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Designer Cat Beds for Modern Interiors from Pet Baroque

petite sofa - designer modern cat bed by pet baroque

The Petite Sofa is a new designer cat/small dog bed from Slovenian company, Pet Baroque, who feel that Europe’s pet lovers shouldn’t have to sacrifice aesthetics and style in order to provide a comfortable environment for their furry friends.  I couldn’t agree more!

petite sofa with chocolate cushion - designer modern cat bed by pet baroque

The elegant curves and high-gloss finish of this designer cat bed would look great in a modern interior; I think the Petite Sofa would really compliment one of those hi-tech minimalist kitchens that are popular at the moment.  (You know the ones I mean – giant fridges, granite worktops, very shiny cabinets with no door handles.)

petite sofa with cream cushion - designer modern cat bed by pet baroque

The Petite Sofa has a high-gloss plastic base, and a canvas cushion filled with memory foam.  Available in Black, White, Yellow (described as a greenish yellow) and Pink, with cushions in Chocolate or Cream (cover is removable and machine washable).  Dimensions: diameter – 54cm; height – 21cm.

The Petite Sofa will be available from the end of 2013 and priced at 390.00€ (approx £330.00 at current exchange rates) – includes free delivery to the UK for the time being.  If you pre-order this product, you’ll get a 10% discount.  Pre-orders will ship as soon as stock becomes available.

Aesthetically Acceptable Large Cat Tree – Currently on Special Offer

purrshire super deluxe cat tower activity centre - modern cat tree

Here in the UK it’s nigh on impossible to find a large, free-standing cat tree/tower/activity centre (or whatever you want to call them) that isn’t fifteen kinds of hideous – most models feature acre upon acre of ugly carpet or annoying-to-hoover plush.  The Purrshire Super Deluxe Tower Cat Activity Centre goes someway to address the balance, in that’s it’s an aesthetically acceptable combination of traditional design and more modern materials – canvas is used in place of carpet and plush to cover the tree’s platforms and dens.

purrshire super deluxe cat tower activity centre - modern cat tree

The Purrshire Tower features enough perches, dens and scratch posts to keep your cat entertained for hours, and it won’t break the bank either: it’s currently on special offer for £54.99 from Pet Planet  (which is pretty blummin’ cheap for one of these behemoths).

Measurements: Height – 127cm; Width – 77cm; Depth – 40cm.  Or, in other words: quite large – it’s not going to sit unobtrusively in the corner, put it that way!

Pleasingly Neutral Scratch Posts by Sharples n Grant

octapost & orbipost - neutral cat scratch posts by sharples n grant

Please don’t think I’m damning these Sharples n Grant scratch posts with faint praise by describing them as pleasingly neutral; but that is indeed what they are, and in cat furniture world there’s nothing wrong with that!

Both the Octapost (left) and the Orbipost will sit unobtrusively in the corner while your cat has a good old scratching session, and neither has ever been near a piece of  brown carpet or garish plush – which in my book is always a bonus!  The Orbipost is possibly a little more phallic than a scratch post needs to be; or is that just me lowering the tone?!

Measurements: Octopost – height 40cm, base 34cm diameter; Orbipost – height 55cm, base 35cm diameter.

Octapost (£12.59) and Orbipost (£16.59) available from SwellPets.

Catissa Cat House Now Available in the UK!

catissa cat house - modern cat tree

You may remember these spectacular floating cat trees that I featured a few months ago from the Russian company, Catissa.  At the time it was only possible to purchase the Catissa Cat House in Russia, but now this stunning example of modern cat furniture is available for delivery to the rest of Europe too.

catissa cat house - modern cat treecatissa cat house - modern cat tree

The Catissa Cat House is available in four different finishes – Coloured, White, Wooden (sealed with clear water-based varnish) and Black.  Priced at €300 (approx £265.00 at current exchange rates), which includes four sheepskin mini-rugs and an access ladder.  Delivery to the UK is €100 (£87.00*).

*Edit: Catissa have been in touch today (17/07/13) to say that delivery to the UK is now only €50 (£43.00).

(For further info on construction materials, measurements etc., please refer to my previous Catissa post.  Thanks awfully.)

20% Discount Code for B-toilet Litter Tray Hider by Binq Design!

b-toilet by binq design - modern litter tray hider

Binq Design have just launched the latest product in their range of high-quality modern cat furniture: the b-toilet litter tray hider.  And guess what?  They’re giving Cool for Cats UK readers a 20% discount!  To claim your discount, enter the code COOL20%UK2013 at the Binq Design checkout.  (This code is valid until 26 July 2013.)

The b-toilet is a sleek, contemporary cabinet which will blend very nicely with most interiors.  And who would ever know that beneath that clean, crisp exterior there lurked an ugly little secret… your cat’s litter tray!

b-toilet by binq design - modern litter tray hider

The b-toilet has a 20cm x 18cm opening in the front, which provides access for your cat to do the do, and for you to do the scoop afterwards.  The tray can be removed for a thorough clean via the rear door, which has a handy magnetic closure.  Felt feet make the cabinet easy to slide, should you need to swivel it away from a wall in order to remove the tray.

b-toilet by binq design - modern litter tray hider

Each b-toilet comes with a black, hooded litter tray (with removable cat flap) measuring a generous 52.5cm x 39.5cm x 38cm.  If your cat’s not a stand up wee-er, or a frantic litter scrabbler, you could probably do away with the hood altogether – which would make scooping easier.

b-toilet by binq design - modern litter tray hider

The b-toilet is made from mdf and is available in two finishes – oak veneer (£214.80*) and white melamine (£197.55*).  The melamine has a choice of trim in six different colours as an optional extra for around £17.00*.  Prices include free delivery within Europe.

b-toilet by binq design - modern litter tray hider

External measurements: 56.4cm x 43.4cm x 42.4cm

*These prices are accurate at current euro exchange rates, and don’t include the 20% discount.

Cat Crib Discount!

cat crib uk from oz and mr curious

Good news for UK cats and their humans: online pet boutique, Oz and Mr Curious, currently have the Cat Crib on sale at the discounted price of £22.49!  (This 10% discount will run for about a month.) Continue reading