Purrrfect Pieces Wall-mounted Scratch Posts

purrrfect pieces wall mounted scratch post - available in the UK

I think wall-mounted scratch posts are brilliant.  Cats love to combine a good scratch with a good stretch, and also enjoy shinning up vertical surfaces; and a wall-mounted scratch post will provide your cat with somewhere other than your soft furnishings to express these natural behaviours.  Plus, these scratch posts don’t require a large, heavy base for stability so won’t waste valuable floor space.

The trouble is, I’ve never been able to find a decent wall-mounted scratch post available in the UK…  Until now!  So, without further ado, I’m very pleased to be able to introduce you to Purrrfect Pieces and their range of WALL MOUNTED SCRATCH POSTS!

purrrfect pieces wall mounted scratch post - available in the UK

Purrrfect Pieces is the brain child of Rebecca Alexander, who makes each scratch post herself by hand, using high-quality materials.  Naturally, Rebecca’s rescue cat, Ollie, is a big fan of her scratch posts and is more than happy to volunteer his services as the Purrrfect Pieces in-house model.


The sisal-wrapped scratch posts are available in modular 1 metre sections, which can be configured to suit your cat’s requirements.  Ollie favours a 2 metre combo; but, if your cat loves to climb, you needn’t stop at 2 metres – the sky’s your limit (oh, all right – the ceiling’s your limit).

purrrfect pieces wall mounted scratch post - available in the UK

Purrrfect Pieces posts are approximately 12cm in diameter, and are covered in 6mm sisal rope with a sisal rope cap at either end.  Each 1 metre section is fixed to the wall using two upvc brackets.  All materials used are EU certified.

The Purrfect Pieces 1 Metre Wall Mounted Scratch Post is available for £54.99, and the 2 Metre Wall Mounted Scratch Post for £109.00.  Prices include UK delivery.  Posts are made to order, so please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

Rebecca also makes an outdoor version of her post (with a waterproof inner tube), and a slimline version for people who don’t have room for the standard post – you can contact her via the Purrrfect Pieces website for details.

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