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Careless Whisper Cat Cushion (Warning: contains a Very Big swear!)



Meet my new favourite cat-themed soft furnishing item.  The Careless Whisper cat cushion, by David Olenick, distills the essence of feline being into just five words.  Impressive, no?

Measures 43cm x 43cm.  Available from Ohh Deer for £34.95.

‘My Cats are Judging You So Be Nice’ Typographical Print


My cats are judging you so be nice – never a truer word spoken!  This typographical print by cat lover and UK Etsy seller, Prints of Heart, is available in sizes 15cm x 10cm for £4.50 and 20cm x 25cm for £10.00. (A downloadable version of this print is also available upon request, priced at £3.00.)

Smug Tabby Cat Eco-friendly Mousemat Helps Animals in Need!

tabby cat eco-friendly mousemat

This tabby cat has a right to look smug: not only is he very handsome, he also adorns an eco-friendly mousemat sold in aid of the UK’s largest animal rights group, Animal Aid.

animal aid logo

Animal Aid was founded in 1977 and campaigns peacefully against all forms of animal abuse as well as promoting a cruelty-free lifestyle.  The group investigates and exposes animal cruelty, bringing these important issues to public attention.

The Eco-friendly Mousemat, made from 22 recycled vending cups and measuring 24cm x 19cm, is available for a very reasonable £4.25 from the Animal Aid Ethical Shop.

Cute Kleptomaniac Kitten Money Box

If you’re fed up with those little piles of small change scattered around your home, this Japanese money box – featuring a kleptomaniac kitten – will provide you with a handy shrapnel storage system: simply place a coin in the food bowl and watch as the kitten pops out of the box, snatches your cash and then meows a little thank you.  How cute is that?! 
Available from Firebox for £14.99.

Meow Star – Cute Cat Cushions with Character!


These wide-eyed cuties are Meow Star Cartoon Cats, and are from a range of 11 cushions available for £21.99 each from the Beautiful Life Amazon UK store.

The cushions measure 45cm x 45cm, and have removable covers made from a hardwearing linen.

Cute & Colourful Cat Mugs by Lumme

oscar cat mugs from lumme

It’s common knowledge that a hot drink always tastes better when slurped from a cat mug.  So these bone china mugs from Lumme, which feature a cheeky little chap named Oscar, should guarantee that your beverage of choice will transform into nectar fit for the gods.

oscar cat mug in blue from lumme

Oscar mugs are produced in two different designs with a choice of three colours, and are hand decorated by a traditional Staffordshire pottery in Stoke-on-Trent.

oscar cat mug in green from lumme

Oscars mugs are available from Lumme for £12.00.

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