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Discount Code for Traditional Wicker Cat Carrier

wicker cat carrier from cats and canines

Cats and Canines have been in touch with a 15% discount on their Wicker Cat Carriers especially for Cool For Cats UK readers!  To claim your discount enter the code coolforcats at the Cats and Canines checkout.  The discount applies to both sizes of Wicker Cat Carrier and is valid until 18th February 2013.

I like the classic design of these carriers, and they’re also made to a high standard, so will stand the test of time.  The coated wire door has wicker hinges on one side and is fastened with faux leather straps on the other, which means the carrier is a safe, escape-proof way to transport you cat.  I think cats prefer to travel in carriers like these with ‘open’ fronts, as they can see what’s going on around them, but still have the security of feeling hidden away by the enclosed body of the carrier.  I’m not promising your cat will enjoy a trip to the vet’s in one of these wicker baskets, but at least he or she will be travelling is style!

The Wicker Cat Carriers are available in two sizes: small L38cm x W28cm x H28cm£39.99; and large L48cm x W33cm x H35.5cm£49.99.

Other products in the Cats and Canines wicker range include the Wicker Sofa Cat Bed, available in small for £44.99 and large for £59.99;

wicker cat sofa bed from cats and canines

the double decker Wicker Cat Basket – for multi-cat households – available for £49.99;

double decker wicker cat basket from cats and canines

and the cute Igloo Cat Bed (£39.99) and Igloo Cat Carrier (£29.99).

wicker igloo cat bed from cats and canines                             wicker igloo cat carrier from cats and canines

Modern Cat Furniture: the Sleepypod

The Sleepypod is a combined cat bed and carrier, which in itself is a blummin’ marvellous idea, but the Sleepypod has another advantage over the traditional cat carrier: it looks fantastic too.

Cats generally find travel a very stressful experience; they are, after all, renowned creatures of habit, and don’t cope well with change to their routine or surroundings.  A cat will quickly learn to associate the appearance of a cat carrier with, for example, a trip to the vet, and most cat owners will be acquainted with the frantic-scratching-at-a-locked-cat-flap scenario which arises whenever the cat carrier is retrieved from its hiding place.

Of course, this situation could be avoided if the carrier was a familiar object in the cat’s environment; but who really wants an ugly plastic crate or wire basket on show at all times?  This is where the Sleepypod comes into its own: with the top in place you have a secure cat carrier, which can even be attached to a car seat belt for added safety when travelling; and with the top removed your cat has a cosy and stylish bed to snooze in at home.


I’d previously thought this US product was only available in the States, or through European suppliers, but I’ve just discovered the rather aptly-titled nicecatstuff website (based in West Yorkshire), and they have it on sale for £156.  Hooray!