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Caturday Cat Pics #20

We haven’t had a Caturday Cat Pics for a while, so rather than risk boring the pants off you with loads of photos in one hit, I thought the HQ Cats could have their turn in the spotlight this week, and the fosters can have a go next Saturday.

Alfie and his sister, Ethel, are three this month.  I’ve chosen the 24th as their official birthday (they neither know nor care about the date), so decided a birthday photo shoot would be in order on Tuesday.  Alfie would not be persuaded to return from next door’s garden (too many flies needed chasing); as a result of her brother’s uncooperative behaviour Ethel gets both birthday pictures!

Cheer up, Ethel: you’ve just turned three, not forty!


OK then, I’ll settle for ‘wistful’.


Martha had a lovely dirt bath – although all that rolling around proved to be quite tiring!


There was an indisputable champion in the Queen of the Castle contest.


But, with power comes great responsibility – swiftly followed by self-doubt and a creeping sense of anxiety, in Ida‘s case.


Feral Beryl went off to the vet’s for some minor dental work and a general check-up this week.  She came home with sparkling teeth and a clean bill of health; I’m now on a course of industrial-strength antibiotics due to multiple bite wounds.  Not Beryl’s fault: she absolutely detests being picked up (she is feral, after all!), and also, as I discovered, doesn’t have a scruff reflex (most cats will become motionless for at least a couple of seconds when lifted by the loose skin on their neck/shoulder area).  I made another discovery that day: it turns out that I’m not strong enough to keep a sufficiently firm grip on a furious scruffed cat in order to prevent said cat from biting me – doh!  Two valuable lessons learned!  I’m pleased to report that Beryl has very kindly forgiven my errors of judgement and we are now the best of friends again.

(‘Scuse grubby fingers – I’d been gardening!)


Caturday Cat Pics #15

When the sun’s shining, most of my lot like to indulge in one of the more traditional cat pastimes – Following the Indoor Sun.  They’re such a predictable bunch that you can practically set your watch by them – I’m sure your cats are the same!

7.30am – 9.00am: left side of living room.

ethel-sun-spot Continue reading

Caturday Cat Pics #14

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Caturday Cat Pics #11

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Caturday Cat Pics #9

This week some of the HQ Cats have been enjoying the late summer sunshine out on the balcony…

Martha grabbed prime king-of-the-castle position – on top of an upturned basket.  And looked very pleased with herself!

martha - black and white cat

Beryl discovered a New Favourite Place – squeezed in between two flowerpots.

beryl - tabby cat

Ethel demonstrated the Look Confident Enough And You’ll Get Away With It technique.  It worked, and she was allowed to continue squashing my new plant!

ethel - ginger cat

Meanwhile, back indoors, Eric ruined his macho image by enjoying a lovely cuddle with his toy rat.

eric - tabby cat with toy rat

Caturday Cat Pics #8

This week I decided to tackle a much-neglected corner of my garden.  As you can imagine, this unusual activity attracted several ‘helpers’.

Malcolm From Downstairs decided to settle down for a snooze on top of the pile of garden waste I was just about to move:

tabby cat

Beryl investigated some very interesting smells:

cat sniffing

Martha preserved her modesty with some ivy:

black and white cat

And even the incredibly camera shy Barry From Downstairs put in an appearance:

black cat face