Modern Cat Furniture – Ruben Natural Cat Trees

ruben natural cat tree maya brown  ruben natural cat tree diva cream

Good news for UK fans of quality modern cat furniture: are now stocking products from the Ruben Natural Cat Trees range!

ruben natural cat trees viking brown

I like this range of cat trees as it’s been thoughtfully designed to meet with cats’ needs to leap, scratch, perch and sleep.  Us mere humans have been taken into consideration too, which means the trees are easy on the eye and will blend with contemporary interiors – I love the use of stripped tree branches.

ruben natural cat trees lille brown  ruben natural cat trees ella cream

Ruben Natural Cat Trees are produced in the Austrian Alps from untreated hardwood grown in sustainably managed forests.  The scratching surfaces are made from sturdy sisal rope, to give your cats something to really get their claws into, and the platforms are lined with high-quality faux fur to provide super-snug snoozing spots (the fur is removable and can be machine washed).

Prices range from £109 – £299.  All models are available in a choice of cream or brown, please see zooplus site for measurements.

If you’d like to see some Ruben cat trees in action, check out this video.  (The commentary’s in Austrian and the products featured are from the Ruben Exclusive range, which isn’t stocked by Zooplus – but it stars a bunch of beautiful cats, so it’s worth a watch!)

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  1. very nice!! Those look sooo soft!

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