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Purrrfect Pieces Wall-mounted Scratch Posts

purrrfect pieces wall mounted scratch post - available in the UK

I think wall-mounted scratch posts are brilliant.  Cats love to combine a good scratch with a good stretch, and also enjoy shinning up vertical surfaces; and a wall-mounted scratch post will provide your cat with somewhere other than your soft furnishings to express these natural behaviours.  Plus, these scratch posts don’t require a large, heavy base for stability so won’t waste valuable floor space.

The trouble is, I’ve never been able to find a decent wall-mounted scratch post available in the UK…  Until now!  So, without further ado, I’m very pleased to be able to introduce you to Purrrfect Pieces and their range of WALL MOUNTED SCRATCH POSTS!

purrrfect pieces wall mounted scratch post - available in the UK

Purrrfect Pieces is the brain child of Rebecca Alexander, who makes each scratch post herself by hand, using high-quality materials.  Naturally, Rebecca’s rescue cat, Ollie, is a big fan of her scratch posts and is more than happy to volunteer his services as the Purrrfect Pieces in-house model.


The sisal-wrapped scratch posts are available in modular 1 metre sections, which can be configured to suit your cat’s requirements.  Ollie favours a 2 metre combo; but, if your cat loves to climb, you needn’t stop at 2 metres – the sky’s your limit (oh, all right – the ceiling’s your limit).

purrrfect pieces wall mounted scratch post - available in the UK

Purrrfect Pieces posts are approximately 12cm in diameter, and are covered in 6mm sisal rope with a sisal rope cap at either end.  Each 1 metre section is fixed to the wall using two upvc brackets.  All materials used are EU certified.

The Purrfect Pieces 1 Metre Wall Mounted Scratch Post is available for £54.99, and the 2 Metre Wall Mounted Scratch Post for £109.00.  Prices include UK delivery.  Posts are made to order, so please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

Rebecca also makes an outdoor version of her post (with a waterproof inner tube), and a slimline version for people who don’t have room for the standard post – you can contact her via the Purrrfect Pieces website for details.

Catissa Cat House Now Available in the UK!

catissa cat house - modern cat tree

You may remember these spectacular floating cat trees that I featured a few months ago from the Russian company, Catissa.  At the time it was only possible to purchase the Catissa Cat House in Russia, but now this stunning example of modern cat furniture is available for delivery to the rest of Europe too.

catissa cat house - modern cat treecatissa cat house - modern cat tree

The Catissa Cat House is available in four different finishes – Coloured, White, Wooden (sealed with clear water-based varnish) and Black.  Priced at €300 (approx £265.00 at current exchange rates), which includes four sheepskin mini-rugs and an access ladder.  Delivery to the UK is €100 (£87.00*).

*Edit: Catissa have been in touch today (17/07/13) to say that delivery to the UK is now only €50 (£43.00).

(For further info on construction materials, measurements etc., please refer to my previous Catissa post.  Thanks awfully.)

Purrshire Modern Cat Trees on Special Offer!

purrshire water hyacninth cat furniture - modern cat tree

These Purrshire cat trees are made with natural materials, and have a soft, neutral look that will blend with most interiors. Continue reading

Modern Cat Furniture by Kitty City

kitty city cat activity centre

This rather nifty modular cat activity centre is by US company, Kitty City, but is available in the UK from Pet Planet.  The Kitty City range includes cosy hideaways, play tunnels, detachable toys and climbing and scratching furniture. Continue reading

Catissa – Modern Cat Furniture by Mojorno

catissa by mojorno

Catissa is a stunning piece of modern cat furniture, new from Russian design company, Mojorno.  With Catissa, Mojorno aim to introduce some minimalistic design into the world of cat furniture, and to transform the humble cat house into a piece of interior art. Continue reading

Modern Cat Furniture – Ruben Natural Cat Trees

ruben natural cat tree maya brown  ruben natural cat tree diva cream

Good news for UK fans of quality modern cat furniture: zooplus.co.uk are now stocking products from the Ruben Natural Cat Trees range!

ruben natural cat trees viking brown

I like this range of cat trees as it’s been thoughtfully designed to meet with cats’ needs to leap, scratch, perch and sleep.  Us mere humans have been taken into consideration too, which means the trees are easy on the eye and will blend with contemporary interiors – I love the use of stripped tree branches.

ruben natural cat trees lille brown  ruben natural cat trees ella cream

Ruben Natural Cat Trees are produced in the Austrian Alps from untreated hardwood grown in sustainably managed forests.  The scratching surfaces are made from sturdy sisal rope, to give your cats something to really get their claws into, and the platforms are lined with high-quality faux fur to provide super-snug snoozing spots (the fur is removable and can be machine washed).

Prices range from £109 – £299.  All models are available in a choice of cream or brown, please see zooplus site for measurements.

If you’d like to see some Ruben cat trees in action, check out this video.  (The commentary’s in Austrian and the products featured are from the Ruben Exclusive range, which isn’t stocked by Zooplus – but it stars a bunch of beautiful cats, so it’s worth a watch!)