Pleasingly Neutral Scratch Posts by Sharples n Grant

octapost & orbipost - neutral cat scratch posts by sharples n grant

Please don’t think I’m damning these Sharples n Grant scratch posts with faint praise by describing them as pleasingly neutral; but that is indeed what they are, and in cat furniture world there’s nothing wrong with that!

Both the Octapost (left) and the Orbipost will sit unobtrusively in the corner while your cat has a good old scratching session, and neither has ever been near a piece of  brown carpet or garish plush – which in my book is always a bonus!  The Orbipost is possibly a little more phallic than a scratch post needs to be; or is that just me lowering the tone?!

Measurements: Octopost – height 40cm, base 34cm diameter; Orbipost – height 55cm, base 35cm diameter.

Octapost (£12.59) and Orbipost (£16.59) available from SwellPets.

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