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UK Stockist for the Cats Trapeze!

cats trapeze from uk stockist specially4cats

Hurrah!  There’s now a UK stockist for the fabulous Cats Trapeze!  The excellent specially4cats have the two-tier and three-tier trapezes available in unbleached cotton for £45.99 and £54.99 respectively (price includes UK delivery).

I’m a big fan of multi-functional cat furniture, and I’m impressed by the way the Cats Trapeze manages to combine cosy sleeping areas with an exciting climbing frame.  Your cat will love shinning up and down the sides of the Cats Trapeze before snuggling up for a snooze on one of the comfy cushions.  And you’ll love the fact that your cat’s using something other than your soft furnishings for climbing practice!

cats trapeze from uk stockist specially4cats

The Cats Trapeze can be suspended from doors, walls, and ceilings.  It’s worth noting that cushion fillings, hooks and mountings are not included with this product; what you get for your cash is the sturdy cotton climbing frame/cushion covers combo, the detachable hammock and 1 metre of strong sisal rope.  (The manufacturers of the Cats Trapeze give some suggestions for suitable hardware and cushion fillings on their website.)

Modern Cat Furniture – Stacking Box Playground for Cats

stacking box climbing frame for catsstacking box climbing frame for cats

It’s an established fact that every single cat in the world is a fully paid-up member of The Cardboard Appreciation Society, so this modular climbing system – made from sturdy corrugated cardboard – is sure to get the thumbs up (or, more accurately, the paws up) from the felines in your life.

stacking box climbing frame for catscardboard modular cat climbing furniture

The Stacking Box Playground for Cats is made from hexagonal boxes which are connected with plastic clips.  The boxes can be configured in numerous different ways, and then changed around whenever you fancy to keep things exciting for your cat.  (If your cat is a creature of habit, the boxes can also be glued together permanently.)  Each six-sided module measures L37cm x W45cm x H39cm, and the entrance holes are 15.5cm in diameter.

cardboard cat climbing furniturecardboard cat climbing furniture

The Stacking Box Playground for Cats is available from zooplus.co.uk for the bargain price of £24.90 – which includes UK delivery.  Each pack contains 6 cardboard modules; 1 cardboard connecting tube; 3 cardboard balls; 25 plastic clips and 2 tubes of glue.

I think this product is a great alternative to the Catty Stacks system – which doesn’t seem to have a UK stockist, and so is quite expensive over here.  In fact, I like the look of the Stacking Box Playground so much that I’m going to order one to keep Stuart and Alfie (two of my foster cats) amused.  I’ll post some pics when it arrives…

Modern Cat Furniture by Pet Fun

Pet Fun are a German cat furniture company who produce sisal scratch/climb furniture in neutral designs, which would integrate well with most interiors.

Here are three really useful products from their range, which don’t seem to have British counterparts.  (As my German is non-existent, I’ve looked at the Pet Fun website via Google Translate – so some of the following product info may be a bit sketchy!)

First up, the Wall Tree:

cat wall climber/scratch post

I think cats would really enjoy shimmying up and down the Wall Tree – we all know how much they love to climb, and this product would certainly help keep them off the curtains!

The standard Wall Tree is 165cm high, and the sisal-covered wooden poles are 12cm in diameter.  The plywood base plate measures 30cm x 30cm, and is available in either a birch veneer or carpet finish.

The standard Wall Tree is priced at €89.00 (around £70.00 at current exchange rates), but there’s also an option to buy longer poles, and poles with a diameter of 14cm, at an extra cost.  I’m assuming that the platform at the top of the unit fixes to the wall to give extra stability, but I can’t find any relevant info on the website.

Pet Fun also produce a couple of robust-looking wall scratchers:

semi-circle sisal wall scratcher                                      sisal scratch post corner

The Scratching Board semi-circle (left) is 28cm wide and is available in a range of lengths from 95cm – 205cm, priced at €32.95 – €84.95 (£26.00 – £67.00).  The scratching surface is made from high-quality sisal carpet, and the post is capped at both ends with plywood.  All the bits and bobs required for attaching it to the wall are included.

The Scratching Board is also available as a corner unit (right), called, rather unsurprisingly, the Scratch Board Corner, and comes in the same range of lengths, priced at €55.95 – €104.95 (£44.00 – £82.00).

Pet Fun charge a flat €30 (£23.50) for delivery to the UK, regardless of order size.

Modern Cat Furniture from Catty Stacks

As we all know, cats love cardboard boxes; so this modular climbing system is bound to be a big hit with all our feline friends.

Catty Stacks are available in a range of five colours.  Each module is made from industrial-strength corrugated cardboard and printed with vegetable-based inks.  The individual boxes measure 40cm x 40cm x 38cm, and clip together to form stable structures which will support the weight of multiple large cats.

The openings on each face of the modules enable cats to climb over and inside the stacks, and structures can be easily added to and rearranged to maintain your cats’ interest.

Here’s a short video demonstrating how to assemble one of the Catty Stacks modules.  I should add that this doesn’t make for very entertaining viewing, but it does give a good idea of the strength of the modules.  (Warning: the tedium is further enhanced by the use of a Coldplay track as background music.)

Catty Stacks are available in the UK via the Swedish  website Cattio Design, priced at £19 per module.

Edit 30/07/2013: Cattio Design don’t appear to be trading anymore and I’ve been unable to find an alternative UK/European supplier for Catty Stacks.  However, ZooplusUK stock the Stacking Box Playground for Cats, which is similar.

Modern Cat Furniture by Misk Design


Petsmood is a collection of furniture by Italian company Misk Design, aimed at ‘everyone who loves (their) interior decoration as much as (their) pet’.  Petsmood products are available in the UK via the Belgian website PurrFect Design, but I should warn you that prices are only available on request – and we all know what that means!


There are three pieces in the range specifically for cats: the Intellato bookshelf/kitty cubbyhole (pictured above and above left);

the Saltato elevated cat bed;


and the Librato shelving unit/cat perch.

All beautifully designed by architect Marina Sciarrino, and all undeniably impeccably elegant.  But probably also in the ‘How much?!!  Quick, pass me the brandy!’ price category.  Nevermind, I always think it’s good to have a list of ‘things I will buy if I win the Lottery’ items; otherwise you could be caught on the hop when your numbers come up!

Modern Cat Furniture from Aristopaws

If you’d like a touch of designer luxury for your cat and your home, but don’t fancy ordering from European websites, Aristopaws is the shop for you.


Aristopaws was founded by Julia Bell, a lawyer ‘with a passion for animals, fashion and elegance’.  Julia was frustrated by the lack of quality pet products available on the British high street, and so – being a proactive kind of woman – she decided to set up in business selling high-class European cat (and dog!) furniture and accessories here in the UK.


Julia has an extensive range of designer goods available from her online shop, and caters for all tastes – ranging from minimalist chic to gangsta bling.  Prices vary, so I’ve linked all the photos here to the corresponding page on the Aristopaws website.


Now you’ve had a chance to see some of the merchandise, meet the two cats who provided the inpiration for Aristopaws; they both look like they’d refuse to sit on anything other than designer furniture!


.. and Pierre

Beautiful, aren’t they?