The Sylvester Cat-face Nestbox – for Garden Birds With a Sense of Irony!


The Sylvester Bird Box will provide birds such as blue tits, great tits and sparrows with a secure environment in which to raise their families, while simultaneously providing human observers with the opportunity to snigger at the sight of a small bird flying willing into a cat’s mouth.

October is a great month to put nestboxes up in your garden, as birds begin checking out potential nest sites from November onwards in order to be well-prepared for when the breeding season kicks off in spring.  Nestboxes may also be used as roosting sites during autumn and winter.

You need to take care when siting nestboxes: they must be out of reach from predators (i.e. your cat!) and protected from the elements.  Check out this link to the RSPB website for more info.

The Sylvester Bird Box is made from marine plywood, which has great insulating properties and will help protect baby birds from extremes of weather and temperature.  The box measures 150mm x 177mm x 140mm.  Available from Suck UK for £25.00.

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