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Poopoopeedo – Super-stylish Modern Litter Box Now Available in the UK!


Good new for fans of stylish litter boxes: La Poopoopeedo, by French company, Sin Design, is now on sale here in the UK!  Specially 4 Cats have La Poopoopeedo available in Black and White for £74.95 (inc UK delivery).


For more details on the marvellously named Poopoopeedo, you can check out this post I wrote back in March. But in a nutshell: La Poopoopeedo is a super-sleek, egg-shaped litter box, made from very durable plastic, which has an alternative use as a cat den, and can even be used as a year-round outdoor cat shelter – providing you cover the holes in the lid to keep the rain out.


I’m definitely adding a Poopoopeedo to my wishlist…  just need to decide whether to have it indoors as a litter box or outside as a cat shelter.

Cat Beds for Cool Cats from Aslan’s Pad


Aslan’s Pad is a brand-spanking-new online boutique dedicated to providing the UK’s cats (and their humans) with some much-needed contemporary cat furniture.  The shop is currently stocking a diverse selection of cool cat beds, but Ellena Syrett, the brains behind Aslan’s Pad, has plans to increase her range of products and become the ‘one-stop shop for funky cat things’.

Above: Aslan’s Cat Bed ‘Birds’, £55.00.  Below: Sailor Boat Bed, £34.00.


Aslan’s Vintage Cat Bed, £59.00.


Ellena named her shop after Aslan, her cuddly Bengal (below).  Aslan is a very fussy cat, and for this reason is in charge of product testing: if a product passes the Aslan Test, then Ellena knows her customers will be happy with it too!


Monster Chunky Pet Bed, £38.00.


You can check out the rest of the Aslan’s Pad range of cat beds here.  Aslan’s Pad is currently offering free delivery to the UK mainland.

I’m looking forward to seeing which other products Aslan’s Pad will be stocking in the future.  There’s a cat exercise wheel on the horizon, and plans to start importing cool cat stuff from Europe and the US – I’ll keep you posted!

Le Poopoopeedo – Super-stylish Modern Litter Box

le poopoopeedo in orange - stylish modern litter box by sindesign

How about this for a super-stylish modern litter box?  Pretty impressive, eh?  Le Poopoopeedo (possibly the best product name ever?) is by French company SinDesign, and has been designed by David Frering, a cat lover inspired by the ‘universally beautiful’ trend.


The innovative design of the Le Poopoopeedo cleverly belies the fact that within its sleek, curved exterior lurks a not-so-glamorous cat crap house – indeed, you may not even notice it was a litter box at all unless you put your face right up to the entrance hole (don’t do that though – not very hygienic).

le poopoopeedo in liquorice - stylish modern litter box by sindesign

Le Poopoopeedo has also been designed with functionality in mind: the lid is easily removed when you need to scoop by using the paw print shaped cut out in the top, but will remain securely in place while your cat is rummaging around inside; plus the entrance hole is situated at a sufficient height to cut down on the volume of litter an enthusiastic digger can manage to scatter outside the box.  And of course, the ergonomically-shaped scoop slots nicely inside the lid.

le poopoopeedo in apple and coconut - stylish modern litter box by sindesign

Durability has also been taken into account, and Le Poopoopeedo is made from 4mm thick ABS plastic, which is resistant to cat urine while also being 100% recyclable.

le poopoopeedo in strawberry - stylish modern litter box by sindesign

And as if all that wasn’t enough, Le Poopoopeedo has an alternative use as a cosy cat den.  I think the simple, organic shape would work really well in the garden or on the patio as an outdoor cat shelter, so I checked with SinDesign to see if the plastic they use in construction is sufficiently robust to withstand year-round exposure to the elements.  They said it is, but you would need to cover the paw print holes in the lid to avoid your cat getting a soaking every time it rained!

le poopoopeedo in coconut - stylish modern cat shelter by sindesign

Le Poopoopeedo is available in five colours, and comes with a litter scoop and an anti-smell tablet (me neither).  Measurements: 70cm x 40cm x 40cm; entrance hole – 18cm x 21cm.

SinDesign are currently in the process of securing UK distributors for Le Poopoopeedo (stay tuned for updates on this).  But if you just can’t wait, you can order direct from SinDesign for €79 (approx £66.00 at current exchange rates).  You’ll need to ask about shipping rates to the UK when you order.

Thanks to SinDesign for allowing use of their customer photos to illustrate this post!  Check out the SinDesign Facebook page for more great pics.

The Krabhuis – Cute, Minimalist Cardboard Cat Scratcher/Den Combo


The Krabhuis is a fantastic new piece of cardboard cat furniture from the Netherlands.  It’s been designed by three architects with the aim of providing a beautiful alternative to ugly, mass-produced scratching furniture, and I’m sure you’ll agree that they’ve more than fulfilled their brief with this cute, minimalist cardboard house.


The Krabhuis design team obviously know a thing or two about cat behaviour – the Krabhuis is a cosy den/hideaway, which features multiple scratching areas, plus a window that can be used either for spying or for the slightly mystifying Frenzied Paw Scrabbling Around a Small Hole game.


As regular readers will know, I’m a massive fan of cardboard cat furniture – cats absolutely love it, and it’s fully recyclable, so is an environmentally-friendly way to keep our feline friends entertained.  The Krabhuis has been thoughtfully designed with cats’ needs in mind, and is constructed from 90% recycled cardboard, so is nice and eco-friendly, but it has one more impressive credential up its sleeve: it’s also a socially aware product.


The Krabhuis is assembled by clients at Amarant, a Dutch charity that provides support to enable children and adults with learning disabilities to lead full and active lives.  By offering supported employment opportunities (such as assembling the Krabhuis), Amarant provide their adult clients with the means to earn a wage while learning to work as independently as possible, and many of their clients then go on to find work with ‘mainstream’ companies.


The Krabhuis measures H52cm x W34cm x D38cm and is available for €69.00 (around £59 at current exchange rates), plus €20.80 (£18) for UK delivery.  Krabhuis kindly gave me permission to use some of their customers’ photos in this post – check out the Krabhuis Facebook Page for loads more cute pics of cats playing in cardboard houses.

(via: Hauspanther)

Cardboard Cat Den/Scratcher Combo with Cute Design & Nice Price Tag

XL hearts and roses den with scratcher from zooplusuk

This cardboard den/scratcher combo from Zooplus UK has an easy-clean outer surface complete with cute cat design in a Cath Kidston stylee.

XL hearts & roses cat den with scratcher from zooplusuk

Cardboard cat furniture is a guaranteed hit with any moggie, but I’ve found some of the cheaper items available don’t stand up well to the rough treatment larger cats are able to dish out.  This den is big enough to suit larger cats, and the Zooplus product info states that it is ‘ideal for larger breeds’.  Also, the scratch pad is reversible for extra durability – so all in all this den/scratcher combo looks to be pretty good value for money.

The XL Hearts & Roses Cat Den is available for £7.99.

Measurements: L58cm x W36cm x H41cm

Aesthetically Acceptable Large Cat Tree – Currently on Special Offer

purrshire super deluxe cat tower activity centre - modern cat tree

Here in the UK it’s nigh on impossible to find a large, free-standing cat tree/tower/activity centre (or whatever you want to call them) that isn’t fifteen kinds of hideous – most models feature acre upon acre of ugly carpet or annoying-to-hoover plush.  The Purrshire Super Deluxe Tower Cat Activity Centre goes someway to address the balance, in that’s it’s an aesthetically acceptable combination of traditional design and more modern materials – canvas is used in place of carpet and plush to cover the tree’s platforms and dens.

purrshire super deluxe cat tower activity centre - modern cat tree

The Purrshire Tower features enough perches, dens and scratch posts to keep your cat entertained for hours, and it won’t break the bank either: it’s currently on special offer for £54.99 from Pet Planet  (which is pretty blummin’ cheap for one of these behemoths).

Measurements: Height – 127cm; Width – 77cm; Depth – 40cm.  Or, in other words: quite large – it’s not going to sit unobtrusively in the corner, put it that way!