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Affordable Bathroom Litter Tray Cupboard!


The Bathroom Litter Tray Cupboard is a nifty way to disguise the fact that you and your cat both have reason to visit the smallest room, which makes good use of ‘dead’ space underneath the sink.  The white tongue-and-groove style exterior of the mdf cupboard will blend well with most bathroom decors, and the interior is large enough to accommodate a 50cm litter tray plus scoop.  Both doors open fully for easy cleaning, and are latched with a push-catch mechanism.


Alas, the Bathroom Litter Tray Cupboard isn’t suitable for pedestal-mounted sinks, which I suspect means that most of us will just have to look at the photos and sigh wistfully.  But if you happen to have a wall-mounted sink you’re in luck, as the Bathroom Litter Tray Cupboard is currently available from ZooplusUK for £49.99.

Exterior measurements: L61.2cm x  W45.9cm x H56.2cm.

Modern Cat Furniture – The Very Multi-functional White Box Cat Den

white-box1The White Box Cat Den is a piece of modern cat furniture that can lay claim to being über multi-functional: it’s a den, a perch, a bed, a scratcher and a litter tray cabinet all rolled into one.

The den is made from wood, which has been varnished to create a wipe-clean surface both inside and out.  It features a raised sleeping platform/perch with a reversible cushion on the upper level.  Your cat’s scratching demands are met by a sisal pad, placed at a convenient height on one of the side panels.  There are also several small, paw-shaped vents in the sides of the cabinet, which allow light and air through to the interior and enable your cat to spy on you while you remain oblivious (all cats love to do this – it helps feed their collective superiority complex).


Inside the cabinet there are two levels connected via an oval opening in the dividing shelf.  The entrance to the cabinet is on the upper level and the space for the litter tray is underneath; so as your cat jumps on to the upper shelf after using the facilities most of the litter stuck to his or her paws will drop back into the tray – neat!  The space allocated for the litter tray is generously-sized – making it ideal to house large trays needed for multi-cat households.

Measurements: L52.5cm x W63.5cm x H90.5cm


The White Box Cat Den is available from ZooplusUK for £119.00 (inc UK delivery).  If you’re thinking of buying one of these, here are a few things you need to take into account:

1.  The litter tray shown in the promo shots is not included in the price – Zooplus recommend the Cleany Cat Litter Tray, which they say fits perfectly on the lower level.  You may find your existing litter tray will fit just as well.  Zooplus have included an option to buy the Cleany Cat Tray for £12.90 on the same page as the White Box Cat Den, which makes life very convenient.  However if you click on the link above, which takes you directly to the Cleany Cat Litter Tray page, you’ll find them available for £9.90 and save yourself 3 quid!  Tsk tsk, Zooplus!

2.  Zooplus don’t mention whether or not the sisal scratch pad is replaceable, so I’m assuming it isn’t.

3.  I’ve noticed that items of cat furniture like the White Box Cat Den tend not to be re-stocked by Zooplus once they sell out – so if you’re thinking of getting one, don’t deliberate for too long!

20% Discount Code for B-toilet Litter Tray Hider by Binq Design!

b-toilet by binq design - modern litter tray hider

Binq Design have just launched the latest product in their range of high-quality modern cat furniture: the b-toilet litter tray hider.  And guess what?  They’re giving Cool for Cats UK readers a 20% discount!  To claim your discount, enter the code COOL20%UK2013 at the Binq Design checkout.  (This code is valid until 26 July 2013.)

The b-toilet is a sleek, contemporary cabinet which will blend very nicely with most interiors.  And who would ever know that beneath that clean, crisp exterior there lurked an ugly little secret… your cat’s litter tray!

b-toilet by binq design - modern litter tray hider

The b-toilet has a 20cm x 18cm opening in the front, which provides access for your cat to do the do, and for you to do the scoop afterwards.  The tray can be removed for a thorough clean via the rear door, which has a handy magnetic closure.  Felt feet make the cabinet easy to slide, should you need to swivel it away from a wall in order to remove the tray.

b-toilet by binq design - modern litter tray hider

Each b-toilet comes with a black, hooded litter tray (with removable cat flap) measuring a generous 52.5cm x 39.5cm x 38cm.  If your cat’s not a stand up wee-er, or a frantic litter scrabbler, you could probably do away with the hood altogether – which would make scooping easier.

b-toilet by binq design - modern litter tray hider

The b-toilet is made from mdf and is available in two finishes – oak veneer (£214.80*) and white melamine (£197.55*).  The melamine has a choice of trim in six different colours as an optional extra for around £17.00*.  Prices include free delivery within Europe.

b-toilet by binq design - modern litter tray hider

External measurements: 56.4cm x 43.4cm x 42.4cm

*These prices are accurate at current euro exchange rates, and don’t include the 20% discount.

Affordable Litter Tray Cabinet


If you’re looking for a way to disguise the litter tray, but don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on a designer cabinet, this basic model from furniture company, Techstyle, should fit the bill. Continue reading

Modern Cat Furniture – The Moisha Cat Litter Box by Kenzi

 moisha cat litter box by kenzi

The Moisha Cat Litter Box by Dutch company, Kenzi is a modern litter tray with a retro twist.

moisha cat litter box by kenzi

The Moisha’s bold colours and high-gloss finish are bang up to date, while the gently curved corners give a retro feel – a winning combination in my book!

The exterior of the Moisha is constructed from high-quality plastic, and the front panel is attached by concealed magnets – making it easy to remove for litter shovelling duties.  The exterior measures W42cm x L55cm x H42cm and the entrance hole is 18cm x 18cm.

moisha cat litter box by kenzi   moisha cat litter box by kenzi

Inside is a generously proportioned litter tray (measuring W36cm x L46cm x H12cm), and also a scoop which can be stored away out of sight on a conveniently placed hook.

moisha cat litter box by kenzi

The Moisha Cat Litter Box is available in the UK from the marvellous online cat and dog boutique, Aristopaws,for £261.00 (which includes delivery within the UK).  I know this seems like a  lot of money to spend on a litter tray, but this is a high-quality product which should last you for many years, and so provide a long-term solution to that where-to-hide-the-ugly-litter-tray problem.

Affordable Litter Tray Hider

affordable litter tray hider

This is by far the cheapest disguise-the-litter-tray-as-a-cupboard piece of cat furniture I’ve ever seen.  The Multi Purpose Wooden Pet Den is currently available at Zooplus for £54.90.

affordable litter tray hider uk

This litter tray hider has been designed as bathroom furniture, but if you want to use it elsewhere in your home you can choose not to fit the towel rail.  Changing the door knob would also make it look less ‘bathroomy’.

affordable litter tray hider uk

The Multi Purpose Wooden Pet Den is made from mdf board which has been finished with a non-toxic varnish.  The cabinet measures 45.5cm x 50.5cm and is 46.5cm high; total height including the shelf is 63cm.  Litter trays up to 45cm x 38cm in size will fit comfortably inside.