Modern Cat Furniture by Julinka

julinka hush hush modern litter tray

Julinka are a new German company, producing modern cat furniture, feeding stations and cat toys, all of which combine functionality with great design.  The company prioritises sustainablity: raw materials used in the construction of Julinka products are sourced in Germany (thus reducing transportation distances), and they recycle all their packaging.

The Hush Hush is a great solution to the perennial ‘Where Can I Hide the Litter Tray?’ problem.  On the outside it appears to be a perfectly innocent, cabinet..

modern litter box by julinka

..but the doors open to reveal a spacious litter tray, a shelf complete with a fabric mat (which will wipe your cat’s feet after the deed has been done), and a handy storage area.  Cats access the litter tray through an entrance in one side of the cabinet, and the slits at the other side provide ventilation and extra light.

julinka modern litter box cabinet interior

The Hush Hush cabinet is made from high-quality polypropylene-coated plywood – so will be easy to wipe clean.  The doors don’t have handles, and instead open with magnetic ‘click’ fittings, which gives the cabinet a sleek, modern look.  The Hush Hush measures L110cm x H55cm x D44cm, and the litter tray is L50cm x D37.5cm x H15cm.  I think the large litter tray is a really nice touch; most cats like a bit of room to do the do, and if more than one cat is using the same tray, space is even more important.

The Hush Hush is priced at €655.00 (approx £514.00 at current exchange rates).  Each cabinet is handmade to order, so you need to allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

The Mjam Mjam Cat Bar is available as a single or double feeding station.  Both versions consist of a wipe-clean polypropelene-coated plywood platform and ceramic bowls.  The dishwasher-safe bowls are available in a choice of interior/exterior colour combinations, and can also be purchased separately from the cat bar.

The single Mjam Mjam Cat Bar, for use by one cat; priced at €96.00 (£75).

mjam mjam cat feeding station

The double Mjam Mjam Cat Bar, for use by two cats; priced at €120.00 (£94.00).

double cat feeding station by julinka

The Julinka range also includes a couple of handmade cat toys:

organic wool catnip miceThe Cheeky mice are sold in pairs; one is filled with catnip, and the other with valerian (if your cat’s a catnip fan, then valerian will prove popular too).  The mice measure 23cm from nose to tail, and are made from 100% Loden wool, which comes from organically-farmed sheep.  They are available in grey/pink and blue/cream colour combinations, and are priced at €14.90 (£11.50).

organic wool cat fishing rod toyThe Plume fishing rod toys consist of an 11cm leaf (made from the same organic wool as the mice) and bell attached to a 45cm wooden rod by a 64cm cotton cord.  The Plume is available in three colour combinations: anthracite/light grey; aubergine/black; and brown/beige. They’re priced at €15.90 (£12.50).

Julinka also have a cat tree/scratching post coming soon – can’t wait to see it!

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  1. Lovely!!! I like those things! And the cat also does!
    Thumbs up!

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