Modern Cat Furniture by Binq Design

modern cat furniture - the bloq beachmodern cat furniture - the bloq nature

The Bloq Beach (left) and Bloq Nature (right) are the latest editions to Binq Design’s range of modern cat furniture.  The Bloq has featured previously on Cool For Cats UK in its minimalist, high-gloss form; but if shabby chic is more your thing, you’ll love these new models, made from eco-friendly recycled floorboards.

modern cat furniture - the bloq beach

Bloq Beach and Bloq Nature retain the beautifully simple 46.5cm x 46.5cm x 46.5cm cube shape of the original design.  Bloq Beach is finished with a white chalk paint, giving it a lime-washed look, and Bloq Nature is left as natural wood.  The interior cushions are available in a wide choice of colours, and the cushion covers are made from machine-washable stain and water-repellant fabric.  The pads are filled with EPS pearls (also used in bean bags).

modern cat furniture - bloq cushions

The Bloq Beach and Bloq Nature are available from Binq Design for €175 (£141.00 at current exchange rates), which includes delivery within Europe.

modern cat furniture - bloq natureThe Bloq’s cat bed and side table combination is a brilliant example of how good design and a well-considered concept can create beautiful cat products.  I think dual-purpose furniture is a great way to integrate pet paraphenalia into modern interiors, and I can’t understand why British manufacturers haven’t picked up on the idea – there’s certainly a market out there for it.  Ok, I’ll get off my soap box now: here’s a picture of a kitten enjoying a Bloq Beach.

modern cat furniture - bloq beach


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  1. considero una buena idea y los felicito por dar tambien un espacio a nuestros gatos.

  2. love these items!!!!!!!!!!!

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