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Looking for less-ordinary Xmas gifts for fellow cat lovers? Check out these three great UK Etsy shops:

ella-goodwin-cat-bagFor the uninitiated, Etsy is an international online market place where independent designer/makers and craftspeople tout their wares.  In my humble opinion, Etsy is THE go-to place if you’re looking for a present less-ordinary for your nearest and dearest, or maybe an unusual treat for yourself.  In order to buy from Etsy you have to register and create a profile on the site; but don’t let this put you off, as it’s simply a matter of providing an email address and username.  As far as I’m aware, all Etsy sellers accept PayPal, and many now take major credit cards too.

Anyway, enough with the chitchat: here are three of my favourite UK Etsy shops, each with a fabulous array of cat-themed goodies that are – of course – ideal Christmas gifts for fellow cat lovers.

Shop 1: Shop Miss Ella  I’m a massive fan of Ella Goodwin‘s whimsical cat creations, and her Etsy shop is a treasure trove of quirky cat-themed jewellery and art prints, beautiful handmade cat handbags and more.  Black Cat Bag (above) £40.77.  Also available in kit form for £18.82, if you’re buying for crafty types.

Cat Calendar 2014 – Catlendar Girls£11.29.  Printed on a fine art printer, so illustrations can be framed after use.


Shop 2: The Nosuch Disco  Online home of the incredibly cute and incredibly lard-arsed Fat Kitty, creation of designer/illustrator Dave Burgess.  Fat Kitty is based on real-life obese puss, Oscar – who belongs to one of Dave’s neighbours, but spends a lot of time hanging out round Dave’s place.  If you’re looking for something cute but not cutesy, or buying for fans of Kawaii, head over to The Nosuch Disco and check out Dave’s range of totes, t-shirts, art prints, smartphone cases and more.

I Heart Fat Kitty T-shirt, £14.99.


Shop 3: Doodlecats ‘Self-confessed crazy cat lady’ and artist, Beth Wilson, has a very distinctive style, and is a prolific creator of exceedingly cute, cartoon-like cat illustrations.  Beth sells loads of cat-themed jewellery, bags, keyrings, badges and more, all of which retail at under a tenner (and many at under a fiver) – so if you’re looking for stocking fillers, Doodlecats is the place to go!

Grey Cat Keyring, £5.00, and Crazy Cat Lady Keyring, £4.00.


Four Great One-stop Shops for Cat Lovers’ Xmas Pressies

I think the title of this post is pretty self explanatory; so without further ado….

Shop No. 1: Tattypuss – an impressively large collection of cat-themed homeware, jewellery, accessories, art, stationery and more; all with a contemporary feel.  Has a handy Stocking Fillers section with 59 products for under a tenner.  Great if you’re looking for something a little quirky, like these Si Cat Bookends by Dora Designs (£17.99).


Shop No. 2: The Cat Gallery – another large collection of cat-themed homeware, ornaments, jewellery, accessories, clothing and much more.  Products mainly contemporary in design.   Gifts Under £10 page, listing 40+ products.  Has a good-sized range of bags and purses, including this Catseye Tabby Shopper Bag for £6.00.


Shop No. 3: Mad About Cats – a seemingly never-ending range of cat-themed goodies.  Includes products to suit traditional and contemporary tastes.  Has a wide kitchenware range, which includes several kitsch Cat Salt & Pepper Sets.  (This one is £12.99).


And last, but by no means least, Shop No. 4: Mad Old Cat Lady –  a great source for fabulously off-the-wall cat-themed art, accessories, tableware, tea towels and t-shirts.  Ideal if you’re trying to buy for teenagers of the more gothic persuasion, or indeed anyone who’s proud to call themselves unconventional (and so they should be!).  Includes this great Feral Tee for £20.00 (inc. UK delivery).


Cat Christmas Decorations


“Deck the halls with boughs of holly… and, err… Cats!”  Here’s a selection of cat Christmas decorations to bring some feline festive cheer to your home.

Above: Christmas Cat Garland.   £5.00 from the Imperial War Museum Shop    (The IWM don’t specify the number of cats on this garland, but I’ve seen the same product on other sites, which state there are ten cats.)

Left: Kaspar Cat Bauble  Right: Silverface Cat Bauble, large, bone china baubles £17.50 each from ReikoKeniko.


Parcel Cat – handmade decoration which can be personalised with a name on the reverse, £8.99 from Strelitzia.


Top: Gisela Graham Resin Dressed Cat Decorations£4.99 per pair from Serene Hearts.

Bottom: Gisela Graham Painted Tin Cat Decorations£7.00 per pair from Heals.


Felt Cat in a Stocking Decoration£4.00 from Accessorize.


Cat Christmas Decorations – handpainted wooden balls for hanging.  £18.00 for set of 4 from Dandelion’s Gallery on Folksy.


And finally, just in case any of you strike lucky and win the Lottery before Christmas: Siamese Cat Sterling Silver Christmas Decoration£95.00 from Braybrook and Britten.


Cat Christmas Cards That Will Stand Out in the Crowd – from UK Designer-Makers

Here’s a selection of Christmas cards from UK Etsy sellers – great if you like the cards you send to have a touch of individuality, and also a great way to support British independent designer-makers.


From top to bottom: Crap Cat Christmas Cards by Angela Smyth.  Pack of 5 for £7.00.

Percy Sews His Santa Suit by Ella Goodwin.  Pack of 3 for £5.09.

Christmas Costume Cat MiniCards by Doodlecats.  Pack of 8 for £5.00. (Pack contains 4 different designs.)


Left: Yawning Cats Christmas Cards by Nixii Art.  Pack of 4 for £5.99.

Right: Mungo the Christmas Cat by Faye Moorehouse.  Pack of 5 for £5.00.


Six Cats in Jumpers by Zyzanna.  Pack of 6 £10.00.


Top: Merry Catmas Cards by I Love Cats.  Pack of 4 for £8.00. (Pack contains 2 different designs.)

Bottom: Illustrated Christmas Cat Cards by Reigning Cats and Dogs.  Pack of 4 (packs contain two different designs) £5.00.  The message inside these cards will appeal anyone who’s ever tried to use a computer when there’s a cat around!


Cards sold individually:

From a range of very cute reproduction vintage cat Christmas cards by Crazy Cat Chap.   £2.25 per card.


Cat in a Box Christmas Greetings Card by AnimalHairStuff£2.30 per card.


And finally, especially for those who feel the same way as I do about the whole Yuletide thing (although, if you’re a true Grinch, it’s highly unlikely that you’ve  made it to the end of this post), here’s the ever-reliable Grumpy Cat telling it like it is:


One of 4 Grumpy Cat designs from KintysCards£2.99 per card (includes UK p&p).

Cat Christmas Cards From 11 Different Animal Charities


Sorry to break it to you like this, but there are only 36 days left until Christmas.  In an effort to make the run-up to the big day as painless as possible for you, I’ll be dedicating the next couple of weeks to all things Christmas; or, more specifically, all things Cat and Christmas.  So if you’re looking for cat-themed cards and calendars, or gift ideas for the cat people in your life, you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s kick things off with a selection of cat charity cards.  Some of these cards are being sold to raise funds for cat rescue charities, and the remainder to support general animal charities.  All cards featured are available directly from the charities themselves, so you can be confident that the profits are going directly to help animals in need.  In the interests of brevity, I’ll only be featuring one card from each charity, but most of the charities in this list are offering a range of Christmas cards.

Above: Cats Protection  Pack of 10 £4.95.

Yorkshire Cat Rescue Pack of 10 £5.25 (inc p&p).  The charity also have a selection of end of range cat Christmas cards available in their ebay shop in packs of ten at £2.00 per pack.  (Yorkshire Cat Rescue were previously known as Haworth Cat Rescue.  The reduced cards have the old logo on the back, but rest assured your money will be going to the same cat charity!)


Cat Chat  Pack of 10 £3.95.


Siamese Rescue  Pack of 6 £6.00 (inc p&P).


Celia Hammond Animal Trust  Pack of 10 £4.99.


Blue Cross  Pack of 10 £3.75.


National Animal Welfare Trust  Pack of 10 £2.99.


Battersea Dogs and Cats Home  Pack of 10 £4.75.


Wood Green  £3.99 per pack.  There’s no info regarding how many cards in this particular pack, but other packs of Wood Green cards at the same price contain 10 cards.


PDSA  Pack of 10 £4.99.


And finally, The Mayhew Animal Home have this Bumper Christmas Bundle, containing three packs of 10 Christmas cards and one pack of wrapping paper, for £10.00.


Christmas Cat Jumpers

christmas cat jumper by louche                       christmas cat jumper from ASOS

If you enjoy celebrating Christmas in the traditional stylee, you’re going to need a Christmas Jumper.  And if you’re going to be wearing a Christmas Jumper, it would be a shame if it didn’t feature a very large festive cat.

The Louche Kat Intarsia Jumper (above left) is available in sizes 8 and 10 (unfortunately it looks like they’re sold out of larger sizes at the moment) for £45.00 from Joy.  You could get away with wearing this jumper all winter really, as although the colours are quite festive, the cat design isn’t specifically Christmassy.

Or, if you’d prefer an all-out Christmas cat extravaganza, the ASOS Christmas Cat Jumper is available in green (above right) and black in sizes 6 – 14 for £30.00.