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Bargain Alert! Ciottoli Bowls – Elegant, Geologically-inspired Dining for your Cat

imac ciottoli single bowl in anthracite

Ciottoli Bowls, by Italian company, Imac, feature elegant curves, smooth lines and earthy tones, inspired by … erm … rocks.  Which admittedly sounds more Flintstones than fine dining, but I think the sleek shape and muted tones of these dishes are a cut above your average plastic cat bowl.  (Please resist the urge to yell ‘Yabadabadoooo!’ every mealtime though, as this may disturb your cat.)

imac ciottoli single bowl in anthracite, grey and biege

Ciottoli cat bowls are available in grey, anthracite and biege as single or double bowls, with non-slip rubber feet and the option to fill the base with sand for added stability.

imac ciottoli double cat bowl in anthracite and grey

These bowls are produced in a range of sizes for both cats and dogs; ‘Small’ should be fine for most cats.  Measurements: Small Single - 20cm x 17cm x 5.5cm, capacity 300ml; Small Double – 20cm x 30cm x 5.5cm, capacity 2 x 300ml.

Ciottoli bowls are available in the UK from Brunos Pets priced at £2.50 for a Small Single bowl, and £4.29 for a Small Double feeder.

The Koziol Cat Dish – Cute, Stylish & Practical

koziol cat dish - white

The Kozoil Cat Dish, has a cute little bird perched on the top edge, which acts as a handle to make lifting the bowl up from the floor that much easier; which in turn will shave a few vital nanoseconds off food preparation time -  very handy when you’re being subjected to pawing, head-butting, incessant yowling, and various other ‘Hurry up with my bloody dinner!’ demands.

The dish is made from plastic, and has a high-gloss, easy to clean inner surface with a matt exterior.  Rubber feet prevent the bowl from sliding around during meal times.  Measurements: Diameter 18.5cm; Height 13cm.

koziol cat dish - green

Available for £17.00 from John Lewis in stylish, minimalist white, and VERY LOUD lime green.

Cool Vintage-style Cat Bowls & Dry Food Storage Tins


These Cat Bowls from Hopscotch are finished in clay or cream enamel, and decorated with retro-style fonts, so will look great in your kitchen.  Your cat couldn’t give a mangled mouse about the trendy colours and cool fonts, but should appreciate that these bowls are nice and shallow, and feature a non-slip rubber base – which makes the business of eating a meal that much easier.  Priced at £5.00.


Hopscotch also have Cat Food Storage Tins in the same colours and fonts.  The tins measure H23cm x D16cm x W18cm, and feature a secure lid and a very handy serving scoop that hangs from a hook on the side. Priced at £22.00.

If you fancy buying either of these products as a pressie for a fellow cat servant, they both come with the option of a hand stamped, personalised gift tag at no extra cost.

And September’s WTF? Award Goes To…

The lucky recipient of the WTF? Award must be offering for sale in the UK an item of cat paraphernalia so pointless and/or hideous that the average response to said item would be one of utter disbelief.


It’s been a few months since I’ve come across anything worthy of a WTF? Award, and I was beginning to think The Well of Hideous Cat Stuff had finally run dry.  Not so.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you the Aykley Furniture Double Cat Bowl,  guaranteed to bestow an air of quiet sophistication upon anyone who gives it house room.

Available here for £19.97, if you’re interested!

The CRICK – Cute Dry Food Containers by United Pets

crick dry cat food container black

I’ve featured the blue and pink versions of the CRICK (by Italian design company, United Pets) previously on Cool for Cats UK, but at the time couldn’t find anyone in the UK who wasn’t charging an arm and a leg for other colours in the range (the best price I spotted was £40+!).

But I’ve been keeping an eye out, and was pleased to spot the black, ivory and lilac versions of this cute way to store one’s cat biscuits over at Oz & Mr Curious.  And, what’s more, they’re currently on offer for £28.65!

crick dry cat food container ivory and lilac

The CRICK has a capacity of 2kg, and also includes a scoop – the handle of which doubles-up as the cat’s tail.  Measurements: diameter 20cm, height 28cm.

Stylish Ceramic Drinking Fountains from Lucky-Kitty

ceramic cat drinking fountain from lucky-kitty

Most cat drinking fountains are distinctly unattractive plastic affairs.  Not so this ceramic number from German company, Lucky-Kitty.  The sleek, modern design (which brings to mind a cross between a butler sink and a urinal, yet still manages to look rather lovely!) would compliment most interiors.  This ceramic fountain is more hygienic than its plastic counterparts, and is also very low maintenance compared with other brands: it doesn’t require a filter and the manufacturers recommend cleaning every 3-5 days under running water or in a dishwasher.  Apparently cleaning by hand takes two minutes!

ceramic cat drinking fountain from lucky-kitty

Some drinking fountains can be quite noisy, which is annoying for us and can be off-putting for cats of a nervous disposition.  Lucky-Kitty took this into account when designing their fountain, and claim the water pump they use is virtually silent – a claim which seems to be substantiated by customer reviews of the product.

The Lucky-Kitty Ceramic Cat Drinking Fountain is available in white, blue and green for €54.90 (approx £47.00 at current exchange rates).  Delivery to the UK is €9.90 (£8.50).

Also available directly from the UK in white for £49.90 (free UK delivery) from ZooplusUK, and in all three colours from My Pet Superstore for £49.90  (£5.99 next day UK delivery).

(Via Hauspanther)

But are cat drinking fountains really necessary?  Read on to find out more…

I must admit that I’ve always considered cat drinking fountains to be a bit of a gimmick: surely cats can instinctively regulate their own fluid intake, and so as long as they have access to a bowl or two of fresh water they’ll be fine.  Well, generally speaking, yes they will; but having done some research on cats and hydration I’ve discovered that there are health benefits attached to encouraging our cats to drink more water.

Cats who are prone to cystitis and urinary tract infections, cats with chronic kidney disease and elderly cats will all certainly benefit from an increased fluid intake.  While encouraging younger healthy cats to increase their water consumption could help prevent urinary tract and kidney disease – particularly if your cat eats a dry food diet.

And it turns out that drinking fountains can be a useful way to get your cat to drink more water – there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence around on internet cat forums to suggest that cats seem to be attracted to running water and enjoy drinking from fountains.

So I’m no longer a drinking fountain cynic.  In fact, I’ve made a complete u-turn and am now thinking of buying one!

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