September Giveaway #2! Cat Sense by John Bradshaw


This month three lucky Cool for Cats UK readers will get their hot little paws on a hardback copy of the fantastic Cat Sense by John Bradshaw (the man behind BBC2’s recent documentary ‘The Secret Life of the Cat’).  This prize has been supplied by the publishing company, Penguin Books, who also sent me a copy of the book to review – which you can read below the giveaway rules.

To enter the giveaway please leave a comment at the end of this post.  Entries must be in before midnight on 30th September 2013.  Only one entry per person, please!  The three winners will be selected by a random electronic draw on 01/10/13 and notified by email. Each winner will receive one hardback copy of Cat Sense by John Bradshaw. Prizes must be claimed within 14 days of notification by email, otherwise a new winner or winners will be selected. Sorry, but this giveaway is only open to addresses within the UK!

Review – Cat Sense by John Bradshaw

This book is rooted firmly in scientific fact, and references scientific studies and (humane) experiments throughout – but don’t let that put you off!  Speaking as someone who is intrigued by cats and feline behaviour but who can often struggle with scientific literature, I found Cat Sense by John Bradshaw to be an absolutely fascinating read.  The author, a scientist (and cat owner) who has studied cats and how they interact with their owners for 25 years, has managed to pull off the rare feat of transforming scientific fact into very readable prose.  The resulting book provides a historical account of the transition our cats have made from solitary wildcat to much-loved companion, and serves to give a greater understanding both of the way our cats think and of the relationships they form with us and each other.

If, like me, you’ve a vague notion that cats first began to tag along with us humans back in ancient Egypt you’re about 6,500 years out – members of the felis lybica (Arabian wildcat) family first began to show their faces around human settlements 10,000 years ago.  And, while we’re on the subject, those ancient Egyptians had a horribly paradoxical relationship with their cats.  We all know that the ancient Egyptians revered their felines, and often endowed them with spiritual significance; but were you aware that they also bred cats in their thousands, and then ritualistically slaughtered them to provide the raw materials for a lucrative cat mummy industry?

Fortunately, ritualistic slaughter has now largely lost its appeal, and the average domestic cat can go about their business safe in the knowledge that they won’t end up on a mummification production line.  But modern life is by no means easy for the majority of our moggies: the very fact that the cat is now the most popular choice of pet on the planet has put enormous pressure on the emotional well-being of our feline friends.

This book will give you a comprehensive insight into what it means to be a cat in today’s society – the chapter which deals with how cats interact with each other may prove to be a real eye-opener, and help you appreciate just how stressful life can be for the modern moggy.  John Bradshaw also explores the relationships cats form with their owners (it’s official, by the way: they do love us!), and reveals that a cat’s purr is a more complex method of communication than most of us assume.

Anyone who reads Cat Sense – from cat novice to seasoned cat person – will come away with a much deeper understanding of what goes on inside the feline mind, which will surely result in an improved quality of life for our cats.  And you can’t get a better recommendation than that!

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67 responses to “September Giveaway #2! Cat Sense by John Bradshaw

  1. I really enjoyed the documentary and would love to read the book!

  2. Always interested in learning more about cats! 🙂

  3. my cats rule my household – we’d love this book

  4. I watched the programme and love to read the book. I’m sure I missed all sorts of fascinating things from the show, which I’ll be able to read in the book.

  5. I would love to add this to my ‘cat books’ collection! >(^.^)<

  6. Sounds like a wonderful book, very interesting and though provoking, will be hard for a cat lover like me too put down.

  7. Anne Christiansen

    XO – my cat – says I need to win, so I can get to understand him better!

  8. The Secret Life of the Cat was brilliant. I’d love to read this book,

  9. Wow fab! I would love to read this book!

  10. I would love to read this.

  11. Great programme, love cats.

  12. my aunt would LOVE this as she has two cats and adores them to pieces 🙂 with love, faye xx


    Loved the TV show would loved to have a copy of the book will be on my xmas list thank you


    What a lovely prize! I need a good, new read!

  15. Looks like a great read and we loved the documentary – I volunteer for Cats Protection and when out fundraising this summer everyone wanted to talk about it – a great hit

  16. Sounds like a great read, good luck everyone.

  17. Looks great

  18. Can’t believe I’ve never come across this website/blog before! Now following on Twitter! I’d love to win a copy of this book 🙂

  19. Looks like an excellent read, would love a copy.

  20. Awesome giveaway!

  21. Love the Show, would love to read this book too!


    I’d be fascinated to know more about how my two cats behave. I know the three legged one is an arch manipulator of the neighbours – she gets endless food by flaunting her loss

  23. My cat has just wet himself laughing at the idea we mere servants could analyse their behaviour. I’d like to prove him wrong

  24. I have had a cat in my life since I can remember.
    Currently I have Oliver who I have an amazing relationship with.
    I would love to read this book and gain an even deeper understanding of him.

  25. Would love to know more about what’s going on inside my cats head!!

  26. The programme was purrfect, the book looks purrfect, so all in all its a purrfect prize 🙂

  27. Would love to read it :}

  28. I enjoyed the programme so would like to read this.

  29. My 3 cats would love me to have an insight into their life, seeing as I can’t understand “Meow” 🙂

  30. It sounds so fascinating! I’d love to read and learn even more 🙂

  31. This looks like a purrfect book

  32. enter me please

  33. Fantastic TV show! I’d love to read the book, like many people I often wonder what’s going on in my cat’s cute fluffy head 🙂

  34. would love to read this! x

  35. I would love to read this book, loved the TV show.

  36. Christopher Powell

    The book looks fantastic and very interesting, hoping to be one of the three lucky winners.

  37. The Secret Life of the Cat was a wonderful programme. I’d love to get a better insight into what goes on in their furry little heads. My three all have very distinctive personalities and different ways of doing things.

  38. Add me to the ‘would love to read this’ list!

  39. Elizabeth Harbron

    Would love to win this 🙂

  40. Saw the documentary, don’t have the tee-shirt but would love the book! (great photo on the cover, taken from a painting perhaps?) another reason to get the book.

  41. Our little cat passed away 3 weeks ago aged 20 years 2 months. We had her from Blue Cross – she ‘chose’ us by following us and tapping us gently with her paw. We grew so close over the years. During my illness she never left my side.

  42. The TV documentary was fascinating and the book sounds equally good, I would love to win a copy.

  43. My two Siamese think I need educating in how to make their life even easier than it already is. Being their willing and devoted servant, I think this book would be great!

  44. Loved the TV documentary – would love to see what my cat gets up to when I am not around but since she is the laziest girl ever I suspect she just sleeps!


    would love to win this book. looks interesting.

  46. This book sounds great – I have seen a few programmes on the tv about what cats get up to throughout the night! Very interesting!

  47. As the owner of a cat, I watched the documentary with interest. Made me wonder about my own cat’s activities when she’s out of the house. Would love to read the book.

  48. Loved The Secret Life of the Cat. Shamley Green sounds like my kind of place!

  49. I will have to look up this documentary, I haven’t seen it! Since getting my three kitties I am so interested in everything cat 🙂 I will have to add this to my Amazon cart.

  50. Loved the programme particularly as Misty has a knack of disappearing for days on end. Suspect she might be a cat with two homes!!

  51. I love my little companion, and would like to understand her better to make sure she’s as happy as can be.

  52. Sounds absolutely fascinating! I do prefer a more scientific approach but I respect it much more coming from someone who actually owns cats rather than those who simply ‘study’ them on and off and then assume that they know absolutely everything. I’d love to read this!

  53. I really enjoyed that documentary – I hope the book is just as good 🙂

  54. I would love to read this.

  55. Would love to win x

  56. Looks a fascinating read , would love to get some insight into the ways of our cat Sparky!

  57. Ritualistic slaughter may be over in Egypt, but China’s still killing thousands of innocent cats and dogs daily for the barbaric fur and meat trades, regarded simply as commodities their innocent lives are worthless, they face unimaginable pain and suffering, many are strays picked up off the streets, others are pets stolen from peoples gardens, you regularly see a few still wearing their collars, fearful faces poking out of squashed cages awaiting their torturous fate, their flesh and their fur is the only concern for the heartless men and women who often skin and boil them alive. Please hear their final excruciating screams, for we in turn are their voice, if only we could save them all. ~^..^~ Neuter and spay is the only way ~ BAN gas chambers worldwide…

  58. Speaking as someone who never tires of watching the intricasies of cat politics n behaviour, I’d love a chance to learn more. One way or another, I’ll be reading this book in the near future. Thanks very much for the info.

  59. Sounds wonderful! I very much enjoyed “The secret lives of cats” and look forward to reading this book.

  60. Oh what a great book, if I don’t win it then it will be on my Christmas (sorry but it is coming) list.

  61. I’ve been eyeing this book for a while, would love to get inside the head of our home tiger 🙂

  62. Oooh that looks like a good read:) The Documentary was great and would love to have the book:) =^..^=

  63. Sounds very interesting!

  64. Oh I would love a copy of this book. My sons age 14 & 10 and I thoroughly enjoyed the TV programme – it was fascinating 🙂

  65. My cat says he’d like a copy of this. I’ll have to read it to him of course.

  66. Loved the programme & would love the book too! Mind you sense is not something I would associate with our little monster!!

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