Stunning Cheshire Cat Cushion & Tea Towel by British Artist, Rory Dobner

cheshire cat with monocle cushion by rory dobner

The Cheshire Cat Cushion is screen printed on both sides with images taken from beautifully intricate ink drawings by British artist, Rory Dobner.  On one side the Cheshire cat can be seen sporting a very fine monocle, and on the other he’s removed his eye-piece to show off his amazing peepers to their full potential.

cheshire cat cushion by rory dobner

The Cheshire Cat Cushion measures 45cm x 45cm and is made from heavy-duty cotton with a feather filling (so not vegan-friendly I’m afraid).  Available for £95.00 from Rocket St George.

If (like me!) your home accessories budget doesn’t really extend to 95 quid cushions, fear not: the Cheshire cat and his monocle are also available in tea towel form for £14.00 – made from 100% linen and measuring a generous 75cm x 48cms.

cat with a monocle tea towel by rory dobner

Lovely, isn’t he?  And far too nice to do the drying up with.  I reckon that with the aid of some iron-on interfacing and a sewing machine you could easily transform one of these tea towels into a cushion, and save yourself quite a few quid in the process!  I’m tempted to give it a go myself.

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