October Giveaway! The RadPet Cat Hammock – a Superior Kind of Radiator Bed

radpet cat hammock - high-quality modern cat radiator bed

This month three lucky Cool for Cats UK readers will each win a RadPet Cat Hammock, kindly supplied by RadPet.  (When I checked out the RadPet website I was so impressed by these new super-sturdy and rather handsome radiator beds that I bought one myself – you can read my review and see some more photos further down the page.)

If you don’t have a cat of your own, you could still enter and donate the prize to your local cat rescue: the RadPet Cat Hammock can be hung on the mesh of a pen (see pic below), and the cover’s machine washable, so will meet with rescue centre hygiene standards.

radpet cat hammock - high quality modern cat radiator bed suitable for cat rescue centres

To enter the giveaway please leave a comment at the end of this post.  Entries must be in before midnight on 31th October 2013.  Only one entry per person, please!  The three winners will be selected by a random electronic draw on 01/11/13 and notified by email. Each winner will receive one RadPet Cat Hammock of the dimensions and hook size of their choice. Prizes must be claimed within 14 days of notification by email, otherwise a new winner or winners will be selected. Sorry, but this giveaway is only open to addresses within the UK!

The RadPet Cat Hammock is the invention of Nigel Childs (aka Charlie), who decided to put his thinking cap on after experiencing the usual frustrations connected with traditional radiator beds – wobbly frames, which some cats hate; covers which won’t stay put; inability to sit flush against the radiator…. to name but a few.

Charlie is a life-long cat lover who’s been assisted in the development of his cat hammocks by the lovely Bootsie (pictured below in her own RadPet Cat Hammock).  Bootsie is a 14-year-old tortie who’s had problems with diabetes in the past, but is now able to manage her blood sugar levels without insulin jabs, thanks to Charlie’s efforts to stabilise her condition.

radpet cat hammock - high quality modern cat radiator bed

Charlie’s goal was to produce a high-standard radiator bed with the following qualities: must fit firmly and flush to all standard radiators; must not wobble; must offer a range of sizes; must look good; and last, but by no means least, must have plenty of cat-appeal.

Unlike the conventional, flimsy-framed radiator bed, the Radpet Cat Hammock has a frame built from alloy and wood – which makes this an extremely sturdy, yet lightweight, piece of cat furniture that will provide a wobble-free snoozing experience for your cat.  The hammock itself is made from a high-quality, machine washable fleece, which, because of a clever design trick, will remain firmly in place, and not slide around on the frame.  The neutral colours of the fleece and the wood ensure that this bed will blend well with most decors.

Another feature which sets the RadPet Cat Hammock apart from other radiator beds is the wide choice of size configurations available.  Not only do these hammocks come in a range of length and width combinations to suit even the largest of cats, you can also select from three different ‘Step’ lengths – the distance from the top of the radiator to the base of the hammock – to accommodate different radiator heights and variations in leaping abilities between individual cats.  There are also multiple hook sizes to ensure that the hammock will sit flush and wobble-free on all standard radiators.   (See RadPet site for more size info.)

radpet cat hammock - high quality modern cat radiator bed

So there you have it – a sturdy, high-quality, extremely versatile cat radiator bed, that will blend well with most decors.  But what did my lot make of it?  And did it meet my expectations?

RadPet Cat Hammock Review

radpet cat hammock - high quality cat radiator bed

Well, I’m pleased to say that the RadPet Cat Hammock turned out to be everything I’d hoped it would be – I can honestly say that it’s the best cat radiator bed I’ve ever seen.

A conventional radiator bed is guaranteed to irritate the hell out of me because:  a) it’s a poor-quality product which wobbles alarmingly every time a cat jumps on it; b) the cover keeps sliding down the frame and hanging off the edge of the bed; and c) it looks crap.  The welcome addition of the RadPet Cat Hammock to my (large!) collection of cat beds means that now, for the first time in my life, I own a cat radiator bed that looks good and functions perfectly.

To get an idea of the pleasingly neutral, ‘no frills’ look of this product: imagine if Ikea made cat radiator beds – they would probably look just like a RadPet Cat Hammock.  They would also take flat-pack form – just like the RadPet model.  But before you scream and run for the hills at the mention of flat-packs, this one’s very easy to assemble.  Unlike Ikea, RadPet offer full and comprehensive instructions for their product, plus there are only a few parts to put together anyway.  Honestly – it’s a simple and painless procedure*!

But what did the HQ Cats make of their new bed?  Well, I had Ethel in mind when I ordered my cat hammock, as she often sleeps in front of the radiator I intended to hang it from.  Ethel’s a fairly small cat, so I selected a 50cm x 30cm hammock.  As my lot are all still nimble I decided to go for an 8cm step – which means the hammock sits high enough from the ground to prevent me from walking into it all the time.  (It’s in a narrow hallway, and I’m very clumsy!)

Ethel staked her claim on the new hammock before it was even out of the box.

radpet cat hammock - high quality modern cat radiator bed

But, once it was in place, her brother Alfie decided to take over – which surprised me as Alfie’s usually deeply suspicious of anything new.  Alfie absolutely loves the new radiator bed, even though I haven’t had the central heating on yet.  This picture shows him standing on one side of the hammock to illustrate just how sturdy it is.  I’d say Alfie weighs around 5kg (11lbs), and there’s not even a hint of a bend or a wobble from the hammock, and zero cover slippage!

radpet cat hammock - high quality modern cat radiator bed

Verdict: a big thumbs up from me, and a definite paws up from Alfie.  Sadly for Alfie, I predict that he won’t get to enjoy his new radiator bed in peace for much longer – once Beryl and Martha notice he’s found a Good New Place for a Snooze he’ll be ousted!

* Edit 10/10/13: You may notice that I’ve added new photos to this post since it was first published yesterday.  This is because I assembled my hammock incorrectly the first time round (I didn’t look at the instruction picture properly – doh!).  When Charlie from RadPet saw the original pics he kindly informed me of my error and I’ve reassembled the hammock and re-taken the photos.  I have to say that if you put the hammock together correctly it’s even easier to assemble and looks even better when you’ve finished!

PS:  RadPet hammocks are also available for smaller animals.  Here’s Peanut the squirrel (who was rescued as an injured orphan by Charlie’s friend, Sam, a veterinary nurse); and Sam’s cat, who’s managed to squeeze himself into a squirrel-sized hammock – and is looking very smug about it!

radpet small animal hammock - radiator bed for small animals

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124 responses to “October Giveaway! The RadPet Cat Hammock – a Superior Kind of Radiator Bed

  1. Dollycat loves sitting by the radiator so being able to properly enjoy the warmth would be perfect for her when I’m at work (when I’m in she’s very strict about arranging my lap just so)

  2. These look amazing and would be perfect for my furry friend. It’s a shame they don’t do them in adult sizes, how cosy would it be on a cold winter’s night to be lying on a furry bed attached to a radiator to keep warm. Cats seem to have it good!!

  3. Both my cats would love this they love finding new places to sleep

  4. Sacha-Marie Titherly

    My sisters cat (lives with me) Oscar would love this – great review and looks very snuggly (wish I was a cat!) 😀

  5. My little 7month old Kitten Binx would looovveee this! 🙂

  6. Coco (my kitten) would love this – it would stop her from curling up on my chest to sleep while I’m trying to work! 🙂

  7. ooh my kitten tigzy will love this

  8. My cats would love this as they love the warmth

  9. Great giveaway, thanks, would love to win this for our cat

  10. Love it, my cat would look so cute on this

  11. I have 3 rescue cats who like to fight over the 2 we have!! They all love them and I think they are an ingenious invention

  12. jellybaby1986@hotmail.com

    My cats would love this! They love being warm and snuggly

  13. debwh142@aol.com

    Oh these look great – if I had one of these then both cats will be happy – one in front of the woodburner and one cuddling the radiator


    I have been toying with the idea of getting one of these for a while but as I have forked out on 3 beds for him in the past year we have had him (keeps outgrowing them!) I couldnt justify in getting one! I do think he would love one as he loves anything warm!

  15. What a great idea!! I;’ve looked at getting a cat radiator bed in the past, but with one of my girls being a little on the (ahem) larger side, I was worried a standard one wouldn’t hold her weight! The RadPet looks fantastic though, would love to try one!

  16. Loving the picture of the cat in the squirrel sized hammock! He does look very smug indeed!! I have 3 cats that would happily give this good use! 🙂

  17. My puddytats would love this!

  18. Our 3 cats love finding new places and all seem to try each others place, id love to watch the shenanigans theyd have over this.

  19. My rescue cat Pips would love one of these so that she no longer has to worry that her bed is going to fall off the radiator. Great design.

  20. My cat would love this! Looks so cosy 🙂

  21. King Casper would absolutely love this! Cozy (tick) warm (tick) and off the ground away from small children (tick!). What more could a cat wish for! Perfect.

  22. I’d love to win this for my gorgeous little Pancake. She’s into everything at the moment!

  23. My cat would love this

  24. My kitten Alfie would like this 🙂

  25. michelle muirhead

    My cat would love this, its purrfect

  26. I had a pet bed like this a while ago and can confirm they are wonderful. I have 2 cats, a siamese and an oriental and they used to love curling up in it together (probably the reason it broke…lol)

  27. I have 2 cats called Frankie and Benny, but if I won, it would definitely be Benny who would stake claim to the bed!

  28. I think we’d have to sort a rota system for this at mine!. Im in the process of decorating and am incorporating kitty touches into it so this would be ideal.

  29. Looks lovely, Much nicer than the normal type.

  30. Denise McSpadden

    Strangely, my cat doesn’t like these but I know that my small local cat rescue would love to have one so I’d happily pass it on to them 🙂

  31. my cat would love this

  32. awesome want!

  33. swhitehouse2@gmail.com

    I used to have one of these, and would love one for my new cat. The old cat adored hers

  34. Liquorice, my british blue shorthaired cat would love one of these

  35. sue.stevo@ntlworld.com

    I’ve been looking for one of these for ages without success – I thought they’d stop making them! So to win one would be brilliant!

  36. geraldinemc@ntlworld.com

    With luck this would get Minx out of the cardboard box he has decided to sleep in, right in the middle of our living room!

  37. Great prize!

  38. faye huntington

    oh wow this is such a brilliant idea! i know someone who would LOVE this for their adorable new cats.. with love, faye xx

  39. Suzanne Challinor

    My little Ivy would love this! Give me one (please?!)

  40. Cats Protection Rayleigh would love this….. we have lots of cats and kittys who would be very comfy on it 🙂

  41. Love these and am sure my cat Sherry would love one to snuggle into.

  42. My two trouble makers would love this, and looks so sturdy 🙂

  43. my cat, Tootsie, would love this x

  44. My cat Patch would absolutely love this, she already stretches along the top of the radiator haha!

  45. Jacqueline OConnor

    My wee Ghandi would love this!

  46. Mine has two positions that he sleeps, the back of the sofa but often falls ff and behind the base of the sofa toasting himself at the base of the raidator. I think he’d quite happily combine the up high position of his sofa surfing with his need for heat given the opportunity to do so.

  47. I’d love to win this, Kipper cat would love it!

  48. My Puss would absolutely adore this! Still trying to save money to buy her nice things to climb in our small flat!

  49. I don’t own cats but I live with 2 as my housemates have cats. It would make a great gift. At the moment the cats normally sleep in Amazon boxes, though, ignoring any specially bought cat beds etc…..

  50. These are such a good idea and leaves me wondering why have i never seen them before? 🙂

  51. Lucy Deadman-Beal

    my four babies would love this, They would just all pile in together 🙂

  52. Oh Kiki would love one of these, it wouldn’t collapse like her current radiator bed

  53. This sounds perfect for our big & sturdy Fluff. His old radiator bed is too small and flimsy for him!

  54. Siobhan McDowell

    O my goodness…at last a cat hammock that looks sturdy AND cool !! I would LOVE to get my cats paws on one of these!

  55. We love this for our cats!

  56. This looks great! just what I need as all the foster kitties have adopted my chair by the radiator >^.^<

  57. I’ve never bought one of these because the ones I’ve seen have always looked so flimsy. In contrast, the Radpet seems sturdy and comfortable and I’m sure my cat would love it.

  58. Wow! This would be grand for our beautiful Bam the tortie cat or any of our cat neighbours, Ginger cat, Timber, Keiko, Mo, Little ‘Un, William, Timmy or Cat with Pink Nose! And lovely Charlie, RIP, it would of been purrfect for you sweetheart. I expect Alfie, your brother, Mr. Charming himself, has one though knowing him! Which Marmite may get a look into, or not! Time of year to keep warm all. xxx

  59. Aww cute piccies especially the squirrel. My kitty would love one of those x

  60. These look great, my kitty would love it!

  61. Love it!

  62. Would love this for my cat Tootsie, it’s her birthday at the end of the month so would be perfect timing!

  63. I would love to win this for my mum for her two Siamese babies! She always talks about the one she used to have years ago that all the cats used to pile into, one on top of the other, until it finally broke!

  64. Our cat won’t sleep in any other bed he has had, but I think he would love this one!

  65. my 3 kittens would love this

  66. Now these look so much better than the usual radiator beds. I had one but passed it on as somehow the cats managed to make it “clank” loudly every time they jumped into it and the only suitable radiator I had at the time was right outside the bedroom door so things really did go bump in the night.

  67. Hazel Christopher

    Lovely giveaway! They look fab, my only complaint is that they don’t do them big enough for me to sleep in! 🙂

  68. Love to let my kitty sleep in this, he prefers to be in the only sunny spot in the summer, and right under the bed next to the boiler in the winter. This will be a perfect hide-out and look-out spot for him 🙂 x

  69. Looks fantastic – our Miles is only 10 weeks old and so far can bravely climb to all kinds of places, but doesn’t have the courage to climb back down by himself, so I always have to run around rescuing him from weird places whenever I hear a pathetic meowing from somewhere! This seems like exactly the kind of new place for him to get stuck in, but I’m sure when he’s older he’ll appreciate the pure snugliness of the bed!

  70. I have always wondered whether to invest in one of these. My cat currently sleeps on the top back of our leather sofa.

  71. FionaLynne Edwards

    This looks fab – I’m sure my Cupcake would really love this!

  72. I’ve adopted a lovely stray kitty, and he’s just finding his feet around the house. He seems to like lying under the radiator to get the warmth, so I think he’d be the ‘cat with the cream’ if he had one of these as his new bed 😀

  73. This is fab! My furry babies Trixie and Princess Elliott (my daughter named them!!) would love it…..and i think our dog Minnie might try to sneak her way onto it too (but she is a boxer/rottie so not sure my radiators would take the strain?! hahaha

  74. This would be perfect, the problem is I have 3 cats, this could be interesting

  75. Heather Bradley

    looks absolutely brill – would love to win one of these

  76. This actually looks like one of the best radiator beds I’ve seen; I know a little cat that’d mark this as his own!

  77. My new kitten would love this

  78. Cool for cats !

  79. I know a little old lady cat who would love to snuggle up in this hammock and enjoy the warmth from the radiator at the same time!

  80. Our cat just tries to fit into any old box for some reason, so this will be a real treat!!

  81. My cats would love this and my new kitten, she’s the boss !!!

  82. Great idea for my cats!

  83. Annie MacDonald

    I’d Love one of these for Sweetie, who’s 18 years old and wary of anything unsteady. I Love the fact that you can get one’s that sit up high near the top of the radiator, too.. so she could step quite neatly in from the side of the bed.
    p.s. If Sweetie won, you could play “Sweets for my Sweet, Sugar for my Honey” on her win video. She loves it when I sing that to her as I stroke her 😀

  84. I’d love this for my friend’s Maine Coon who was involved in a terrible involving a car engine which resulted in him losing his lovely long, bushy tail and scorching his feet along with plenty of other injuries, the poor thing.

  85. My 3 cats Biggles, Charlie & Princess will be fighting over this

  86. These look like fun!

  87. My oldie and newbie would so adore this gorgeous superb hammock
    and hopefully love me more for winning this x

  88. These look great and sturdy. Love the cat who squeezed himself into the squirrel bed!

  89. I had one similar to this many years ago and my cat loved it. I had just had my first baby and when the health visitor came round she was horrified when she saw it because she thought it was for the baby! I would need a big one nowadays for my huge cat Max.

  90. I have 3 cats, but i know the one that would bag this, she is the youngest, smallest and a right bossy boots, Ellie the naughty tortie.

  91. Alfie is the spitting image of my cat Clive! (except Clive only has three legs!)

  92. Susan Crosswaite

    My cat Ember would love this for the winter months!

  93. At last, a radiator bed worth buying.
    My three would definitely love this. You can tell just from the pictures how stable it is, and that there has been a lot of thought gone in to the making of it.
    Good Luck everyone x

  94. My girls would love this, so I should probably get 2 or the fur will fly!

  95. Lauren Pilkington

    my cat marley would love this. such a fab idea and they look great too

  96. Jacqueline Fawectt

    My cat Charlie would loooooove this! She absolutely loves going anywhere where there is a bit of heat so this would be purrfect for her! 😀 xx

  97. I would love this for my cat Jessie. She insists on sleeping on my bed but if she had the hammock she would have her own comfortable place to sleep.

  98. This is so cute in fact, me chug would love this. She jumps up to perch on the radiator so keep snuggled and warm. My little coco would adore this!

  99. My kitty cat would love this – she usually pinches my sofa spot! As soon as I move for a second, she is like Jack Flash – on my spot lol!

  100. Our cat Coco would be all over this straight away! 😀

  101. These look amazing! We have loads of radiators in our house, so the only question is where we would put one 😀

  102. My two furry boys have just made me type this as they really want to win!

  103. I’d love one, at least my Bootsie lookalike would.

  104. Brigitte Leprince

    Any cat would love these! Can you imagine the dreams these cats have while basking on these? I know a cat who dreams of owning one!!

  105. jen louise jackson

    My cat Mylo would love one of these to snuggle in

  106. I have 3 cats so there may be a fight for this but I think my oldest cat will win and will absolutely adore this!

  107. would come in very handy

  108. My cat would love this! And it would save him from sitting on my clothes as soon as I put them down for even a second, the cheeky kitty! 🙂

  109. goobers our oldest at 15 would love this 🙂

  110. My cat cola would love this and get some sleep away from jess my shiu sui jumping in her bed with her.

  111. Absolutely fab, I have 3 cats who have a habit of sleeping on the stairs which is quite dangerous of an evening in the dark so one of these would be wonderful.

  112. My cats would love this now it’s getting cold.

  113. I bought a radiator bed recently and I didn’t know how rubbish they were. I was so disappointed by how rickety and useless it was. When Hat jumped out of it, it came off the radiator entirely! Needless to say, he only used it once and I had to throw it out.

  114. Oh wow, just what my old lad needs, that’s if he can get to it for the other three cats.

  115. Ooh they look so snuggly!! 🙂

  116. At last a sturdy hammock for my bug boy.This will his first winter on his own aftet loseing his sister in June so he deserves a special treat.

  117. Looks Lovely! I have 4 cats who would all love to have a snuggle in one of these (the squirrel looks so cute in his) =^..^=

  118. My gorgeous 15 year old Astra would love this, he loves being all snug and warm and cosy.

  119. My cat Brenda would love this in the winter!

  120. My little kitty would love one if these! It gets cold in my flat in the winter so a cuddly radpet cat hammock would be perfect for her! Meow! Lick! Snuggle! 🙂

  121. My cats would love this! They love being warm and snuggly

  122. I love this! I know a certain furbaby who would adore one of these!

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