Modern Cat Furniture: the Sleepypod

The Sleepypod is a combined cat bed and carrier, which in itself is a blummin’ marvellous idea, but the Sleepypod has another advantage over the traditional cat carrier: it looks fantastic too.

Cats generally find travel a very stressful experience; they are, after all, renowned creatures of habit, and don’t cope well with change to their routine or surroundings.  A cat will quickly learn to associate the appearance of a cat carrier with, for example, a trip to the vet, and most cat owners will be acquainted with the frantic-scratching-at-a-locked-cat-flap scenario which arises whenever the cat carrier is retrieved from its hiding place.

Of course, this situation could be avoided if the carrier was a familiar object in the cat’s environment; but who really wants an ugly plastic crate or wire basket on show at all times?  This is where the Sleepypod comes into its own: with the top in place you have a secure cat carrier, which can even be attached to a car seat belt for added safety when travelling; and with the top removed your cat has a cosy and stylish bed to snooze in at home.


I’d previously thought this US product was only available in the States, or through European suppliers, but I’ve just discovered the rather aptly-titled nicecatstuff website (based in West Yorkshire), and they have it on sale for £156.  Hooray!


2 responses to “Modern Cat Furniture: the Sleepypod

  1. This is genius, I have been searching for something just like this for my cat who is terrified of travelling! made up to have found this (although not so much with the price but it’ll be worth it!)

    • They’re really well designed from a cat’s point of view, and look good too! I agree, they are on the pricey side – think it must be because they’re imported from the US.

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