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Caturday Cat Pics #20

We haven’t had a Caturday Cat Pics for a while, so rather than risk boring the pants off you with loads of photos in one hit, I thought the HQ Cats could have their turn in the spotlight this week, and the fosters can have a go next Saturday.

Alfie and his sister, Ethel, are three this month.  I’ve chosen the 24th as their official birthday (they neither know nor care about the date), so decided a birthday photo shoot would be in order on Tuesday.  Alfie would not be persuaded to return from next door’s garden (too many flies needed chasing); as a result of her brother’s uncooperative behaviour Ethel gets both birthday pictures!

Cheer up, Ethel: you’ve just turned three, not forty!


OK then, I’ll settle for ‘wistful’.


Martha had a lovely dirt bath – although all that rolling around proved to be quite tiring!


There was an indisputable champion in the Queen of the Castle contest.


But, with power comes great responsibility – swiftly followed by self-doubt and a creeping sense of anxiety, in Ida‘s case.


Feral Beryl went off to the vet’s for some minor dental work and a general check-up this week.  She came home with sparkling teeth and a clean bill of health; I’m now on a course of industrial-strength antibiotics due to multiple bite wounds.  Not Beryl’s fault: she absolutely detests being picked up (she is feral, after all!), and also, as I discovered, doesn’t have a scruff reflex (most cats will become motionless for at least a couple of seconds when lifted by the loose skin on their neck/shoulder area).  I made another discovery that day: it turns out that I’m not strong enough to keep a sufficiently firm grip on a furious scruffed cat in order to prevent said cat from biting me – doh!  Two valuable lessons learned!  I’m pleased to report that Beryl has very kindly forgiven my errors of judgement and we are now the best of friends again.

(‘Scuse grubby fingers – I’d been gardening!)


Caturday Cat Pics #17


Alfie‘s now a dab hand at this going outside malarkey, and has become quite the Man About Town. (Well, Man About the Back Garden, anyway). Continue reading

Caturday Cat Pics #15

When the sun’s shining, most of my lot like to indulge in one of the more traditional cat pastimes – Following the Indoor Sun.  They’re such a predictable bunch that you can practically set your watch by them – I’m sure your cats are the same!

7.30am – 9.00am: left side of living room.

ethel-sun-spot Continue reading

Caturday Cat Pics #5

There’s no Eric today, as he had to go to the vets this morning and is being kept in for 24hrs observation.   The poor boy was taken ill quite suddenly late last night – he had a raging temperature, and such bad earache that all he could do was lay down and growl.  Luckily I had some pain killing/anti-inflammatory medication left over from one of his previous misshaps, and so was able to make him more comfortable overnight.  I’ve been assured it’s nothing serious and he’ll be able to come home tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the HQ Ladies and I took advantage of an unusually pleasant afternoon and spent some time in the garden, before we were driven back indoors by the fumes from a neighbour’s barbecue: it smelled like they’d decided against the traditional charcoal briquettes in favour of grilling the food over a vat of flaming lighter fuel.  Bet it tasted lovely!

Here’s Ida pondering the meaning of life, or maybe just wishing it was dinner time:

ida the cat thinking

Martha wanted to show you all what nice teeth she has:

martha cat yawning

Ethel was permitted to sit in the plant pot as she looked so cute:

ethel cat and flowers

And, back indoors, Beryl enjoyed not having to share her favourite bed with Eric (he snores very loudly):

beryl tabby cat


Caturday Cat Pics #3

This week…

Martha very obligingly provided a classic ‘Cat & Flowers’ photo opportunity:

cat and flowers

Beryl looked as if she was about to say something interesting (but then changed her mind):

beryl the tabby cat

Ida enjoyed chewing some grass I picked for her:

cat eating grass

And Eric enjoyed chewing my hand:

cat chewing hand

Caturday Cat Pics #2

This week got off to an absolutely cracking start: on Monday morning Ethel (pictured above) nudged my hand and then chirruped a request for a stroke.  This may not sound all that remarkable, so let me put it into context for you.

Ethel came to me as a feral foster kitten 18 months ago, and I eventually adopted her a few months back.  Up until very recently Ethel had existed almost entirely in her own closed-off little world, and had rarely interracted with either myself or the other HQ cats.

So I was tickled pink when she asked me to stroke her for the very first time on Monday morning.  And, as if that wasn’t enough, later that day we had another first from Ethel: she actually purred!  Joy of joys!  (You can read more about Ethel and her difficult start in life here.)

This week also saw the installation of the new cat-flap; much to Ida’s initial dismay.  (I think she may’ve been wondering how it got so dirty so quickly – she’s quite big on hygiene.)  Don’t worry, she soon got the hang of it!

And Eric managed to find time in his busy schedule to relax in the garden.

cat in jacket harness