroline Paul is an engaging and witty writer, who – despite being loud and proud about her love for kitties – never tips over into mawkishness.  Lost Cat is illustrated throughout by Caroline’s partner, Wendy MacNaughton, an accomplished watercolour artist with a real gift for sketching cats.  Lost Cat is a very enjoyable quick read – don’t expect it to keep you entertained for more then an hour or so.  It would also make a great gift for any fellow cat lovers in your life.  (Particularly if they happen to have watched the BBC’s Secret Life of the Cat last week!)

I was sent a hardback copy of Lost Cat by publishing company Bloomsbury.  If you’d like a chance to win my review copy (I promise you it’s still in pristine condition – I haven’t cracked the spine or dropped biscuit crumbs on it!), simply leave a comment below this post.

This giveaway is open to UK addresses only (sorry about that, but as it’s a hardback it would cost too much to post overseas).  All entries must be in by midnight on 30th June 2012 – only one entry per person please.  The winner will be selected by a random electronic draw on 01/07/2013, and notified by email.  If the prize is not claimed by midnight on 14/07/2013 a new winner will be selected.

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32 responses to “Lost Cat by Caroline Paul – Book Review & Giveaway

  1. Love the illustrations and the story sounds intriguing.

  2. Would love to read this!

  3. Shelley Jessup

    This sounds so perfect I just had to enter – thank you

  4. Cool book!

  5. lovely giveaway, please enter me!

  6. Such a great giveaway, sounds like a marvellous book!

  7. Ooh fabulous! I am just reading ‘I am a Cat’ at the moment (http://www.amazon.co.uk/I-am-Cat-Tuttle-classics/dp/080483265X)

    This looks like it should most definitely be next on the list!

  8. Lovely pictures

  9. Awesome giveaway

  10. I love cats. Sounds like a great book

  11. Please enter me.

    I think this is the perfect book to me. my cat was a tom, and had always been a wanderer. the gaps became longer and longer, and one day he didn’t come back. I’d like to hope someone took him in. i don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t had his sister toots to help me hold on to memories.
    If any one found a black tom with a little bit of white in Ashingdon, all those years ago I’m glad.

  12. My BF’s cat will walk up to you hold his paw in the air and meow. You ask, would you like food and he meows.

    Go to get food – he wants to go outside. Silly kitty.

    Please enter me 🙂 Cats are the loveliest things 🙂

  13. Claire Turnbull

    One of my lovely boys, Oz, is still missing – it’s been two years now. I’d really like to know what happened to him so am very interested in reading this book. Hope I win.

  14. enter me please

  15. I would love to win this for my mum as it sounds just like her kind of book!

  16. Looks like the perfect read to me 🙂 never know what my tortie gets up to when I am not there. Would love to know though!

  17. Would love to know about Tibby’s ‘adventure’ 😀

  18. lesliechetland@yahoo.co.uk

    Funny this should mention tracking via GPS because I was thinking of doing exactly the same thing with my cat. I would love to know where he goes on his long treks outside the house…

  19. This looks like an interesting read. My Sandy once went missing for 3 months!

  20. Sounds intriguing. Would love to know what my 2 got up to last night 🙂

  21. Would love to win this – I’ve got two cats, one happy enough to stay close to home but the other disappears for nights at a time so would really love to know where she goes!

  22. Sarahann Tonner

    Looks like a great read, love the pictures!

  23. I love cats and I love reading, so I know I would enjoy this book. Here’s hoping!

  24. Charlotte Clark

    Looks like a great read, love to win, thanks!

  25. This sounds really fun. I’d love to track my gang (although I’m sure one goes no further than under the bush at the side of the garden).

  26. sounds a great read

  27. Looks like a really entertaining read, love the drawings. Everything’s crossed here.

  28. Sounds Great & would love to read it:) =^..^=

  29. Sounds a lovely book

  30. Sandie Whitefoot

    I would love to win it sounds like.my kind of reading

  31. Sounds like the book for me. Fingers crossed.

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