Modern Cat Feeders by Lola and Daisy


These super-sleek raised feeders by UK company, Lola and Daisy are just the thing for the cat who likes to dine from contemporary-with-a-retro-twist tableware.

Raised feeders are really useful for old and/or arthritic cats, who may find stooping to eat from a ground-level bowl physically difficult.  There’s also anecdotal evidence to suggest that this type of feeder can aid digestion.  And, as a bonus for us mere humans, they look great too!


Lola and Daisy cat feeders are available in two different designs – curved and bell-shaped – and a number of different formica finishes.


There’s also an ultra-modern brushed aluminium version, featuring aluminium laminate on the upper surface and pink, red or white formica underneath.


Lola and Daisy cat feeders are made from vacuum-pressed layers of plywood and aluminum/formica laminate.  The PVA glue used in construction is certified non-toxic, and the laminates used are scratch-resistant and easy to wipe clean.  Each feeder contains two 13cm stainless steel bowls which are dishwasher safe.

Measurements: curved – L38cm x D17cm x H10cm; bell – L48cm x D17cm x H10cm.

Available from Lola and Daisy for £34.95 – £42.95.

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