Mungo and Maud

Here’s a couple of items of modern cat furniture that are actually produced by a UK company.  I know – who’da thought it!

Mungo and Maud has a shop in Belgravia (London, SW1), an outlet in Harrods and a WebstoreThe company was founded by husband and wife team  Michael and Niclola Sasher with “the aim of sourcing and creating elegant and well-designed accessories (for cats and dogs) to complement the contemporary home and life style.”  And I think you’ll agree that they’ve more than fulfilled their brief.

First up, there’s the Cat Rag Basket, available in grey and natural.  The baskets are made from a cotton/polyester blend and stitched with nylon thread – so should stand up to a fair bit of wear and tear.  They also have an extremely snuggly-looking luxe fleece insert, guaranteed to keep your cat nice and toasty.



And here’s a rather sleek and minimalist solution to the ugly-plastic-litter-tray problem.  It’s called the Cat Litter Box, is manufactured from acrylic with a stainless steel insert, and is really rather lovely.

This is priced at a somewhat ‘aspirational’ £650; and although it appears to be beautifully made, and I dare say well worth every penny, there’s a part of me that says I could knock that up out of an old kitchen unit and a roasting tin, every time I look at it.  But there again, I can always talk a good DIY project – never get round to doing them though.

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