Modern Cat Scratcher by Catit

Hagen Catit Contemporary Scratcher Complete MPSCardboard scratching furniture is pretty easy to come by these days; but this is the first time I’ve seen a scratch post with a scratching surface made from woven paper.

The Catit Design Home Decorative Scratcher (I think they need to come up with a catchier name!) has a replaceable woven paper sleeve which fits around a contemporary-looking post and base unit.  The base is quite wide in relation to the height of the post, so this scratcher should be reasonably difficult to topple, but there’s also the option to add weights (such as pebbles or sand) inside the unit for extra stability.

I think the texture of the woven paper scratching sleeve looks like it will have plenty of cat-appeal (I’ve no idea how durable it is as this appears to be a new addition to the Catit range and I can’t find any customer reviews), but there’s something about the sleeve’s colouring which brings to mind a pub ceiling in the days before the smoking ban came into force.  (Or is that just me?!)  Even so, I think the design of this cat scratcher is still a big improvement on the traditional sisal and carpet jobbie, and I like the fact that the scratching surface is replaceable.

I’ve been unable to find any measurements listed for this product, but as the puss in the promo photo appears to be an adolescent kitten, I’d say this scratcher probably isn’t suitable for larger breeds.

The Catit Design Decorative Scratcher is available from Monster Pet Supplies for £21.09, and the replacement covers are £8.64.  The wand toy which you can see in the picture is not included with the scratcher, but can be purchased separately as an accessory for £7.67.

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  1. THIS is a super cool one!

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