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Affordable Cat Shelves Available in the UK!


Well, goodness me!  The day has finally arrived and the unthinkable actually happened – affordable cat shelves are now available to buy in the UK!  I can’t tell you how exciting this is for a cat product nerd such as myself; I can barely remember how to type I’m so overwhelmed.

The White Cat Wall Mounted Bed features a cat silhouette in a choice of sitting or standing positions, and will provide your cat with a cosy, elevated sleeping platform – something every self-respecting feline on the planet aspires to.

The shelves and silhouettes are made from white varnished plywood – the silhouettes are varnished on both sides, so can be fixed to the wall facing in either direction.  The plush bed can be easily removed and machine washed (it’s held in place with velcro strips).

The White Cat Wall Mounted Bed is available from ZooplusUK for £19.90.  (ZooplusUK describe these items as ‘B-Stock’, and state that they may have slight imperfections.)

Click on the link above for details of measurements and tips on wall attachment; and also check out the customer photo  – it gives a better idea of what these shelves actually look like than the Zooplus product pics I’ve shown you here.

Catissa Cat House Now Available in the UK!

catissa cat house - modern cat tree

You may remember these spectacular floating cat trees that I featured a few months ago from the Russian company, Catissa.  At the time it was only possible to purchase the Catissa Cat House in Russia, but now this stunning example of modern cat furniture is available for delivery to the rest of Europe too.

catissa cat house - modern cat treecatissa cat house - modern cat tree

The Catissa Cat House is available in four different finishes – Coloured, White, Wooden (sealed with clear water-based varnish) and Black.  Priced at €300 (approx £265.00 at current exchange rates), which includes four sheepskin mini-rugs and an access ladder.  Delivery to the UK is €100 (£87.00*).

*Edit: Catissa have been in touch today (17/07/13) to say that delivery to the UK is now only €50 (£43.00).

(For further info on construction materials, measurements etc., please refer to my previous Catissa post.  Thanks awfully.)

Catissa – Modern Cat Furniture by Mojorno

catissa by mojorno

Catissa is a stunning piece of modern cat furniture, new from Russian design company, Mojorno.  With Catissa, Mojorno aim to introduce some minimalistic design into the world of cat furniture, and to transform the humble cat house into a piece of interior art. Continue reading

Modern Cat Furniture by KoogaTree

koogatree birch vantage platform - uk cat shelf

Now here’s something I don’t get to say often enough: check out this range of luxury cat furniture designed and made in the UKKoogaTree produce a range of ‘high-impact, quality cat furniture’, made entirely from materials sourced from British suppliers.  The inspiration for KoogaTree is Kooga, a very handsome bengal.  Lucky Kooga has a whole range of KoogaTree products at his disposal, but he does agree to act as the company’s model in return!

koogatree birch vantage platform - uk cat shelfFirst up, the Birch Vantage Platform.  The platforms are made from Scottish Birch wood, that has been air-dried for four years, and are fixed to the wall with cast iron brackets, which will easily cope with larger breeds of cat – and look great too.

koogatree birch vantage platform - uk cat shelvesCat ‘shelves’ are widely available in other parts of the world – particularly in the US and East Asia – but, up until now, have been missing from the UK market.  I think they’re a fantastic idea – all cats love a vantage point from which to survey their territory, and, in multi-cat households, a few strategically-placed cat shelves can help reduce tensions by providing a everyone with a good spot to hang out.

The Birch Vantage Platform is available for £125.00.  Each platform is 47mm thick.  Due to the individual nature of this product other measurements vary, but are given on the KoogaTree website.  (You’ll need to get a move on if you’re thinking of buying one of these, as they’re proving popular already!)

koogatree scartch scratching postKoogaTree have teamed up with five British graphic designers and artists to produce the beautiful scARTch range of scratching posts, which double-up as pieces of ‘floor art’.  There are nine different designs available, and each design has been produced as a limited edition run of 25.

koogatree scartch scratching post

Each scARTch piece has a very sturdy handcrafted oak base, featuring a wipe-clean vinyl print which has been extensively scratch-tested.  The posts are made from solid Scots pine and have a choice of premium quality 16mm untreated sisal or manilla rope for your cat to get his/her claws into.  Measurements: base – 792mm x 792mm; post – 800mm.  Prices range from £295 – £395.

KoogaTree also produce these rather spectacular Climbing Trees, handcrafted from oak – priced at £795; or beech – priced at £745.  Bespoke climbing trees are available upon request.

hopscotch climbing tree by koogatree                     maltese climbing tree by koogatree

Other products in the KoogaTree range include luxury sheepskin cat beds and a ‘family’ of catnip toys – check out their website for further details.