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modern litter box by curvermodern litter tray by curver

These litter trays by household plastics company, Curver have a clean, unobtrusive design, which would blend in easily with most styles of decor.  They’re made from plastic that has been moulded to give the appearance of rattan, and measure 51cm x 39cm x H39cm.

I’m a fan of generous-sized litter trays like these, as they give cats the opportunity to indulge in natural behaviour and turn round and round a few times while searching for the right spot to do the do.  They’re also better for cats who are sharing their facilities – although do remember that ideally you should provide one litter tray per cat in multi-cat households, as it helps reduce stress levels.modern litter tray by curver

The tray in the Curver Cat Litter Box slides out, for easy scooping; and the irritating problem of where to stash the scoop is eliminated, as it fits neatly into a compartment in the lid when not in use.

I’ve been unable to find a UK stockist for this litter tray, which is strange as plenty of other Curver products are widely available over here.  But never fear: the lovely people over at the Belgian website PurrFect Design have them on sale for €46.90 (around £38 at current exchange rates).

Edit 14/02/2013  PurrFect Design no longer stock the Curver Litter Box, so I’ve published a new post with alternative suppliers.  You can click here to read it.

PS: Rachel, from Mogs Togs has made a very good point (see comments below).  As far as I can make out from the product photos on the Purrfect Design site, the textured rattan design features on the inside of the litter tray hood too; so if your cat likes to pee standing up, the hood interior would probably need to be scrubbed with a brush in order to clean it properly.

15 responses to “Modern Cat Furniture – Curver Cat Litter Box

  1. I found mine at t.j. maxx for $50.

  2. Just wanted to update all on that curver litter tray, just ordered one from animal stars in Belgium. Great price approx £40, with no shipping costs, just hope it.s as good as the pix.

  3. The nice people at Purrfect design sent me a link to a company that sells these and ships to the UK – I have just bought the curver cat litter tray (using google translate) they use TNT to deliver it has cost me around £50 including shipping

  4. looked on purr-fect designs and the curver litter tray is not featured, only place I found it is scampers in Cambridge, and they were not very helpful, as they don.t send out goods.

    • Yes, that was the only stockist I could find for it too – shame they don’t do mail order. If I find another supplier for Curver Litter Tray I’ll post it on the site. I must say I’m suprised no one in the UK is distributing it, as I’m sure there’s a market for it!

      • Hi Kathy, just posted an update on that litter tray, go to animal stars, Belgium. Really helpful lady called Patricia. As for scamper.s they don’t deserve the business- so unhelpful! I offered to arrange the courier, and they wouldn’t.t even package it for me. The Belgium shop was cheaper. So much for English companies.

        • Thanks very much to both Karen and Shirley for the info – top detective work! I’ll write another post about the Curver litter tray and include the new stockists. x

  5. i like the looks of this one. I have a litter cabinet but would consider this in the future

  6. Looks nice! I’m interested to know whether the pretty “basket weave” design is on the inside too… as we tend to get a few nasty drips or sprays on the inside of our covered tray, which I would imagine are harder to clean off a textured surface!

    • Good point – thanks for mentioning it! I should’ve thought of that really, seeing as one of my lot insists on peeing standing up (Ida: your secret’s out!). Have ammended the post to include extra info.

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