Men’s Cat T-shirt!

HYPE cosmo men's cat t-shirtHere in the UK it’s easier to fertilise our gardens using only the finest rocking horse manure than it is to buy a t-shirt for the cat men in our lives.  I regularly trawl the internet for these elusive tees, but rarely meet with success.  Until yesterday that is, when I came upon the HYPE Cosmo Cat T-shirt from Topman.

Now I quite like the psychedelic cats in space design, but I strongly suspect it would be deemed far too flamboyant by the average British male, who, as we all know, is generally reluctant to draw attention to himself via his apparel.  What do you reckon?  And if anyone does succeed in getting a bloke over the age of 23 to wear one of these, I would most appreciate some photographic evidence!

The HYPE Cosmo Cat T-shirt is available in sizes S – XL for £25.00 from Topman.

2 responses to “Men’s Cat T-shirt!

  1. there is NO WAY my husband would wear this! I would though! This needs to be sent to cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy! Bet he would love it!

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