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Caturday Cat Pics #11

Spring may be around the corner (hopefully!), but there was yet more snow for many parts of the country this week.  Us South Londoners escaped with Continue reading

Caturday Cat Pics #10

Whoever would’ve thought that former East End hard-cat, Eric, would be upset by a teensy weensy bit of snow?  Turns out he hates having cold feet!

Here’s a few pics I took this morning when he forced himself outside to patrol the garden.  I wish I’d taken video of this now, as there was an awful lot of growling, snarling, hissing and general feline effin’ and jeffin’ going on everytime he stepped in the snow!  I got bitten a couple of times too, as naturally it was all my fault.  (Apologies in advance for the language, but I’m afraid Eric’s just that  kind of cat!)

“Oh – FFS!”

tabby cat in snow

“Look at it!  It’s bleedin’ everywhere!”

cat in jacket in snow

“I’m getting p*ssed off with this!”

tabby cat in snow

“Now I’m REALLY fackin’ p*ssed off!”

angry cat in snow

“Right – let’s get fings sorted.  This needs a bleedin’ sniff.”

tabby cat sniffing in snow

“This needs a fackin’ spray.”

tabby cat spraying

“Job’s a good un’ – I’m back indoors.  You can stay out ‘ere if you like, you muppet!”

tabby cat in jacket in snow

“This is more like it!  Milk, 2 sugars please, luv – and look lively abaht it!”

tabby cat asleep


Caturday Cat Pics #9

This week some of the HQ Cats have been enjoying the late summer sunshine out on the balcony…

Martha grabbed prime king-of-the-castle position – on top of an upturned basket.  And looked very pleased with herself!

martha - black and white cat

Beryl discovered a New Favourite Place – squeezed in between two flowerpots.

beryl - tabby cat

Ethel demonstrated the Look Confident Enough And You’ll Get Away With It technique.  It worked, and she was allowed to continue squashing my new plant!

ethel - ginger cat

Meanwhile, back indoors, Eric ruined his macho image by enjoying a lovely cuddle with his toy rat.

eric - tabby cat with toy rat

Caturday Cat Pics #7

This is Malcolm From Downstairs.

malcolm the tabby cat

Eric and Malcolm From Downstairs are sworn enemies.  Malcolm’s the main reason why Eric needs to wear a harness when he goes outside: if they were allowed unrestricted access to one another, the result would be carnage!

eric in his cat harness

So it was unusual for them to sit in such close proximity; although, as you can see, neither cat was feeling all that relaxed about the situation.

two tabby tom cats

This is Eric studiously ‘ignoring’ his arch rival.  Yeah right, Eric – you’re fooling no one!

eric ignoring malcolm

Not wishing to be outdone, Malcolm From Downstairs demonstrates that he can give good ‘nonchalance’ too.  Notice how Eric’s beginning to look more that slightly peeved…

two peeved tabby tomcats

Seconds after I put the camera down Malcolm From Downstairs made the grave mistake of attempting to sit on my lap, and Eric errupted into a jealous fury.  Don’t worry, no one was hurt – thanks to the harness and leash.

Caturday Cat Pics #6

Afraid I just didn’t have the time to take any new photos this week…. So here’s a few pics of a cat family I fostered in 2010.

Beautiful stray mum, Lily, gave birth to her litter of four kittens in somebody’s garden shed.   Fortunately, the person who owned the shed called the Celia Hammond Animal Trust, who came to the rescue.

Mum Lily

tortie and white cat

Kittens: Daisy

black and white kitten


tortie and white kitten


tabby and white kitten

..and their brother, Basil.

white and black kitten

Needless to say, it didn’t take this bunch of cuties long to find lovely new homes.

Caturday Cat Pics #4

This week it’s the turn of Alfie and Stuart, two of my foster cats.   I’ve been fostering Alfie for over 18 months now, since he was 5 months old.  He was joined by Stuart in October 2011.  Stuart was a lonely 7-month-old kitten who’d been left behind at the rescue centre after the rest of his family had been adopted in pairs, and Alfie was in need of a new friend after I’d made the decision to split him from his sister, Ethel, as they were no longer seeing eye to eye.  Luckily, it was love at first sight for these boys, and they’re now inseparable.

(You can read more about Alfie and Ethel, and their difficult start in life, here…)

Alfie (left) and Stuart take a rare break from chasing each other around..

alfie & stuart - foster cats

Stuart’s ‘Evil Genius’ face..

stuart - foster cat

Alfie gets photobombed by Eric – who just can’t resist sticking his big face in front of a camera..

alfie & eric - foster cats

Stuart does his best to impersonate one of those 60’s long-necked cat figurines (I’ve told him he needs to do some work on the neck lengthening)..

stuart - foster cat

And Alfie demonstrates what an exceptionally photogenic cat he is..

alfie - foster cat

Anyone living in London and the surrounding areas, who is interested in offering Alfie and Stuart (or Eric) a home, can find out more about them on the Lewisham page of the Celia Hammond Animal Trust’s website.