Stunning Custom Embroidered Cat Portraits from LeighLaLovesYou


These beautiful custom cat portraits are free-hand machine embroidered by the very talented Leigh Bowser.  Free-hand machine embroidery involves lowering the feed dogs on a sewing machine and then moving the fabric around so that the needle ‘draws’ an image in thread – a very tricky technique to master, which gives beautiful results.

Leigh produces 7 x 5 inch portraits, and custom embroidered patches/brooches, from photographs sent to her by customers of their cats (and other pets).


Leigh’s custom cat portraits are available from her UK Etsy shop, LeighLaLovesYou, priced at £40.00 for a 5 x 7 Custom Pet Portrait and £18.00 for a Custom Pet Patch/Brooch.

If you’re thinking of ordering one of these portraits as a Christmas pressie for the cat lover in your life, Leigh asks that you message her directly upon purchase (there’s an option to do this when you buy on Etsy).  And get a move on, as there’s up to a four week turnaround between ordering and delivery: these portraits are time-consuming to make, and, as Leigh points out, she is ‘just one woman and her sewing machine’!

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