Moggie Mugs by Repeat Repeat

These bone china mugs featuring bold graphic cat illustrations are part of the Silhouette range from award-winning Staffordshire-based design duo Repeat Repeat.

Repeat Repeat are Gillian Naylor and Mark Faulkner who produce a huge range of beautifully-designed tableware, and continue the long tradition of pottery manufacture in Stoke-on-Trent.

The Silhouette cat mugs are available in four colours (green, blue, pink and orange), and can be purchased from the Repeat Repeat website for £8.65.

These mugs accomplish the rare feat of being both attractive and amusing (never a bad thing in any walk of life), and are certainly a cut above the ‘I Heart My Cat’ examples of naffness that I occasionally receive as gifts.  (I fear I may just have made a grave error of judgement in exposing myself as such an ingrate when I have a birthday coming up; but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.)

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