Modern Cat Furniture – New from Julinka

modern cat furniture HIDE'N'SEEK by julinka

I love the Hush Hush, a beautifully stylish litter tray hider/cabinet by Julinka, so I’m delighted that the ecologically-minded German company have now added a den and a cat tree to their range of designer modern cat furniture.

modern cat furniture hide'n'seek by julinka

Although it’s not marketed as such by Julinka, I’d say the HIDE’N’SEEK would function very well as a piece of dual-purpose cat furniture: it’s a cosy hideaway for your cat that happens to be just the right size to double up as a side table/night stand for you.

The HIDE’N’SEEK is a sleek 50cm cube, handmade in Germany from wipe-clean coated multiplex board (which I believe is a kind of plywood used extensively in the roofing industry, so must be very robust).

There are two options for the interior cushion: you can choose a cover made entirely from super-soft organic plush material (similar to the kind used to make those teddy bears that are suitable for newborns), or hedge your bets with a cover which has a summer and a winter side – the summer side is made from sturdy cotton canvas in light grey, and the winter from teddy bear plush.  The cushion pad is filled with kapok (a natural plant-based material) and also contains a sachet of lavender to aid restfulness!  Both covers and cushion pad are machine washable.

modern cat furniture hide'n'seek by julinka

OK, so far we have an exceedingly snuggly cat den, and a side table/night stand that will blend well with modern interiors, but the HIDE’N’SEEK has one more trick up its sleeve, which to me indicates it’s been designed by someone who really knows their cat stuff: it has a series of differently sized holes dotted around the sides.

Now I’ll readily admit that, on the face of it, a bunch of holes doesn’t sound too impressive, but not only do these apertures make perfect spyholes (which will certainly appeal to any cat’s curtain-twitching tendencies!) they will also provide hours of top-notch feline entertainment, as they are designed to enable both solo-play and interactive play with humans or other cats.  Have you ever noticed how cats get really excited if you wave a toy around just out of reach on the other side of a small gap, such as the underside of a door or between bannister spindles?  Or how your cats love fishing their toys out from awkward places?  Cats will often deliberately push their favourite playthings under fridges or behind cupboards just for the sheer pleasure of spending ages trying to hook them out again.  I guess all this fun and frivolity must be linked to death and destruction – if the mouse you’re pursuing decides to take refuge in a small mouse-sized space you stand to lose out if your winkling skills aren’t up to scratch!  So there you have it: as far as cats are concerned the holes in the HIDE’N’SEEK will provide both spying opportunities and endless winkling thrills, which makes them the absolute business – and they look pretty good too!

modern cat furniture hide'n'seek by julinka             modern cat furniture hide'n'seek by julinka

The HIDE’N’SEEK is availble for €415 (£355.00) from Julinka’s Online Shop.

Now we all know how much cats love a cat tree/scratcher combo, just as we all know how hard it is to find one that isn’t deeply, unremittingly hideous.  In fact I’d go as far as saying that most cat trees sum up everything that’s bad about cat furniture: they’re mass produced monstrosities made from cheap, often poor-quality, materials with no consideration given to aesthetics.

modern cat tree - arche by julinka

Which is why I breath a huge sigh of relief when a beautiful modern cat tree like Julinka’s ARCHE appears on the scene.  It’s a stylish piece of contemporary furniture which has been thoughtfully designed with cats’ needs in mind, and will blend quite nicely, thank you very much, with today’s interiors.  I really like the fact that this has been designed as a corner unit, as most people will want to place a large cat tree out of the way in the corner of a room.  So why are most mass-produced cat trees not designed to fit in a bloody corner?!  OK, I’ll take a deep breath and get off the soapbox now.

modern cat tree - arche by julinka  modern cat tree - arche by julinka

The main frame of the handcrafted ARCHE is made from wipe-clean multiplex board, and the 90cm (diameter 12cm) scratching post is made from sisal-covered wood.  This is a decent-sized cat tree at 180cm tall, so will provide excellent vantage points for your cat – although I’ll bet they’ll be arguments over who gets the top bunk in multi-cat households!  The ARCHE is 63cm wide at the base and 46cm at the top.  It needs to be wall-mounted for stability and the bracket for this is included.

modern cat tree - arche by julinka

The ARCHE steps are covered with 100% wool felt, and there are three different options for the platforms: you can choose to have two Cloud 9 beds (a lovely squishy donut covered in teddy bear fabric and filled with kapok); or two Flat Cushions (extra thick organic cotton wadding covered with teddy bear fabric); or one of each.  Both types of cushion are 46cm in diameter.

The ARCHE is available from Julinka’s Online Shop for €725€787 (£621.00 – £674.00 at current exchange rates), depending on which platform options you go for.

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