Modern Cat Furniture by Pet Fun

Pet Fun are a German cat furniture company who produce sisal scratch/climb furniture in neutral designs, which would integrate well with most interiors.

Here are three really useful products from their range, which don’t seem to have British counterparts.  (As my German is non-existent, I’ve looked at the Pet Fun website via Google Translate – so some of the following product info may be a bit sketchy!)

First up, the Wall Tree:

cat wall climber/scratch post

I think cats would really enjoy shimmying up and down the Wall Tree – we all know how much they love to climb, and this product would certainly help keep them off the curtains!

The standard Wall Tree is 165cm high, and the sisal-covered wooden poles are 12cm in diameter.  The plywood base plate measures 30cm x 30cm, and is available in either a birch veneer or carpet finish.

The standard Wall Tree is priced at €89.00 (around £70.00 at current exchange rates), but there’s also an option to buy longer poles, and poles with a diameter of 14cm, at an extra cost.  I’m assuming that the platform at the top of the unit fixes to the wall to give extra stability, but I can’t find any relevant info on the website.

Pet Fun also produce a couple of robust-looking wall scratchers:

semi-circle sisal wall scratcher                                      sisal scratch post corner

The Scratching Board semi-circle (left) is 28cm wide and is available in a range of lengths from 95cm – 205cm, priced at €32.95 – €84.95 (£26.00 – £67.00).  The scratching surface is made from high-quality sisal carpet, and the post is capped at both ends with plywood.  All the bits and bobs required for attaching it to the wall are included.

The Scratching Board is also available as a corner unit (right), called, rather unsurprisingly, the Scratch Board Corner, and comes in the same range of lengths, priced at €55.95 – €104.95 (£44.00 – £82.00).

Pet Fun charge a flat €30 (£23.50) for delivery to the UK, regardless of order size.

4 responses to “Modern Cat Furniture by Pet Fun

  1. I LOVE the Wall Tree! The only thing is, I would be very scared of being cat-bombed on a regular basis when I walked past…

    • Haha! Good point – I hadn’t thought of that. Could be a very risky old business! It’s a great idea though, I’m considering buying one for my fostering room, as I don’t think the curtains can take much more climbing practice.

  2. very interesting looking!!
    Do you only feature UK products?
    If not, you may want to check out “Five Pet Place”….his items are pricey but OMC they are soooo well made and stunning! They are like actual pieces of cat furniture!

    • The Five Pet Place range looks like high-quality stuff – the window seats are a great idea. But yes, I do only feature products that are available in the UK or Europe – US cat lovers are already spoiled rotten by the excellent Moderncat, you don’t need help from me!

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