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Venus in Fur

Zarathustra, an overweight ginger moggy from Russia, has become world-famous since his owner artist Svetlana Petrova began using photographs of him in her work.  Svetlana ‘enhances’ classic paintings by Photoshopping an image of Zarathustra into them.  And the results are pretty impressive, I’m sure you’ll agree.

The Birth of Venus by Botticelli

You can check out more of Sveltlana’s work on her blog Great Artist’s Mews, and read an interview with her here.

Cat in the Hat


New York designer Julie Song has created a range of collars and hats – yes, that’s right, hats – for the more fashion-conscious feline.  Julie markets her creations under the name CatAtelier, and persuades her cat Toki to model for her by bribing him with chicken.  Read more here…

Cat Killer on the Loose in Bedford?

Poppy, whose owner is keeping her indoors for her own safety.

Cat owners in Bedford are afraid to let their pets outside after 10 cats die from antifreeze poisoning in one week.  Read more here…

There are often several of these ‘Evil Cat Killer’ stories doing the rounds during the winter months – the Daily Mail seems particularly fond of them.  The murderer’s M.O. never changes: he or she ruthlessly hunts down a group of cats inhabiting a small area, very often the same street, and poisons them one by one with antifreeze.  Personally, I think it’s far more likely that these unfortunate cats have fallen victim to either carelessly stored or carelessly disposed of antifreeze, rather than a cat serial killer; but at least the somewhat hysterical reporting style of the tabloids gets the message across to thousands of readers: antifreeze is highly toxic to cats (and other animals), so use it responsibly.

Top Cat Competition

The Guardian newspaper is running an online cat show to rival Crufts.  If you’d like to enter your cat, all you have to do is email them a photo accompanied by a line about your cat’s particular skill.  Categories include Cutest Cat and Best Cat Look-alike, and the overall winner will be crowned ‘Top Cat’on March 16.  Read more here…

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