Modern Cat Furniture by Kitty City

kitty city cat activity centre

This rather nifty modular cat activity centre is by US company, Kitty City, but is available in the UK from Pet Planet.  The Kitty City range includes cosy hideaways, play tunnels, detachable toys and climbing and scratching furniture.

kitty city tower

The various modules are fully interchangeable, and easily connected to one another using a system of plastic pipes and fittings.  So you can create an activity centre tailored to your cat’s needs and the space you have available.  The modules also function well as stand-alone units.

I’m afraid Kitty City don’t provide information about the fabric used in their modules; but they state that ‘all products in the range have been tested for durability, safety and customer value.’  Each unit and combination of units is suitable for cats of up to 9kg (201b) in weight.

kitty city cosy bed

I like this type of modular cat furniture as it can be reconfigured from time to time to maintain your cat’s interest.  Or, if space is an issue (which it is for most of us), you can easily pack some of the units away out of sight (they fold down flat), and just bring them out on high days and holidays to give your cat a nice surprise!

Individual modules range in size, and are currently reduced by 40% at Pet Planet, priced between £8.99 and £15.99.  Check out the Kitty City pages of the Pet Planet website for more details (and cute videos of the various modules in use).

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  1. super cool for some cool cats!

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