Modern Cat Furniture by Like Kittysville

like kittysville retro mod pet bed orange

I’ve been admiring these Retro Mod Pet Beds, by Texan Etsy Seller Like Kittysville, since I first spotted them on everyone’s favourite US cat  blog,  But as Cool For Cats UK (hopefully!) acts as a resource for British and European cat owners looking for contemporary cat products available in the UK and from Europe, I’ve been unable to feature them, as they were only available in the States.

like kittysville retro mod pet beds

So you can imagine my excitement when the cool-as-you-like Belgian website Purrfect Design added them to their range of cat furniture!  And they’re currently on sale at the reduced price of €99.00 (around £77.00).  Does life get any more thrilling than this? (I know, I know: maybe I should get out more…)

like kittysville retro mod pet bed avocado

Each Retro Mod Pet Bed is handmade by ‘certified cat lady’, Jayne, and is constructed from stainless steel mesh, which is padded with recycled blankets, and then covered with vintage fabrics.  The beds sit on a wooden frame, which can be easily removed for cleaning.  They measure approx 41cm x 56cm.

like kittysville retro mod pet beds

Jayne uses the proceeds from the sales of her pet beds to help pay the food and vet bills for the dozens of abandoned and feral cats which she cares for in her own home.  What a lovely lady!

If you’d like to find out more about Jayne and her cats, check out her excellent Like Kittysville blog.

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    • And they’re much cheaper in the US. Check out the Like Kitysville Etsy Shop Think she must be having a re-stock at the moment as there’s only one bed for sale – there’s usually quite a large range.

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