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Cat Crib – Innovative Cat Hammock Now at an Amazingly Low Price!


Couldn’t resist sharing what may prove to be the bargain of the year!  The Cat Crib, an innovative space-saving cat hammock, is on offer at the exceedingly low price of £10.99 (usually £24.99) in the Oz & Mr Curious Spring Sale.


Oz & Mr Curious kindly sent me a Cat Crib to review last year.  It’s proved very popular with the HQ Cats, as you can see from the pics of Alfie (top) and Martha (above), and has been much-admired by the fellow cat people in my life.  You can read my review here, should you so wish.

The Cat Crib is available in black, brown or purple.  Not sure how long this offer will last, so best get your skates on if you want to nab yourself a bargain.

Caturday Cat Pics #18

Now here’s a thing I thought I’d never capture on camera: Ethel in the garden!


After a year-long recce from the safety of the balcony Miss Ethel was finally persuaded down the stairs and into the big wide world by the irresistible sight of Malcolm From Downstairs devouring a wood pigeon. Continue reading

Caturday Cat Pics #17


Alfie‘s now a dab hand at this going outside malarkey, and has become quite the Man About Town. (Well, Man About the Back Garden, anyway). Continue reading

Caturday Cat Pics #16

This week it’s a Caturday Cat Pics Holiday Special!  I’ve just spent a very windswept week away in the olde worlde East Sussex town of Rye.  I had hoped to return laden with snaps of cats looking cute in picturesque locations, but it turns out cats are a bit thin on the ground in Rye – or word had got round that a strange woman was out stalking them with a camera, and they’d all gone into hiding!  However, I did happen upon this gang of three moggies…

tabby1rs Continue reading

Caturday Cat Pics #15

When the sun’s shining, most of my lot like to indulge in one of the more traditional cat pastimes – Following the Indoor Sun.  They’re such a predictable bunch that you can practically set your watch by them – I’m sure your cats are the same!

7.30am – 9.00am: left side of living room.

ethel-sun-spot Continue reading

Caturday Cat Pics #14

This is the first Caturday Cat Pics sans Eric, and, let me tell you, there’s been a few changes round these parts… Continue reading