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15 Great Gifts for Cat Lovers – All for Under £10!


Here’s a handy selection of small gifts/stocking fillers, all for under a tenner, that will hopefully help make Christmas shopping for fellow cat lovers that little bit easier…

(Above)  Soapstone Flower Cat £8.99

Lucky Cat Kimono Silk Makeup Bag  £7.95


Fat Kitty Notebooks/Journals £4.50



Slipper Socks £8.95


Hand-painted Wooden Mini-Cats  £1.99


Kitten Handbag Torches  £4.99


Tabby Cat Handbag Mirror £2.99


Cat scarves (available in four different colourways)  £8.99


The following items are all from the Cats Protection Shop – proceeds from sales go towards funding the work carried out by the UK’s largest cat charity.

Cat Mini Hottie/Handwarmer  £5.99

cat-hotty copy

Cat Screen Wipe  £8.99

cat-screen-wipe copy

Cats Protection Cats Calendar 2014 £4.95

cats-pro-calendar copy

Cats Protection Kitten Calendar 2014   £3.95

cats-pro-kitten-calendar copy

Cats Protection Pocket Diary 2014  £2.95

cats-pro-diary2014 copy

Cat Socks £4.75

cat-socks copy

And finally; I’ve still got a couple of these Tuxedo Cat Tote Bags left in the Cool for Cats UK Etsy shop.  Priced at £6.50 – £5.oo from each sale will be donated to the Celia Hammond Animal Trust to help fund their invaluable cat rescue, re-homing and animal welfare work.

Edit 12/12/13: These bags have now sold out.


Looking for less-ordinary Xmas gifts for fellow cat lovers? Check out these three great UK Etsy shops:

ella-goodwin-cat-bagFor the uninitiated, Etsy is an international online market place where independent designer/makers and craftspeople tout their wares.  In my humble opinion, Etsy is THE go-to place if you’re looking for a present less-ordinary for your nearest and dearest, or maybe an unusual treat for yourself.  In order to buy from Etsy you have to register and create a profile on the site; but don’t let this put you off, as it’s simply a matter of providing an email address and username.  As far as I’m aware, all Etsy sellers accept PayPal, and many now take major credit cards too.

Anyway, enough with the chitchat: here are three of my favourite UK Etsy shops, each with a fabulous array of cat-themed goodies that are – of course – ideal Christmas gifts for fellow cat lovers.

Shop 1: Shop Miss Ella  I’m a massive fan of Ella Goodwin‘s whimsical cat creations, and her Etsy shop is a treasure trove of quirky cat-themed jewellery and art prints, beautiful handmade cat handbags and more.  Black Cat Bag (above) £40.77.  Also available in kit form for £18.82, if you’re buying for crafty types.

Cat Calendar 2014 – Catlendar Girls£11.29.  Printed on a fine art printer, so illustrations can be framed after use.


Shop 2: The Nosuch Disco  Online home of the incredibly cute and incredibly lard-arsed Fat Kitty, creation of designer/illustrator Dave Burgess.  Fat Kitty is based on real-life obese puss, Oscar – who belongs to one of Dave’s neighbours, but spends a lot of time hanging out round Dave’s place.  If you’re looking for something cute but not cutesy, or buying for fans of Kawaii, head over to The Nosuch Disco and check out Dave’s range of totes, t-shirts, art prints, smartphone cases and more.

I Heart Fat Kitty T-shirt, £14.99.


Shop 3: Doodlecats ‘Self-confessed crazy cat lady’ and artist, Beth Wilson, has a very distinctive style, and is a prolific creator of exceedingly cute, cartoon-like cat illustrations.  Beth sells loads of cat-themed jewellery, bags, keyrings, badges and more, all of which retail at under a tenner (and many at under a fiver) – so if you’re looking for stocking fillers, Doodlecats is the place to go!

Grey Cat Keyring, £5.00, and Crazy Cat Lady Keyring, £4.00.


12 Charity Cat Calendars for 2013

cats protection cats charity calendar 2013                                        cats protection kittens charity calendar 2012

There seems to be an near-infinite number of cat calendars available in the UK. Therefore, in order to keep this post reasonably brief (and to prevent myself from having a cat calendar-induced meltdown), I’ve decided to concentrate on calendars for sale via cat rescue and animal charities.

So, if you choose to buy any of the calendars I’m featuring today, your money will directly help cats and other animals in need.  Some of these calendars have been produced by the charities themselves, while others are widely available commercially-produced jobbies, which are being sold by charities to raise funds.

Cats Protection have the in-house Cats – priced at £4.95 – and Kittens £3.95 (pictured above).  The pictures on the Kittens calendar are detachable postcards.

Other calendars in the extensive Cats Protection range include the handsome Black Cats and Ginger Cats – priced at £8.99 each;

black cats cats protection charity cat calendar 2013  ginger cats cats protection charity cat calendar 2013

the very cute Cat Naps£8.99; the Artists’ Cat (featuring cats painted in the style of famous artists) – £8.99;

cat naps cats protection charity cat calendar 2013  artists' cat cats protection charity cat calendar 2013

and the beautiful page-a-day Cat Gallery desk calendar – £14.99 (this one has some great Amazon reviews).

cats gallery desk calendar cats protection charity cat calendar 2013

The Hounslow Animal Welfare Society (HAWS) have produced their own calendar featuring  photos of HAWS rescue cats, which have been taken by the cats’ foster carers or new owners.  The HAWS Rescue Cat Calendar is available for £5.00.

HAWS rescue cat calendar charity cat calendar 2013

Caring For Cats Yorkshire and Humber have their own cat and kittens calendar, featuring photos which are detachable postcards; available for £5.00.

caring for cats charity cat calendar 2013

The Greek Cat Welfare Society UK have also produced their own calendar featuring photos of some of the cats and kittens they’ve helped over the years; available for £4.50.

greek cat welfare society uk charity cat calendar

The RSPCA have several cat calendars in their range, including one for music-loving cat fans.  The very entertaining Musical Moggs is available for £9.99.

musical moggs rspca charity cat calendar 2013

And last, but not least , the Blue Cross have a range of cat calendars including the 365 Days of Cats Wall Calendar£9.99.  This is a month-per-view calendar, which features one main image at the top of the page and a different thumbnail photo for each day of the year.

365 days of cats wall calendar blue cross charity cat calendar

Phew, I think I’m just about cat calendared-out now.  Hope you find one you like!