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Caturday Cat Pics #5

There’s no Eric today, as he had to go to the vets this morning and is being kept in for 24hrs observation.   The poor boy was taken ill quite suddenly late last night – he had a raging temperature, and such bad earache that all he could do was lay down and growl.  Luckily I had some pain killing/anti-inflammatory medication left over from one of his previous misshaps, and so was able to make him more comfortable overnight.  I’ve been assured it’s nothing serious and he’ll be able to come home tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the HQ Ladies and I took advantage of an unusually pleasant afternoon and spent some time in the garden, before we were driven back indoors by the fumes from a neighbour’s barbecue: it smelled like they’d decided against the traditional charcoal briquettes in favour of grilling the food over a vat of flaming lighter fuel.  Bet it tasted lovely!

Here’s Ida pondering the meaning of life, or maybe just wishing it was dinner time:

ida the cat thinking

Martha wanted to show you all what nice teeth she has:

martha cat yawning

Ethel was permitted to sit in the plant pot as she looked so cute:

ethel cat and flowers

And, back indoors, Beryl enjoyed not having to share her favourite bed with Eric (he snores very loudly):

beryl tabby cat


Caturday Cat Pics #3

This week…

Martha very obligingly provided a classic ‘Cat & Flowers’ photo opportunity:

cat and flowers

Beryl looked as if she was about to say something interesting (but then changed her mind):

beryl the tabby cat

Ida enjoyed chewing some grass I picked for her:

cat eating grass

And Eric enjoyed chewing my hand:

cat chewing hand

Caturday Cat Pics

This week in Sarf London it actually stopped raining and the sun came out for half an hour.  Here’s some of the HQ Cats taking full advantage of the break in the weather:

Eric looking mighty-fine in his new jacket…

cat jacket

…while Beryl

tabby cat

…and Martha hide out in the undergrowth…

cat with leaves

…and Ida keeps any eye on everyone from her vantage point on the fire escape.

tortoishell cat

As you can imagine, the poor things were exhausted after all that tearing about, and had to go back indoors for a lie down.  I’ve advised them to take it easy in future.

Brian & Beryl

Beryl Hears a Really Funny Joke

– Hey, Beryl; you’re gonna love this.  What type of  shoe is a penguin’s favourite type of shoe?

- I am uninterested in penguins' footwear.

– Oh!  But it’s my favourite joke at the moment.  Just humour me.  Please.

- Very well: if you insist on being patronised.  I  don't know.
 What type of shoe is a penguin's  favourite type of shoe? 

– A flipper-flopper.  Ha! Geddit??!

- You may leave now.

Introducing… Feral Beryl

  • Top Cat here at HQ.
  • Former resident of feral cat colony in Peckham, SE London.
  • Fiercely competitive.
  • Often quite cross.
  • Proud owner of a superiority complex.
  • Accomplished sock thief.
  • Very affectionate – when in the right frame of mind.
  • Will attempt to skin anyone foolish enough to try and pick her up.
  • Obsessed with Mark E Smith.  Which can be a bit of a worry.