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Etsy Find – Kitsch Vintage Cats

I’ve been looking through the UK Vintage section on Etsy…  Proceed with caution: you may be about to suffer from  kitsch-overload!

The Alessio Tasca mid-century Italian wall plaque (measures 36cm x 20cm), available from Lizzy Loves Vintage for £22.28.

vintage cat plaque

The über-kitsch ‘three kittens in a basket’ – circa 1950’s/60’s (measures 10cm x 8cm), available from Dolly Topsy Vintage for £13.60.

vintage kitsch cat ornament

A 1950’s/60’s Siamese cat figurine (measures 5cm long x 5cm high), available from Lovely Lily Lou for £6.00.

vintage kitsch siamese figurine

A vintage Helios cat thermos (1 litre capacity), available from Rose and Water Vintage for £25.00.

helios cat thermos, vintage

And, of course, no kitsch cat collection could ever be complete without a handful of long-necked figurines.

retro kitsch siamese cat vase   retro kitsch black cat vase   retro kitsch cat figurine

From left – right: the Siamese bud vase (22cm tall), available from More Tea Vicar? for £9.17; a black cat bud vase (22cm tall) for £7.00, and a retro grey/black cat ornament (22cm tall) for £4.00, both available from Sarah Sells Vintage.

Now if all this kitsch has left you feeling like you’ve just consumed a bucketful of Angel Delight (butterscotch flavour, natch) washed down with 6 pints of Cresta, then I suggest you suck a lemon and then lie down in a darkened room until your brain regains its equilibrium.  But if you’re made of stronger stuff and feel you could cope with more, ask me nicely and I might get my nick nacks out one day.

Etsy Find – Cat Jewellery by Mon Bijou Vintage

cat necklace

This collection of cat jewellery by French Etsy seller, Gaëlle Grand has a lovely summery feel to it.  Pictured above is ‘The Picking’ necklace.

‘The Picking’ ring (left) and bracelet (right):

cat ringcat bracelet

‘The Kitten’ necklace:

kitten necklace

From left to right: ‘The Kitten’ ring, bracelet and earrings.

kitten ring     kitten bracelet     kitten earrings

‘Hide and Seek’ necklace (right) and earrings (left):

cat necklace      cat earrings

Gaëlle’s pendants measure 3cm x 4cm and are suspended on a 70cm metal chain; the cat illustrations are mounted in a brass frame and sealed with resin.  The cat rings are made from brass, measure 2.2cm x 3cm, and are mounted on an adjustable band; the figure is covered with resin.  The bracelets featured are made from Liberty fabric and metal chain, and can be adjusted to fit wrist measurements between 14cm and 18.5cm; the resin-covered medallions are 2.5cm in diameter.  The earrings are in 1.2cm in diameter.

Gaëlle’s cat jewellery is available from her Etsy Shop, Mon Bijou Vintage.  Necklaces are priced at £13.98; rings at £7.94; bracelets at £13.72; and earrings at £8.80.

Etsy Find – Cat Clocks

These stunning cat clocks are by UK designer-maker Jennie Wolf.  The clocks are inspired by Jennie’s cat, Violet who has ‘style and attitude’ – a combination of characters familiar to many cat owners!

The wonderful Violet is made from quality 3mm acrylic, measures 28cm x 21cm and is available in a range of eight colours.  The clock is operated by a silent quartz mechanism, and requires one AA battery.

These cat clocks are available from Jennie Wolf’s very aptly named Etsy Shop, BigBadWolfDesign for £28.50.

Etsy Find – Tuxedo Cat Bag

I’ve got a real soft spot for black and white moggies, and I love this cheeky chappy featured on the Tuxedo Cat Bag by Uniquely Different.  The bag is made from cotton, which has been printed with a design licensed directly from artist Sara Pulver.  The cute tuxedo cat motif is repeated on the rear of the bag, and the monochrome look is completed with a black and white striped shoulder strap.  The bag has a magnetic snap closure and a black fabric lining, with two interior pockets.

The Tuxedo Cat Bag measures 24cm wide x 27cm tall with a 66cm shoulder strap, and is available for £29.96 from the Uniquely Different Etsy Shop.

Etsy Find – Crochet Cat Sculpture

This amazing cat sculpture is Tomas the crocheted Sphynx.  Tomas stands at 40cm tall and has a wire frame, so is infinitely flexible.  As you can see, this is an anatomically correct work of art: Tomas is still ‘intact’, which ordinarily I wouldn’t approve of, but will make an exception in this case as crocheted female cats are very rare, and the chances of Tomas encountering one are minimal.  Tomas also sports an endearing little Sphynx paunch!

Tomas is made by London-based Ekaterina Sharapova, and is available from her Etsy Shop for (ahem!) £524.00.  Mind you, that’s still considerably cheaper than a real Sphynx!  And if you’re a bit of a hooker, Ekaterina will be adding the pattern for Tomas to her shop soon, so you could keep the cost down by crocheting one for yourself.

Etsy Finds – Cat Rings

Here’s a selection of cute and kitsch cat rings from UK Etsy Sellers – at bargain prices!  All the rings featured are adjustable.

These grey and black cat rings, with a fuzzy velvet-like finish are available from TemporalFlux for £3.24.

These three rings are available from Molly Rhoda for £3.00, and are made using pictures taken from a vintage book about cats.

The Black “Lunar Cat” Ring (left) is available from LunarCrafts for £2.60, and the White Cat Ring (right) is available from knotforsaleshop for £3.00.


And finally, if you really fancy making a statement, here’s the jolly spiffing Dapper Cat Cameo Ring, available from Devious Owl & Pussycat for £4.00.