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Prima Pet Beds from The PuddyPooch Pet Boutique

Kids will love these cute and quirky Prima Pet Beds, and your feline friends will appreciate the chance to grab a bit of privacy inside a cozy cat-cave.

Prima Pet Beds are available in various animal and fruit designs, have a removable inner cushion and are fully collapsible for easy transportation and storage – they unzip and fold flat.  The beds are made using Nanotechnology, which is far too complex for me to get to grips with, but basically means that they are self-cleaning when exposed to sunlight.

Prima Pet Beds are priced from £44.95£63.95 and are available in the UK exclusively from the PuddyPooch Pet Boutique, an online business run by Amanda Hodges  in West Sussex.  First time customers can claim a 10% discount.

Amanda has two cats, and founded her business after being unable to source any cat beds in the UK which appealed to her ‘fondness for all things quirky and different’.  Pictured on the left is Amanda’s bengal, Dexter, who is so fond of his Octopus bed that when he’s not sleeping in it he drags it around the room with him!  Fortunately, Dexter’s Octopus is robust enough to cope withstand this kind of rough treatment!

Knitted Cats from Donna Wilson

Donna Wilson is a Scottish designer, now based in London, who produces all manner of delightful stuff for the home.  Donna is passionate about creating products that people can connect to and treasure, and I think this bunch of whimsical knitted cats certainly fulfills her brief.

Donna’s knitted felines are inspired by the way that young children draw –  with no preconceived ideas, and skewed scale and perspective – which gives them a naive charm all of their own.  I also love the fact that she takes the time to consider each cat’s likes and dislikes.

There’s Patch Cat who ‘likes dancing in the moonlight and dislikes awkward silences.’

Ginge Cat who ‘Loves kisses and cherry cola.  Dislikes thunder and lightning.’

Mono Cat who ‘loves mint humbugs, and likes crossing zebra crossings.’

Mitten Kitten who’s ‘witty and sneaky’ and ‘likes playing hide and seek, and dislikes tomatoes.’

And Tig who ‘likes tinned sardines and playing hide and seek.’

Donna Wilson also has a blog, which is well worth following if you like her designs, as she keeps you informed of her latest products, and has the occasional giveaway.

Etsy Find – Jane Foster

These Scandinavian-with-a-retro-twist cats are designed and produced by Jane Foster in her Devon studio.  Each cat has a hand screen-printed face, and they’re available to buy from Jane’s Etsy Shop.

These bold, simple and colourful designs would work as both toys for children and decorative items for the home.  And they’re not Hello bloody Kitty.

You can see more of Jane’s lovely stuff on her website.